Sponsor Me


If you've found your way to this page, then you're thinking about sponsoring me to go to a blogging event, with you paying for me and allowing me to promote you.

This is really cool for several reasons.

  1. I'm really lovely.
  2. There is always Cake at blogging events and I like Cake.
  3. I like going to Blogging Events.

Seriously, I'm a Parent Blogger with a lot of experience and I understand Blogging Events having been to several over the years. I like to promote the events I attend via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as with blog posts before and after the event, if appropriate.

My blog, whilst mainly about the things that my little family get up to, also includes product reviews, insights into family life and allows others to realise that whilst every family is different we all face similar situations and sometimes we need others to help us.

I want to be the writer of the sort of blog that you could come to if you need a laugh, or some ideas but mainly I want to encourage families to spend time together and to enjoy each other.

I have won a few awards, which personally I think is amazing. I won the Best Blog For Family Fun from the MAD awards twice (once in 2010 and again in 2011) and I also won a Gurgle award for The Best Overall Mummy Blog (in 2011). I think I'm most proud that this fact made it to Wikipedia.

All my stats and rankings can be found in my media pack, which if you email me I can send to you. It's not a secret, it is just that they change and I might forget to update this page with my latest figures!

Thanks for thinking of me.