Saturday, 23 March 2013

Lunches For The Week (W/C 23/03)

It's nearly Easter! This week I'm planning on making Easter themed lunches for the Children, so I'm making use of my Bunny, Egg and Chick cutters and a few more sneaky treats too.

Saturday - Ham and Salad Sandwich

As I'll have been shopping yesterday, the salad ingredients will be nice and fresh today still, which means they will be great in a Sandwich. Plus, I'm not here as I've gone to London for the day this is so simple even Daddy can make it!

Best Ham and Salad Sandwich

Sunday - Brie and Caramalised Onion and Mushroom Toastie

The best thing about the sandwiches we have for lunch on a Saturday is that I plan and make them, this means that Daddy can't complain when I serve up something I love and he isn't that keen on. As I wasn't able to make our Saturday Sandwich today we are having a Brie and Caramalised Onion and Mushroom Toastie. *Cue evil laughter* Mwhahahahahahahaha!

Monday - Chicken Pasta

I'm using the Chicken from yesterdays dinner mixed with a little sweetcorn and mayola to make a nice pasta salad. I'm going to include some little croutons, which will hopefully be an Easter theme shape, or if they look rubbish just little cubes!

Tuesday - Easter Egg

Okay, so you got me. This isn't actually made out of a Chocolate Easter Egg, but it is egg on the inside!

Wednesday - Easter Sushi

You know the Sandwiches I make for the Children where I wrap the bread into circles and cut them to make like Sushi? I'm doing that, but with an Easter theme!

Thursday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch and Big Boy's too... on a Thursday

As the Children won't be at School, I've brought the Friday Lunch forward a day. As you can guess this is going to be a big Easter lunch, and will be full of surprise treats. Only if I remember and make sure to make this from the start of the week though!

Friday - Something Out

We're only after something light today as we're going to be out at the Science Museum in London. We had such a great time there when we went last year (I swear I blogged about it, but can't find anything!) and we've been invited down to see some of the exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops that are on during this Easter break.
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