Sunday, 4 December 2011

Drayton's Magical Christmas - Perfect Seasonal Family Fun

We received free tickets to go to the park.

I love going to theme parks off season. There are generally less queues, less people and towards Christmas they tend to do something a bit special. This past weekend saw the family heading up the motorway to Drayton Manor where they are currently experiencing a Magical Christmas. I was excited because I had heard that they turned Thomas Land into a winter wonderland, with decorations, snow machines releasing a flurry of snow every couple of hours and have Christmas music playing too.
When we got there it was everything that we expected, there was Christmas music playing, there was snow falling (although we missed it every time as we were in a queue for a ride) and as we went around the park we could could see guests enjoying mulled wine and doughnuts. It looked like Christmas, sounded like Christmas and even smelt like Christmas and I had done my part by taking a picnic with us which included a flask of hot chocolate (and doughnuts) it was just so great to enjoy it whilst watching the other guests enjoying the park.

Top Ender and Big Boy at Drayton Manor

There was a Santa's Workshop where we met Jack Frost saw a couple of reindeer before we got to tell Father Christmas what we wanted for Christmas (Top Ender would like something to do with Hello Kitty, Big Boy a Dinosaur, Daddy some more 3D glasses for our projector and I wanted the same thing I have wanted since I was three a pony!).

The magic of Christmas was really strong with all the excited children and parents wrapped up against the cold and giggling and enjoying their family time together and I know that we as a family are going to try and make this an annual event.

Top Ender and Big Boy at Drayton Manor

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