Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Cinderella - Milton Keynes Theatre

Last night the family and I headed off to Milton Keynes Theatre to watch this years Panto, Cinderella. This year we have three stars Deniece Pearson of Five Star fame (I had to sit on Daddy to stop him from shouting out the famous line from, Anna Williamson who we knew from GMTV's Toonattik, Kev Orkian who's a comedian and was on Britain's Got Talent in 2010 (My Mum said, I didn't watch it that year) oh and Louie Spence from well the Telly in general. 

The production is fantastic, we laughed so much, appreciated the little local embellishments that have been added to the script and this year we kept our eyes open as one of the young women from our Church congregation is in the Children's chorus and we wanted to see her! (She's the rather pretty brunette just behind Anna in the photo below and on the right.)

Cinderella Production shot by Barry Rivett

Monday night we had tried to get the children to go to bed early so that they would last the entire performance, but I needn't had worried (which is a good job really as they wouldn't go to sleep!) as they were so wrapped up in the story they happily joined in with the songs that they knew and shouting out at appropriate moments. Although as the mayor discovered Big Boy's knack of impressions wasn't a good thing when he shouted out one of the double entendres that Louie said about accessing a back door...

Cinderella Production shot by Barry Rivett

I love that we've made going to the Panto a tradition in our house, it makes Christmas feel more Christmas like and reminds me of my youth where going to the panto was an annual tradition that I didn't even think about!

If you are in the Milton Keynes area and are looking for a great Christmas Panto then I can recommend Cinderella as a great family night out. Tickets are available from the box office or you can book online.

We received tickets thanks to Milton Keynes Theatre.

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