Sunday, 22 September 2013

Tonka Town Toys - #Review

I can't be the only Mum thinking about Christmas can I? As soon as the children go back to School, I start to hunt out what it is that we'll buy them as when they aren't here it's a lot easier for me to buy gifts, wrap them and send them to Santa to look after until Christmas Eve.

Big Boy is still of an age where he's rather taken with things that allow him to control the uncontrollable and so toys where he can be the Hero, or can make sure that everything is in order are the things I look out for to get him. The new Tonka Town Toys allow just that and when we were sent the Tonka Town Fire Station, to review he was itching to get the packaging opened!

Tonka Town Toys Fire Station

The Fire Station has flashing lights and sirens and this has delighted Big Boy as he loves causing a little chaos in our house. The station comes with a little firetruck and two firemen and this was more than enough for Big Boy to create several scenarios which he was fully in control of.

Big Boy playing with the Tonka Town Toys Fire StationTonka Town Toys Fire Station

One of the great things about the station as far as I'm concerned as an adult (it has flashing lights that the great thing as far as BB is concerned!) is that it's sturdy and easy for younger hands to work with.

The front of the station pulls out (you can see it above where the truck is going into the station and below you can see the slot it pulls out from) smoothly and the pieces of ladder are easy enough for Big Boy to click into place.

Big Boy playing with the Tonka Town Toys Fire Station

I'm pleased that Tonka is a brand that's back making great toys for children and I found the Fireset for £39.99 online. The toys are aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 5 and I think you and the children will have great fun playing with the characters, just like Big Boy and I have.

We were sent the toy to review.
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