Friday, 2 December 2011

Interflora do Hampers too!

Just in case it isn't clear in the post I got sent a free Interflora Hamper.

I've been "friends" with Interflora for many years, I love that I can arrange for flowers to be sent to my Nan and know what I am getting, that I can organise it over the internet or make one phone call and even have the flowers delivered the same day if I call before 3pm, but for some reason I did not realise that Interflora don't just do flowers. I mean I knew that when you were ordering your flowers you could add a teddy or a bottle of wine or some chocolates but I didn't know that I could order from a range of Christmas Hampers and have it delivered the next day. Now that I do know, and I have had one sent to me by Interflora I think I might be dangerous and be ordering them all over the place, especially when I've forgotten until the last minute that I need a gift for someone!
Interflora Hamper

The hamper that I was sent I have actually donated to Top Ender's School as a raffle prize at her Christmas Fayre. It is full of some great seasonal foods and I figured that with the variety of sweet and savoury items and a bottle of bubbly it was bound to get a few more raffle tickets brought... I wonder if I could win it back or if that might be considered cheeky?!

Interflora Hamper

I have been having a good look around the Interflora website to see what else I have been missing out on, by thinking that Interflora only send flowers and I found in the gifts for her section some adorable cookies and cupcakes which can be personalised and I love this. It's really easy to order these through Interflora and although I myself haven't received any I know that they are going to be of a high quality or Interlfora wouldn't put their name to it. And if anybody is thinking about it I would love some, either that or the balloon bouquet would be great!

The last thing that I did looking on the Interflora website was to look at the Poinsettias and other Christmas plants. I love having flowers decorating my home at Christmas, I even wrote a blog post about it last year, it always makes me feel more like a domestic goddess and less of a child playing house.
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