Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I'm Dreaming of an Easter Break

It's come to that time of year where I start thinking about going away on holiday, I think it's the first sign of Spring that does it to me. Sometimes I dream about going abroad, but more often than not it's breaks at home that I think about. I know that compared to most countries the UK isn't exactly huge but there are so many interesting places to visit and I think that most of us have only visited a small amount of them.

As a family we like to stay at a Resort like Butlin's, as we like to have what we refer to as a base camp. From this base camp we can visit local attractions, and because we are staying within a resort we also get to take part in the activities on site too. One of the highlights for me is the entertainment in the evening, as rather than sitting watching TV or doing something on the web we get to see something that is special as a family and more like going out to see a show at a theatre or a concert.

Daddy and the Children love being able to go to the Splash Waterpool, as it doesn't matter if it's raining the water is always welcoming and as it's kept at a Subtropical Temperature it's always warm too. We love having a play in the water together and the Children also love that there are shows just for them and that they get to meet some of their favourite Characters too.

So if like me you're thinking about Easter breaks and other holidays you can take with your family this year maybe we'll see you at one of the Butlin's Resorts!

Sponsored by Butlin's

This is a sponsored post, so I can pay for my Easter break!

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