Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Toys R Us Toyologist Carnival is here!

Happy Halloween!

Over the last few weeks Top Ender, Baby Boy, Daddy and I have had a blast playing with and reviewing toys as part of the Toyologist programme. We think that we have been quite creative and we have loved looking at the reviews that the other Toyologists have been writing too!

Today the Toyologist Carnival has made its way to us here at A Mothers Ramblings and whilst we are out at the cinema watching Mamma Mia the sing-a-long version and later on doing a bit of Trick or Treating, all of my UK readers can all be entering to win a fantastic Board Game suitable for children aged four and up!

Before we get to the board game however, I would just like to ask if you have liked the Facebook page for Toys R Us UK (and you could like the A Mothers Ramblings page too if you like!) and to just remind you all that if you check out the competition schedule you will find that some of the later competitions are still open and you could enter those too!

So the game is one that you might of seen advertised on the TV recently, I know that every time I have turned on the TV that I have seen it advertised. And so here is the advert just to wet your appetite!

So the competition is open now and will close at Nine pm on the 14th November 2011 and in order to enter you have to answer the oh so hard question of;

"How many Legs does an Octopus have?"

Feel free to enter here in my comments, on my Facebook page in the comments under this blog post and remember to tweet this competition so that everyone has a chance to see it and enter!

Oh and before I forget the next competition is at Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy on Tuesday and the last one is at Sticky Fingers on the following Monday.

Good Luck Everyone!
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