Thursday, 24 February 2011

My Weekly Shop And A Tesco Grocery Discount Voucher Giveaway!

This is a Sponsored post as I received a voucher for money off my weekly shop in order to review the Delivery service and if you want to win one, keep on reading!

The weekly food shop is something which is important to me, and I know that sounds stupid to some people (*Cough* Daddy *Cough*) but for me it is a chance for me to prove myself as budget conscious housewife. It is a chance for me to plan healthy balanced meals for my family, to get snacks and treats for us and to try to get the most out of my weekly budget. I enjoy actually going to the supermarket about as much as I enjoy having dental surgery however.
Pippa having a wisdom tooth removed

Going to the Supermarket is just one of those things that we have to do as a family and we normally try to get it done as quickly as possible and so when Tesco's offered me a chance to try out ordering my shopping online and gave me a voucher for £50 off a £75 shop I thought it would be a great way to get out of doing the weekly shop...

Ordering the weekly shop was dead simple. All I had to do was log on to the Tesco Grocery section of the website, log in to my account and start filling my basket. It was just as easy for me to fill my basket as create my weekly paper shopping list and took the same amount of time too, in fact I think the thing that I spent the most time on was deciding what time I should have my shopping delivered!

The shopping came and as I had decided to go with no bags for my delivery (we have our own canvas bags that we take shopping and have done for over three years now and saw no reason to change that now!) we quickly unpacked the boxes on to the living room floor. There was a lot there as you can see and my uncooked meats came in plastic bags, which was good as it was much easier to whip them into the kitchen!

An unpacked Tesco Grocery Delivery

Nothing was unavailable when our shopping was delivered, which was great as it was one thing I was worried about. I didn't want anything to be substituted (it's an option) but as I also didn't want to not get something I wanted to order (as my meal plans were based on this grocery shop) I was stuck what was the best option for me.

Anyway, overall I would say that doing a weekly shop online is a great way to save yourself some money as nobody (*Cough* Daddy *Cough*) can add anything to the basket if it isn't on the list! If you want to win one of the ten vouchers for £12 off a £50 shop (for a first time online Tesco grocery shop) that I have to give away all you have to do is leave a comment on this post and tell me what you would do with the extra time you would gain from not having to do the walk round the supermarket doing the weekly shop and I will randomly choose ten comments to get a voucher on the 27th Feb 2011!

Terms and conditions

£12 off your online grocery shop when you spend £50 or more. Code is valid from February 28th 2011 on a single grocery order, delivered on or before 11th March 2011. Customers must spend & have delivered £50 or more of groceries from Purchases from Wine By the Case do not qualify. £50 minimum spend excludes purchases of tobacco, infant milk formulae, prescription medicines & the service charge. Valid on purchases from groceries site only. Valid for first-time grocery shoppers only. Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons. This coupon is and shall remain the property of Tesco Stores Limited and is not for resale or publication.

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