Thursday, 18 October 2012

Touch Screen Gloves - A Review

On Saturday before I went to the gym, Daddy went out on his bike. You might have seen, if you follow him or me on Twitter, that he was wearing a pair of Smart Gloves for Touch Screens from ParamountZone as we'd been sent some to review and they were perfect seeing as the weekend saw the weather turning just a little colder than we've gotten used to.

Touch Screen Gloves

Daddy had said a few weeks back that he needed some touch screen gloves because when he is out on his bike and his phone rings or he has to check a map for where he is going he has to take off his gloves which means he gets cold hands. With the Touch Screen Gloves that isn't a problem. I actually didn't know how they worked, but Daddy said that it is a conductive thread woven into the fingertips that completes the circuit that your fingers normally make on the screen and so it isn't magic as the children I believed.

The gloves are too thin for use as a cycling glove really, and would be much better for wearing as a glove when you were walking about so that you could use your mobile phone to check in to Foursquare or Facebook, so you could send a photo to Twitter or so you could update your status on Facebook all without having to take your gloves off... seeing as I walk down to the gym twice a week I might be stealing them back off Daddy so I can make use of them!

Touch Screen Gloves In Use

I've already seen a rather cool phone cover on the ParamountZone website that I was going to get as a stocking stuffer for Daddy, and if you Click here you'll get to the Men's Gifts Section of the website where there is rather a lot of great gifts, look they even have a video showing some of the different gifts that are rather cool.

I think I might have to order a few more pairs of these gloves as they are only £4.99 and I think they will make a great gift for a lot of Social Media Addicted people I know... so look out if you know me and are addicted to social media!

We were sent a pair of Touch Screen Gloves to review.

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