Thursday, 15 November 2012

Breakfast in our House

At the start of the School year Philips sent me a brand new Toaster and Kettle from their new Philips Breakfast Collection. They asked if I'd like Kiwi Green, Chilli Red or Vanilla Cream and seeing as my Oven is Green I figured Green would be a great choice and as my toaster had recently died I figured it was about time we got a new one anyway. The lovely team at Philips also sent some rather lovely breakfast things for Big Boy, Tops and I to share and it got me to thinking about breakfast and how we eat it.

Philips Breakfast Collection Kiwi Green

Here at A Mothers Ramblings we tend to eat breakfast separately, there was a time where we would all sit down together and I'm sure we will do this again but for now it starts with me coming back from the gym at around 7am. I go into the kitchen, throw on the radio and the kettle and get making the children's packed lunches. Whilst I'm doing that I will either take five minutes out and eat some Muesli or Cereal or munch on toast as I'm going along (now you know the real reason for the crumbs in the lunch boxes!). Big Boy is next and after we work out what his blood sugars are he eats his breakfast in the den (the no eating in the den rule was flouted rather quickly) before Top Ender comes down stairs and eats hers in the Lounge. Daddy is last and he normally eats his at work, where he doesn't have to share so I don't blame him really!

It's normally after the children have been taken to School by Daddy at 8:30am that I remember I haven't done anything with the now cold boiled kettle and so I have to restart it to make myself a mug of hot something (I'm rather in to Hot Lime at the moment) which I drink whilst sitting at the PC looking at what I'm supposed to be doing that day. It's normally then that I realise I'm running late for something and so start racing around!

So what I'd like to know is what is breakfast time like in your house?

We were sent a kettle, toaster and some breakfast foods by Phillips.

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