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A Low Maintenance Garden

One thing that I've realised with all my gardening over the last ten weeks or so (it was a complete coincidence that lockdown started about then too, we were planning on doing the garden this Spring and Summer!) is that it's one of the most grown-up things that I do. Whilst I may want to colour the inside of my home like a children's paintbox with bright colours and funky shapes, the garden sees a more mature Pippa emerge.
I'm going to blame my Nan for this grown-up taste, after all it was at her feet that I learnt how to care for plants, what seems like a bazillion plant names and even had gifted to me my favourite and nicest stoneware plant pots. What I don't know, or more likely don't remember, is easily fixed with a quick google, which why I was found researching Lavender a few days back and checking if it was a low maintenance plant or not.

A Family Night In... But Out!

If you know me in real life or have read my blog for any length of time, something that should be quite obvious to you is that I like hanging out with my family. It might be that we play a game together or go for a walk, or bake or just eat a meal together but as long as we are hanging out together I'm quite happy.
A few weeks back now, Top Ender and I were talking about planning a day off from our usual chores and responsibilities in lockdown. It would be a day to hang out and do nothing other than what we wanted and it slowly progressed into an idea to spend the day in the garden, in the sun enjoying reading and watching movies on our tablets or laptops, listening to music and just being at one.
The plan for the day ended with us having a BBQ and watching a film on Top Ender's projector, which suited me fine. Although I didn't want to clean our Big BBQ, so I cheated and purchased one of those small disposable ones instead!

The Slob And The Delivery Driver

Last week, I decided to have a day off. I was already not scheduled to work, and as it was half term I figured I could stay at home, lay about in the sun, read and snooze and just relax. As part of the aim was to get a suntan, I threw on my short leggings and a tank top. Two items of clothing that are normally underneath things which are a little too short. Basically, what I am saying is there was nothing to contain my bingo wings or stomach flab in and I looked an absolute mess, a slob if you will.
I didn't expect to see anyone other than the immediate family and well, I don't care if they see me looking like a slob as two of them have lived in their PJ's for the last few weeks and the other was out at work and again wouldn't care if I was dressed in a ball gown, in a moth-eaten jumper or anything in between because he loves me.
Sickening isn't it.

Sunrise And The Love Of God

A few nights back, Dan Jon's blood sugars decided to have a little party. They couldn't decide if they were up or down, and when they went down, for some unknown reason they decided to stay down for extended periods of time, meaning every thirty minutes or so I was woken up by the Klaxon on my phone alerting me to the fact that Dan Jon's blood sugars had dropped. I would trundle to his bedroom, still half asleep, to test his blood sugars whilst he, and the rest of the house, slept contentedly through the beeps of our phones.

By three am, I was very sleepy and whilst I wasn't jealous of Dan Jon's ability to sleep through the prodding and beeping, I was starting to resent that I wasn't in my bed sleeping soundly. Then around 4:30am, whilst I was waiting for Dan Jon to chew up some quick release sugar tablets, I realised that through the crack in his curtains I could see the start of a beautiful sunrise.

What We Are Eating W/C 30th May 2020

We're almost at the end of the month, and I don't know about you but I think it has been one of the nicest Mays I remember. It's not just been the weather or even the extra family time. For me, it's been a month of discovery both of skills, (I've done some great artwork) new hobbies (Gardening) and leg muscles. I have some seriously great calves at the moment thanks to the two-mile daily walks Flyfour and I have been going on!
Anyway, here's what we're eating this week!

Are All Gardeners Sadistic Cultists?

As I was slaving away in the garden, weeding one of the raised beds on the lawn a curious thought popped into my head that gardeners are A a bit sadistic, B Part of some kind of Cult.
Start gardening Pippa, you'll enjoy it Pippa, you'll get out in the fresh air and get some exercise Pippa.Join us Pippa.

Indulging In Life

During the week I spoke with a friend who had a few days off work and was planning an indulgent staycation. We ended up chatting about small things that people can do to make a few days off into something special, something to look forward to, to think back on fondly and to make the most of the space they are in.
We talked about putting clean sheets on the bed, and clearing off the nightstand and even the pile of clothing from the floor and just making the bedroom a sanctuary, somewhere to relax and be peaceful. We talked about lighting candles and favourite scents and even breaking out the "good" PJ's, you know the ones I mean! 
We talked about long luxurious baths and watching and rewatching favourite TV Shows and films and eating popcorn and snacks or maybe going to bed early and relaxing and reading until the small hours and then sleeping in the next morning until they were ready to get up.
We talked about eating ice cream before a meal, or maybe even instead of a meal!

I'm The Sidekick!

Whilst we were out for our regular nightly walk around our neighbourhood, I had the sudden realisation that I'm the sidekick in a lot of peoples stories and blurted out to the family. 
"I'm the sidekick!"
They, obviously, looked at me slightly confused because they had been having a discussion about something that was nothing to do with sidekicks, so I started explaining my train of thought. I told them that I'd been thinking about some things that had happened over the last few weeks, which got me thinking to things over the last few years and almost everything I have done has been to help others.

