Monday, 2 May 2011

The Lego City Police Boat #7287 - A Review

We were sent the Lego City Police Boat #7287 to review

We love Lego in our house, and will often all sit on the floor creating a masterpiece or three together. The only problem is that Baby Boy and Top Ender both tend to fight over creating sets that we have brought of been given and also don't tend to like to follow the instructions that come with the packets. I knew that if I wanted to build the Lego City Police Boat without half the pieces going missing that I was going to have to do it when Top Ender and Baby Boy were in bed...

Lego City Police Boat #7287

The seed had been planted. I would wait until they had gone to bed build the boat and then leave it out for them to discover the next morning. And that is what I did.

(Video can be seen at

As you can see when you follow the instructions it isn't that hard to build. Which is lucky seeing as how Baby Boy and Top Ender have destroyed the boat a million times since I built it. Okay maybe that is an exaggeration, they haven't destroyed the boat a million times since I built it, just "almost" destroyed the boat. The one thing that I haven't told them however, is that this boat is able to go in to water and float. I think I shall have a new bath time toy before they do! 

The RRP of the Lego City Police Boat is £19.99 and I do think that this is quite worth the money as you get to play with it in the bath too!
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