Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Best of British Mummy Bloggers Carnival!

Top Ender at Disney Land Paris waiting for a parade to start in the Cheetahs pram

There have been some great posts this month and I have no clue how you can all be so talented and charming and have such lovely kids. Now I said that there was no theme this week, but it seems you all read into my comment that they had to be your best and out did yourselves.

So before you all wander off reading the wonderful posts in this carnival I am going to give you a link to my post so you can't get away from me!

My post is about Frugal Christmas Entertainment and I think that everyone here has already read it, but I want to give it a mention!!!

And here are the rest of the best posts! I have tried to put them in some sort of order of theme, but hey nobody is perfect!

At Brits in Bosnia is getting ready for Christmas and has discovered that making Christmas decorations (snigger snigger) can really brighten a day!

Over at The Mad House there is a great tutorial on making some Christmas gifts that are from the heart in Tea Cup Candles and I'm not saying anything but I hope if my family are reading this they like them!

I have found a like minded woman at Home Baked who sees Christmas as a great time of year and who is showing you in A huge thank you & the great big Christmas magazine rip off antidote that making the best of the Internet and Christmas preparation go hand in hand.

And don't forget that with the Great British Panto review about to come in to itself it is worthy of an update and over at Have a Lovely time, we have just that!

And at Working Mum, we are treated to Wrap Rage: Are power tools the answer? which I think is every Parents shared Nightmare before Christmas!

Over at Not such a Yummy Mummy there is something we can all relate to in the post One Day a touching and honest post.

And at Some Mothers Do 'Ave Em in a post that I can see happening in my own home in the not too distant future the question of what would you do is raised in You Missed A Bit at least now I know how I am going to deal with it!

At Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy Laura talks about her own experiences of bullying and how she is supporting the Radio 1's campaign in Beat those bullies! and for the record Laura your photo definitely shows Strawberry blonde hair!

And over at A Modern Mother there is a great post Playground politics: who are you at the schoolgate? Which as I look round the Mums at Top Enders school shows that there are specific characters at every school gate!

The Dotteral at Bringing up Charlie is reminding us that some of us here bloggers blog for fun not profit in A Little Disclosure, and there was me thinking that he was going to tell us that he was a fella (he is you know!).

And at Most/Least there is a revisit to a post by Ella about How blogging has changed motherhood for me, it really shows what an empowerment blogging can be.

At A place of my own, Kelly is sharing some blogger love with a lovely award that shows how a post or a comment on someone else's post can help light the way for others with Thank you

At Part Mummy Part Me we are being given the highs and lows of a second pregnancy in Second Time Around, something I remember all too well!

And at Baby Baby, there is a great post just wondering Shall we have another baby? something that I am always thinking about these days!

And I have discovered that Cave Mum like me finds that some aspects of attachment parenting are not glamorous but it is the best way for her in Bent over the cot with my boob hanging out - it is almost like she has been spying on me!

Insomniac Mummy has a valuable post on how sometimes breastfeeding doesn't work out in Good Intentions, A Journey through Breastfeeding and I feel every pregnant woman should read it.

At ClareyBabbling there is an honest post which I identify and I feel many of you will also titled Its all in the mind and in my humble opinion nobody would put ClareyBabble in the corner

The Survival Guide for Rookie Mums is talking about how we may all think we speak the same language, but really we don't in Divided by a Common Language. Which Top Ender finds hilarious because she counts American English as a fluent second language.

And with my problem of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time I enjoyed reading A bit of a cock up on the parenting front at You've got your hands full.

At Living with kids we are being asked Do you use the naughty step/corner? and I must admit this post has got me thinking about what it is that we teach our children by the way we handle punishment.

At Snaffles Mummy we are being given the truth in Flu Friend Frustration about what being a good swine flu friend really means... and it isn't a Kleenex advert version!

At A Tired Mummy's Blog we have a great tale in Postcards from Potty-Land and there is a lovely idea for a rice pudding topping too!

At And 1 more means four we are being told the reality of 10 days after birth, all I am saying on the matter is I would rather look like Amy than Coleen Rooney any day of the week!

At Baby Rambles we are being shown that although normal women (like us) do normal things it isn't so for those of us blessed with the gift of celebrity in Another post-baby celeb picture: I'm fed up when I am famous, I promise the first photo in the papers of me and my newborn will be me in sweat pants, greasy hair and maybe a Baby posset stain for good measure.

And at Maternal Tales from the South Coast, we have a post about one of those trials you never think about in Bloody Babysitter and before you worry, no the babysitter wasn't harmed in the making of this post.

If you have a great imagination then you are going to love the visual image you get if you pop over to Diary of a Surprise Mum, its been a few days since I first read the post and I still have the image in my head from her post Hmm a little disturbing!

And at Are We Nearly there yet Mummy? has had a bad experience with her own disturbing exprience in Miss November’s beaver is burnt on my retina, and if you need a hand making the calender lets just leave it at I have had some experience...

And those of us old enough to remember the 80's are going to love the post Sting, what have you done? at In a bun dance... and it has made me start thinking OU!

At Sticky Fingers we are treated to The best things about being 4 and I have to admit that some of the things listed are my best things too and I am not 4!

Potty Mummy over at The Potty Diaries has a post on Today's definition of 'Embarrassment' and you are a tradesman in the London area take heed of the tale and triple check who your next call is going to be!

Hot Cross Mum has a very touching post about the worth of Mummy in Priceless and I think this is the best imitation of the advert for MasterCard I have seen.

At Cafe Bebe we are being introduced to Felicity who gets run ragged the poor thing in A Day in the Life, just make sure that Felicity doesn't start sending emails to anyone you know...

And Rosie Scribble provided a nice drool fest in her post Not a lot happening here, honestly and has given me a great idea for the next British Mummy Bloggers meet up...

And over at Its a small world after all we have a great post detailing the Instructions for assembling ‘Small Boy in his Natural Habitat’ it is worth noting that the models are unique one offs and if broken it is quite hard to find replacement parts.

And if you have enjoyed this carnival don't forget to submit your post to Muddling along Mummy for the next carnival on the 8th of December! And if you want to know the upcoming schedule you can always check at A Modern Mother
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