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Christmas Traditions - Baby Baby

Today my guest post is from the third in the trio of ladies who inspired this series, Sandy from Baby Baby. Despite Sandy moving to live less than ten minutes away, I think I actually saw Sandy more when she didn't live in Milton Keynes! We are both hoping to sort out our schedules to get our families together during the Christmas Period, I'm hoping Sandy will bring some cookies but maybe I shall just kidnap her and go together for a Hot Chocolate somewhere...

Now my children are four  and three, this Christmas is going to be the most exciting event in their little lives so far. We are making up our family traditions as we go. We are taking our favourite childhood memories and incorporating those. We are also picking up some amazing ideas from our friends.

These are the current Calico Family Christmas Traditions

We start our build up to Christmas on 1st December by getting out the Christmas books and reading a Christmas themed story each bedtime. The boys have refillable advent calendars. This year they are each getting a set of dinosaur figures, these are alternated with chocolate coins. We also have a traditional cardboard advent calendar. Presley and Cash are more exicted about seeing the picture behind each door, than any toy or chocolate. We will re-use this advent calendar each year. This is a tradition from Andy’s childhood. He loved the familiar countdown to Christmas. He can still remember that behind door 10 was a robin and this meant two weeks to go

We are getting used to living in a new city and finding our way around. We found a fantastic local church Christmas fayre where we drank mulled wine and the boys met Santa. They saw some of their friends from nursery. We are planning to take them on an after-dark tour to see people’s houses lit up. We will also find a town with a pretty high street and take the boys Christmas shopping. It will be lovely for them to think about giving gifts instead of just receiving them. I keep my control-freak tendencies under wraps and let the boys decorate the Christmas tree. They also make decorations and cards, as do I. I’m the first to go through our the Christmas Radio Times with a highlighter pen!

Christmas Eve
We bake some cookies for Santa and leave them on a plate with carrots for the reindeer. The boys can choose their favourite meal for tea (this is likely to be fish and chips)! We are looking forward to attending a carol service before we head home to hang up our stockings. The boys will put on their new pyjamas and – I expect – take a long time to get to sleep.

Christmas Day
We have breakfast before any presents are opened. Breakfast is eaten rather quickly! Later, I will cook a traditional family lunch with all the trimmings. This year my Mum will be joining us, after 14 years Down Under. There will be eight of us altogether, including Mum’s husband and her brother and his partner. I’m expecting a house full of noise, fun and laughter. No one will have an empty glass, an empty belly or leave empty handed.

Thank you to Pippa for inviting me to share my family Christmas traditions. Merry Christmas!

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