Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Innocent Spring Seeds Giveaway

Top Ender and Big Boy are big fans of Innocent Smoothies and the Fruit Tubes and are really excited to be part of the Innocent Spring Seeds Campaign. In every box of Innocent Kids Smoothies and Innocent Fruit Tubes between now and the end of April there is a pack of easy to grow seeds to be collected. There are Carrots, Tomatoes, Cress, Basil, Violets and Sunflowers and Innocent sent them all to us along with a rather snazzy yellow Watering Can and a little fork and rake and some Innocent Vouchers too. The best bit is once the children have drunk the smoothies, the seeds can be planted in the cartons so it is great for recycling!

Innocent Spring Seeds

The best part of this is that along with us having a set we have a set to give away too, but you are going to have to guess where our seeds are planted in order to win it. Some of the suggestions we were given were behind the sofa, under the rabbit hutch or in a tree house, but we didn't chose any of those to hide our seeds as they won't grow if they are hidden there! Take a guess where they are hidden and whoever guesses the most closely will win the set so think carefully before you make your guess!

Top Ender has already been on the Innocent Kids website to look at the Innocents gang's greenhouse as there are gardening tips and she is hoping to share her new found skills with the garden club at her school as well as with Daddy, BB and I. Tops is also rather excited to upload some photos of the plants progress but her favourite picture at the moment is the bottom of the watering can.

The bottom of the watering can

Please make sure when you leave your comment that you fill in a valid email address, or follow me on Twitter so I can email you or DM you if you win. This is for residents of the UK only, my say is final and if you haven't left a comment by 5pm on the 20th March 2012 then you haven't entered. If I don't get a response from you within twenty four hours of my contact then I will redraw until someone responds and they get the prize.
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