Sunday, 1 September 2013

P&G Everyday Effect Hamper - #Competition

When Top Ender was first born my sister got me a gift. That's right me. She had brought Tops a cot, before Tops was born but it was the gift of a book, some Hot Chocolate, a bubble bath and couple of other "me time" bits and pieces that really touched me. It wasn't expensive, it wasn't a huge gesture but it was something that made me feel more than just Pippa the woman who just gave birth.

I was never one who wished that someone would come and do the dishes, or hoover the living room for me. My friends and family rallied round and knowing I'd stocked my freezer with easy to prepare meals whilst pregnant did the small chores when they visited and of course reminded me to call them if I did need them. I even remember friends from church coming round for a visit and bringing me flowers for the garden (instead of a vase) and planting them so that they'd last longer than the cut variety.

It's these ordinary things that make a difference to our lives and those of the people around us and P&G are calling the impact of these little things the "Everyday Effect" and are wanting to encourage us all to make a difference in our days to celebrate moments of peace, moments of "me time" and so they sent me a rather lovely little set of P&G Goodies so I could enjoy the Everyday effect and have given me an additional one to give to a reader too!

Some of Pippa's P&G Hamper

Have a look at this video, as it's rather sweet and might help you to work out the answer to the question that I'm going to be asking to help chose a winner!

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