Tuesday, 8 February 2011

$#*! My Husband Says Or a Chance to Win Wine!

Last year I had a bit of a giggle on Twitter, when I asked everyone to guess what was making me excited, with the closest guess winning a bar of Chocolate. The event making me excited was the arrival of my magic package from Simply Be containing my dress for The MADS award ceremony last September, where I won the Best MAD Blog for Family Fun, (don't think I have mentioned that one for a while...) and I thought that what might be fun is if I had another little twitter/blog comment competition for those of you interested and this time the prizes are a little more exciting!
MADs 2010 Family Fun Winners Badge

A few weeks ago Daddy was doing his usual downloading random iphone apps and thought it would be good fun to download an app called Sleep Talk Recorder, because I talk in my sleep. Funnily enough it records the noises you make whilst you are asleep. For the last month or so any noise made 40 minutes after we go to bed is recorded. This has made for a lot of sound recordings of creaking beds as we turn over, the odd night time mumble from me, a lot of synchronised snoring, Baby Boy shouting for one or the other of us and the occasional conversation between Daddy and I.

Something that we weren't expecting though was hearing Daddy talking in his sleep... once but it totally counts.

What I want you to guess this time is what Daddy said in his sleep. I know that there are a lot of words in the English language, (some saucy and some not!) and so this week I will provide clues as to what it was that Daddy said on my Facebook Fan Page, via my Twitter account and in blog posts here sign up via email or to my RSS feed so you don't miss any clues!
This isn't a clue... or is it?

The person who guesses what Daddy said/is closest will get a bottle of Wine (I've been reliable informed that the £5 pinot grigio from Tesco is quite nice), the funniest answer will get some chocolate and there will be a special mystery prize for one random entrant!

You can guess as many times as you like, you can leave comments here, or via Twitter tweeting me @PippaD and using the hashtag #IThinkHeSaid (so I can find you) between now and 11pm on the 14th February 2011 and the winners and the recording of what Daddy said will be announced on Tuesday 15th February 2011!

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