Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Where Do You Display Your Photos?

Several months ago, I designated an alcove in our living room to be a second area for family photos (the first is our stairwell). We have so many great photographs of the children, and other family members that I wanted something that reflected us and somewhere we could display them. We came up with a lot of different colour frames, different sizes, different photographs that we love and went about getting it all set up.

Then nothing.

The wall in the alcove is still bare, none of the carefully selected photographs have been placed on the wall. The light fitting we chose to light the picture frames still hasn't been fitted and to be honest I haven't dusted there for a while either. It is on my to do list, but as I'm sure every parent can attest to the to do list grows longer every day no matter how much you cross off.

I was quite sure that a similar fate was going to befall the new canvas of Big Boy that we had made for us by the lovely team at Printerpix. I was sure that when it arrived last Friday that even if I did take it out of the protective packaging and leave it on Daddy's side of the bed that he wouldn't put it up on the wall for several days, weeks even. Still I took it out of it's packaging and put it safely near Daddy on his side of the bedroom.

I was a little surprised when the canvas came as it seems so light, lighter than other canvas prints I've had in the past, but it was good quality and as it came with two attached hooks meaning it was ready to hang I knew that it wouldn't be a problem putting it up on the internal wall at the top of the stairs next to the canvas print of Top Ender. The Printerpix canvas is quite vibrant (I saw a Canvas print recently that looked a little flat in colour where as the original photograph had seemed much more vivid) thanks in part to the Aqueous Varnish so I knew it was a good choice to compliment the more neutral tones in the canvas of Top Ender.

Top Ender and I went to Church on Sunday morning and when we came back Daddy casually mentioned over lunch how the picture was hanging up on the wall where we had agreed it would go. He had even said how worried he was when I chose this picture because he felt that it would be easy for Big Boy to be lost in the picture and be washed out if Printerpix didn't have the colour balance right, but they did have it right and a quick run up the stairs to see the picture proved that not only did he put it up, but that Printerpix had printed a great canvas for me.

Printerpix.co.uk Canvas Print of Big Boy

I love that I get to see this picture every time I go up or down my stairs and I rather love my husband for having put the canvas up so quickly for me too.

So the plan is to get the alcove of photographs up and looking good before the end of the month... but where do you display your photographs or are you like me and still waiting for a spare five minutes to get them on display?

We were sent a canvas by Printerpix.co.uk to review.

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