Friday, 14 December 2012

Southbank Christmas Market

Everyone who knows me knows that I love Christmas. Most people who know me also know that I have a fear of going to London during December, just in case something bad happens. I've risked it a couple of times in the last couple of years and this year was feeling very brave as I decided to take both Children with me to the Southbank Christmas Market late one Friday night, after TravelSupermarket gave me some pocket money to spend there.

We walked up to the Southbank from Waterloo tube station, and the children thought it was amazing to see the London Eye all lit up blue, with the trees being lit up with blue lights too.

London Eye at Chrismtas

As we got closer the children realised though that this was a proper Christmas Market, a bit like the one we had in Milton Keynes a few years back. There were traditional stalls, such as Chestnuts, a fantastic chap dressed as Santa walking around (he was a Cockney which confused the children but he looked amazing!), plenty of other food stalls which smelt delicious and had the children drooling as they decided what it was that they wanted to eat (they decided on German Sausage and Chips) and the most amazing stalls that had us  finding some of the most amazing gifts for our friends and family.

Southbank Christmas Market Chestnut Stall 2012

We loved looking at some different wind chimes, and the children didn't see me sneakily buy one they had been looking at, nor did they notice when I brought a clock for the den that they had fallen in love with on one of the stalls (it was a bargain at £15). They chose some items together for Daddy and I (I had to pretend I didn't see) and they even got me on the carousel with them.

Top Ender and Big Boy at the Southbank Christmas Market London 2012

The Southbank Christmas Market was a great place for us to explore as a family, and everything was really reasonably priced. If you want an overview of Christmas markets around Britain take a look at the Travel Supermarket page as they have details of where they all are as well as opening times, and if you can make it to London this week make sure you take an hour to visit the market as it is really magical!

TravelSupermarket gave me some money to spend at the market. Which I think was rather agreeable of them.

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