Monday, 18 February 2013

That's My Hero!

This post is an entry into the Tots100 MoneySupermarket That’s My Hero competition.

I asked Top Ender to draw a picture of her hero, I told her that if she drew me it would be perfectly normal but she just laughed and said "Yeah, Mum. What ever you say". I wasn't expecting her to draw me really, even though when I was younger that's who my hero was (My Mum not me!) along with my sister and my Dad, but I didn't expect to be dismissed out of hand like that. Luckily Big Boy made me feel better by telling me I was his hero and as long as I kept the Spiders out of his bedroom I always would be.

Eventually, when Top Ender had finished her drawing, she told me that it was Bloom from the cartoon Winx. I thought that Top Ender had chosen her because she loves the clothes that the girls in the cartoon wear, even though I think they are a little revealing at times, or maybe even because the girls have a great bond between them which is something I know Tops wants or even because Top Ender is hoping for magical powers to be bestowed upon her.

Bloom from Winx, Top Ender's Hero

I was surprised when Top Ender said that Bloom was her Hero because she wants to make other people feel safe like Bloom does, that Bloom makes sure that all her friends are appreciated and happy and that she makes sure that she works hard at School and has fun too. I think that Top Ender has a hero who makes Tops want to be a better person and for that I'm okay that it's not me... although I'd make a wicked fairy!

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