Monday, 18 April 2011

Thomas And Friends Captain's Shed Destination Wooden Toy - A Review

We received a wooden Captain's Shed Destination Toy to review.

The internet is a fantastic thing. No sooner had I posted that Baby Boy had enjoyed his trip to See Thomas And Friends Live on Stage when we were asked if we would like to review a new wooden Thomas and Friends toy Captain's Shed Destination. We had seen the Thomas film Misty Island Rescue and knew who Captain was and so we eagerly said yes! Not caring that the Thomas system we have at home isn't the wooden set, by Learning Curve but the plastic set.

Captain's Shed Destination Wooden Toy

The toy arrived and apart from having to pause for a moment to find a screwdriver to unscrew the toy from the packaging (it was okay I knew where the screwdrivers were kept) it was eagerly jumped on by both Baby Boy and Top Ender (who you might remember doesn't like Thomas). The toy is really put together well, and I was surprised at how sturdy it was too. In fact in actually got dropped a few days later and landed with a nice thud, but there was no damage to the toy!

As you can see we had a lot of fun playing with Captain and I think that the title of this video should really be "AGAIN AGAIN!"...

(Video at

The RRP for the toy is £34.99, which is what I found it selling for at ELC I did find it for less in a few online toy stores, but none that I had ever heard of! It is suitable for children aged 3+, but Baby Boy at not quite 3 years loves it! Yes it is expensive, but it is built well, has a fantastic finish and personally I think it is worth that little bit extra.
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