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John Lewis Tech For Living - Bodum Bistro Blender Review

I love gadgets. I look through magazines and catalogues marking the pages by turning the corner of things that I might like to try out and eventually own. I haven't yet made a pinterest board of all the gadgets I might one day like (although they may make their way on to my If We Win The Lottery board) but trust me I can't walk through a department store without stopping to look at all the different home and garden technology they have on display. When John Lewis asked if I would like to be part of the Technology for Living project they were putting together by reviewing the Bodum Bistro Blender I of course accepted, even though it meant I was going to have to create a few different recipes in order to try out all the different functions.

Bodum Bistro Blender in Cherry Red

The first thing I decided to make was Soup. I think that everyone loves Soup, especially Top Ender and Big Boy and so I thought it would be a winner. I decided to make an Autumnal Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup which turned out to be DELICIOUS. Seriously I've made it four times since and each time it gets better and better. I've even given some to Young Mum (who should really be called Gobby Mum) who let me know that it was as fantastic as I said it was.

Autumnal Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup

The second thing I made was an Iced Hot Chocolate. Hot Chocolate is great, I make the best hot chocolate in the world but I thought an iced version would satisfy my sweet tooth... sorry satisfy my children's sweet tooth whilst not having to be just the right temperature to be drunk. I posted a picture on my Facebook wall of this delicious concoction and was surprised at how quickly my friends were to like the picture. It seems it's not just me my children who have a sweet tooth. This would be perfect to drink at Christmas, as it can be kept in the fridge ready to be served when the adults are drinking... well whatever it is adults drink at Christmas!

Iced Hot Chocolate

The third recipe I made was a "healthy" Cookie. Without being too detailed, these Cookies help keep everyone regular and are a great breakfast cookie because they are sort of like a solid porridge. The Oat and Date Cookies are liberally sprinkled with chocolate chips, which means I get a chocolate fix and we all know how I feel about Chocolate. The good thing about these cookies (other than helping the digestive system) is that they are perfect for eating when the weather is a little colder as they go perfect with a glass of milk just before bed.

Date and Oat Cookies

Overall I love the Bodum Bistro Blender. I love that it's red as it cheers me up when I look at it (And means I have to look at more Cherry Red Bodum products to match it!), I love that it has little suction feet that keep the blender secure in position on the Kitchen side, I love that it has different functions as it means one gadget does the job of several gadgets and I love that it's easy to clean. In my opinion it is expensive, but it isn't out of reach as at £115 (as it is at the moment in John Lewis) it's no more expensive than other products with similar functions.

We were sent a Bodum Bistro Blender to use to create the recipes.

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