Thursday, 15 November 2012

Do You Have Baby Lag?

It's a common complaint in parents of newborns that they aren't getting enough sleep. What with the waking up in the middle of the night for feeding, the crying, the checking that they are okay, the settling, the trying to fall asleep but being too tired to fall asleep, the crying and oh, did I mention the crying? The problem with this lack of sleep is that the next day all you want to do is catch up on your sleep, whilst the baby sleeps but there are bathrooms to be cleaned, dishes to be done, washing to be loaded, ironing to be ignored and babies to play with and that long nap that you want need just keeps being put to the end of the very long list of things to do.

PippaD asleep with Baby Top Ender

Johnson's Baby have named this Baby Lag and have some ways to help all parents (of Newborns or not!) deal with the lack of sleep. The first step is to work out how Baby Lagged the parents are, and on the Baby Lag Website there are some games based on reaction times, coordination and memory to work this out. I had a great time playing the games and found out that I'm sleep deprived. Then again, I already knew that!

Once you get your score there is a three step night time routine that if you follow for a week with your baby you will hopefully find it helps with helping your baby falling asleep and staying asleep. Which as we all know in those early months is such a blessing!

Dr Dev Banerjee (a famous Sleep doctor) gave an interview to Johnson Baby and he said that it's important that everyone who is looking after the baby follow the same approach as this will help the baby recognise those important sleep time signals, and that if possible you should ignore the dishes and the washing and catch up on sleep when the baby sleeps as that is what is important in those early days.

Go and take the Baby Lag test, read the ideas of how to help your baby sleep for longer and lets all try to lose that slightly glazed Zombie look new parents have.

This was a sponsored post, but if you are suffering from Baby Lag try the tips what have you got to lose?!

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