Catch up

Top Ender started school this past September so technically she is now a school girl not a top ender, but I think that Top Ender sounds a whole lot cuter so we will stick with that!

Baby Boy is now able to sit up on his own and I think he is going to skip the crawling stage. At the moment he is busy trying to stand and he seems to prefer being in a semi standing position to anything else. Which is fine as it means my arm muscles are being built up!

Top Ender has been reading everything and anything in sight (pleased I made all those word cards now!) since she realised that recognising words is all that reading is about! I was really pleased with her as it means that she is reading at the same age as Daddy and I (we both read before we went to school, which if this was the 80's Top Ender wouldn't be in full time school for another half term or so!) and she has so much more confidence in herself now.