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Vileda 1 2 Spray Mop Review

Vileda gave me a 1 2 spray mop to review

When Vileda asked if I would like to try the 1 2 Spray mop , I knew that my answer should be yes. I think everyone has heard of Vileda and knows that their products are well made. The problem was by the time the 1 2 Spray mop arrived I already had three mops (thanks to well meaning relatives) and so I offered to give away the new 1 2 Spray mop to Neighbour Mum. She of course said yes as she knew that Vileda was a great brand but on the one condition that I come and mop her kitchen and dining room floor for her the first time. I willingly agreed after all how could I review the 1 2 Spray mop if I didn't use it?

The Vileda Logo

The 1 2 Spray mop is really easy to put together, (with it coming apart easily when I realised I had put it together wrongly) and is a good length pole which was great as Neighbour Mum's kitchen and dining room was soon whizzed round and under units and dining table were also given a once over. The spray part of the 1 2 Spray Mop is really useful and we talked about how it would be great just to give a squirt under a baby's high chair and a quick mop over, or how you wouldn't have to take a bucket to the bathroom as the cleaning product is already part of the mop.
The Vileda 1 2 Spray Mop

The cleaning product that comes with it is a solution made by Vileda, but if you didn't like it you could just as easily use something else. I did like it though, as it gave the floor a great shine, removed a couple of stains and when Top Ender went running over the area I had just cleaned she didn't slip and fall. The smell wasn't over powering, but it did smell clean, which is always good when cleaning! You work the spray by pulling a small lever in the handle, a bit like when you brake on a bike and it is easy to do one handed, I must admit that I did think it was quite fun and may have used more of the cleaning product than was strictly necessary. As I left Neighbour Mum was explaining to her sons, that this was very serious business and that if they wanted to have a go then they had to make a commitment to clean the floor regularly as this wasn't a toy. I thought that it was great, because if a 5 year old and a 7 year old can use it then it has to be easy to use for everybody. I mean look at this video, it is so easy to use!

(Video can be found at

The mop head is removable and then can be washed in the washing machine. I left Neighbour Mum to use the mop a little more than the time I was there and asked her to let me know what it was like to wash. She confirmed what I thought, that after chucking it in a wash she just hung it out to dry and that was it, perfect performance again.

The 1 2 Spray mop costs £24.99, and that is without a bucket (with a wringer suitable for this mop head costing £7.49) or a replacement pad (£5.99) but but I don't think that for the sort of floor cleaning that I or Neighbour Mum do they are really needed. If you are using the spray system then you won't need to wring the head out, and it isn't that hard to just throw the pad into the washing machine so it is washed and ready to go before you next use it, I mean you could even use it straight from the machine if you wanted! Yes, this mop is at the higher end of prices, but I think that for the ease of use and the simplicity of it that this is a good price and will last for ages.
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