Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Earn £50 for Christmas with Swagbucks

As you might know I'm taking part in the Tots100 Christmas Swagbucks Challenge, which is actually really fun, especially because several of my fellow competitors are as competitive as me... even if they won't admit it! I think that I'm doing rather well with the challenge, and it isn't really taking up a lot of time each day, but I realised that some people are reluctant to sign up because they are unsure of how they can personally benefit from Swagbucks. So I thought I would share the easiest way for everyone to earn £50 for Christmas next year.

Daily you can earn;

10 Swagbucks from searching every day (on average)
1 Swagbuck from answering the daily poll
1 Swagbuck from viewing the NOSO every day (sometimes you get an extra Swagbuck for watching a video after too)
1 Swagbuck for having the toolbar installed
3 Swagbucks for watching ten videos (I run them in a second window)
10 Swagbucks for playing games daily

Do that everyday and that's enough to earn a £50 Amazon voucher for Christmas next year and it only takes about twenty minutes of your day. I don't know about you, but a £50 Amazon voucher each year would be very well received!

What you want more?

Okay, that's pretty easy. Hit your daily target everyday (between 60 and 140 points for me) then you could earn 1000 points in a month, and you get extra bonuses on top (300 for hitting it everyday and extra for daily targets too) so that would mean you could earn £175 in Amazon vouchers in a year.

What would you spend the £175 on? You could spend it on Christmas gifts for friends and family, or you could spend it on yourself!

There are lots of ways to earn, and seeing in the past two weeks I've accumulated over 8000 points (enough for £50 of Amazon vouchers) you could earn a whole lot more in a year and if you want more information on how to do it, you can ask me or you can ask the Swagbucks Community (they have a great comradery on the FB page) or you can ask the Swagbucks team who are fabulous at helping out when people have a query.

Now, I need your help.

I want to win this competition, and the only way I'm going to do that is if YOU help me. If you sign up to Swagbucks through me and do the things I suggest then whilst you are making yourself some cash for Christmas, you're also helping me out to make cash too. Every time you search on Swagbucks, they give me the same amount of Swagbucks you've earnt from your searching. So come on, lets all earn some "Free" money for Christmas!

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