Thursday, 17 February 2011

Sainsbury's Energy: A New Partnership with British Gas

Baby Boy and I went on an adventure today.*

It started off as we saw Daddy and Top Ender off to work and School. Baby Boy started getting his bag ready, as mine was already packed (including a couple of changes of clothes for Baby Boy) and then together we started working our way around the house making sure that the lights were turned off, the computer was turned off, the TV was turned off, the heating was turned off... basically making sure everything was turned off and then we set off to walk to the Train Station. You might think that we were taking things to extremes by making sure everything was turned off before we left for the day, or even that we were sucking up to the Sainsbury's and British Gas Teams that we were going to see in London but this is a normal routine for us whenever we leave the house (for more than five minutes that is!). Daddy and I are very conscious about the amount of energy that our home uses, not just because of having to pay bills but because we are both very aware of our carbon footprint (It was a grand total of 4.44 tonnes last year) and we are trying to reduce that.
A Carbon Footprint

We went to Walnut in West Hampstead where we met up with Other Mummy (and Daddy) bloggers, Some lovely PR types, Some Lovely People from Sainsbury's and some Lovely People from British Gas. Sainsbury's and British Gas have teamed up to form Sainsbury's Energy to provide information on how everyone can take part in Energy Savings, which will of course save them money on fuel bills! I was quite excited as I got to meet Lucy Siegle who writes for the Guardian (as well as popping up on shows like The One Show) about Green Issues/Ethical Living/Sustainable Living/Whatever else it is called!

Sainsbury's and British Gas feel that it is easier for people to be able to get information, advice and buy things (such as Solar panels) all from one place as that will help people to know what they can do other than putting on another jumper instead of turning the heating up! I just wish I could afford to have solar panels installed as I would love to buy them on my weekly shop!

Baby Boy playing with the Sainsburys In store Mobile Energy Saving Stand

As part of the information being given to us I have also been offered a Home Energy Assessment, which when booked (at a cost of £45) an Energy Expert will come out to assess my home and appliances and how we use energy. I know that due to the measure that we take my house runs at a B, which I think is fairly good for a house built in the 1960's!

Home Energy Report Ranking

I will be interested to see though what changes can be made in our very technology driven house (we all have laptops, every room in the house has at least 1 PC in it) to make more energy savings although I don't think that the average save of £200 will be quite that high for me! I will blog about what the Energy Expert says about my house when they come, but in the mean time there are plenty of Energy Saving Tips at the Sainsbury's Energy Website!

*I got fed (a bad Risotto), my travel was paid for (I sat by a toilet in both directions), a bag of goodies (which included disgusting plain chocolate) when I attended this event and I will get a free Home Energy Report at a later date. Just so you know.
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