Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Snuggled With A Pillow Pet

Yesterday a pillow pet called Ms Ladybird arrived at our house, due to a little mix up only one was sent and so Big Boy and Top Ender decided to share it. Big Boy very graciously agreed that for the first night Top Ender could have the pillow pet and he would take the second night. A couple of hours later I went up to check on Big Boy and found this.

Big Boy asleep on the Pillow Pal

I'm wasn't quite sure when Top Ender gave it to Big Boy and as Tops was asleep too I checked with her this morning and she let me know that just a few moments after I had put them to bed she went in and gave it to him to have for the night, because she didn't want him to miss out on the first night cuddles because they have both wanted one of these pillow pets for months now. I just love my daughter.

So far today Big Boy hasn't let go of the Pillow Pet, he's used it as a pillow on the floor to rest his bottom on, a pillow behind his back, a pillow under his feet and as a toy to cuddle too. The pillow as a pet has had breakfast with Big Boy, has sat in the bathroom as he got washed this morning, has been out in the garden when we did a bit of tidying and weeding, has been to the post box with us, has been in the kitchen when we did the dishes and when we made some biscuits today too.

The Mookie pillow pet is really soft as it's made of chenille and with the strap underneath that turns it from toy to pillow having a handy flap to stop the Velcro scratching you as you lay on the pillow it's perfect for naps and using to keep comfortable when watching TV. There is going to be a second one sent to us for Top Ender, who is rather hoping it to be the Magical Unicorn or one of the Easter bunnies but having cuddled Ms Ladybird she isn't worried because she knows that any of the pets in the range will be a really sweet addition to her collection of teddies.

Pillow pets

The pillow pets are £19.99 to buy through the Mookie outlet on Amazon as these are the original large pillow pets (they measure approx 46 x 23 x 20 cm) and I'm just hoping that when BB and Tops go to sleep tonight they leave Ms Ladybird downstairs so I can have a snuggle!

We were sent a pillow pal to review and a second one is being sent for Top Ender.
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