Thursday, 3 February 2011

Grandpa in my Pocket Themed Day Ideas and a Give-Away!

In case you missed it, earlier this week I talked about my Film Themed Days for the February Half Term and as Top Ender and Baby Boy loved our preview copy of Grandpa in my Pocket Mr Marvelleso's Magic Tricks so much I asked if I could give one away so that I could share some ideas for a Grandpa in my Pocket Themed Day!

Grandpa in my Pocket DVD

We had been given a copy of the DVD to review and Top Ender and Baby Boy both love it, just like they do the TV Show, it has the same magic formula where when Grandpa (played by James Bolam) puts on his Magic Shrinking Cap, that he shrinks and can help out with the problems that Jason and his friends or family are currently experiencing.

This lends itself really well to a Grandpa in my pocket themed day so here are some suggestions.


If Grandpa can shrink then why can't the food too? How about a picnic just like Jason and his family have when they go to the beach only in miniature. Mini sausages, mini sausage rolls, mini sandwiches, mini cakes, mini biscuits anything at all just smaller!

You could of course make any meal smaller, or serve in much smaller portions than normal just for fun!

Craft activities

Julie Mason has a new hobby every episode, which means just about every craft activity will have been covered! Why not try flower pressing, making a collage, playing with Hama beads,


The most important thing that happens in every episode is that at the end Grandpa says that it was Teamwork that got them through their most recent adventure. So to take advantage of this why not plan some relay races or a team scavenger hunt? Here are some other group exercise ideas to get you started;

* Tag
* Stuck in the Mud
* Football
* Rugby
* Sardines
* Hide N' Seek
* Netball
* Basketball
* Rounders
* Baseball

Grandpa in my Pocket logo

So on to the competition!If you would like to enter the draw to win the new DVD then read on. This competition is open until 7am on the 7th of February, which is the day that the Grandpa in my Pocket Mr Marvelloso's Magic Tricks DVD is available in stores nationwide to purchase! Just answer the very easy question by leaving a comment with your answer below;

Who plays Grandpa in the popular series Grandpa in My Pocket?
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