The Small Things Are The Big Things

Before a recent Ward Council (held online) I had been asked to share the Spiritual Thought for the meeting and as usual, despite thinking on it for several hours, I had nothing to share. I bemoaned to Flyfour that I'd been asked and couldn't think of anything suitable to share. I didn't want to share banal platitudes, I didn't want to share a recent Spiritual experience I'd had as it was too personal and well, my recent Scripture readings hadn't given me any great insight into anything.
Or so I thought.

Main Meals W/C 23rd May 2020

It's almost the end of May, and I don't know about you but I feel that this month went very fast! I don't mind, as we've had some lovely weather (and I've been able to enjoy it as I've only been working part-time) and for us personally we've had a fair bit of celebration too, so it's always nice to have that to remember back on.
So what are we eating?!

What We Are Eating W/C 16th May 2020

I swear that everything is speeding up these days, I don't know if it is because all the days seem the same in lockdown, or if it is because of my age, or even if it is because the world really is speeding up. All I do know is that I don't actually mind that much, but if the world could slow down a little, it might allow me to catch up with some housework!

Well, whilst the world is hopefully going a little slower this weekend, here is what we are eating!

Happy Birthday Dan Jon!

Dan Jon Jr turned 12 today and thanks to the lockdown and us not having spent as much money on takeaways, snacks, last-minute top-up shops and the like, we had a bit of spare cash and finding a bargain of a deal Dan Jon got a very expensive Birthday gift of an Oculus Quest.

Luckily Dan Jon is fully aware that this is a one-off and that he won't be getting anything that expensive again (as a side note, it's made Flyfour and I look very carefully at how much we spend on snacks!) and is also very pleased that he is able to share it with the family a little too. I mean even I've had a go, it's very clever but I'm not sure I'll be spending a lot of time in a VR world!
Dan Jon is honestly so fantastic.

What We Are Eating W/C 9th May 2020

I may have accidentally written this menu plan, whilst watching half a season of Community on Netflix. Okay, so it wasn't an accident, but it did mean that this blog post took me AGES to write and I may have been laughing like a drain the entire time and also I'm not sure what meals I planned so I'm just hoping that I've written the extra ingredients down on my Whatsapp notes properly or I've got some surprises this week when I do try to make the meals we have planned!

What We Are Eating W/C 1st May 2020

It's May already! I almost can't believe it, but today is my birthday and heck yeah it's going to be a good year. I think that I'm rather lucky to be experiencing a birthday in lockdown, as it means I'm safe, my family are safe and what a great meal out we'll be having when we can get together!
Plus, and this is deadly serious, how many times would you pay for being told to stay at home on your birthday? To not spend unnecessary money, to not have people spend unnecessary money on you? To not overeat or in some cases overdrink, to be with the people you love (if you're lucky enough to be in lockdown with them that is) doing some of the things that you love and being able to spend time and plan? I think I'd do that every year if I could.

A Birthday In Lockdown

It's nearly my birthday, and I've been joking that I'll spend the day hanging out with my family, playing games, watching TV, reading and eating a home-cooked meal, just like every other day in lockdown.
The thing is, I'm actually quite excited about experiencing my birthday under lockdown. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, right? I want to make the most of it. I want to do something special, something that I will always be able to look back on and say "Oh yes! The year I turned 41 was amazing, do you remember the fun we had celebrating whilst in lockdown?!"

What We Are Eating W/C 25th April 2020

Flyfour and I were talking about small changes we will be making to our lifestyle once the lockdown is lifted. How we are going to try not to rely on Takeaways so often, how we are going to try to go shopping once every couple of weeks, how we are going to keep the snack cupboard stocked with snacks, how we are going to allow ourselves to drink the sodas we want to, or the flavoured water or the "expensive" brand of squash and if we carry on as we have been whilst in lockdown all whilst spending less money too!
With that in mind, here is what we are doing for our main meals this week.

What We Are Eating W/C 18th April 2020

It's already midway through April, and as I'm writing this the UK Government have just said that our lockdown will be extended for another three weeks. I know it is hard, but I am so grateful to people who are following the rules because it means that people like my Mum and my in-laws are kept safe and honestly that is the most important thing to me right now.
Our meal plans for the week are based upon what we have in the freezer, fridge and cupboard although I do need to go out to get Fishfingers as I had a sudden craving for them and I blame my Mum as she reminded me of them!

Late Night Walks

Before the lockdown was put in place, Flyfour and I would fairly often go for walks in our local neighbourhood or at one of the local Supermarkets. We'd always ask the children if they wanted to come with us, but normally they'd have an excuse as to why they couldn't come and if I'm being honest we didn't mind that they didn't come because we'd spend the time talking together about everything and anything and if we were at the Supermarket buying snacks for us to share.

And then the lockdown happened.

The Last Cookie

So, I felt a bit hungry as I had eaten breakfast several hours before this story takes place and I did the normal thing, I went downstairs to get a snack. I was hanging out in my bedroom doing some secret crafting for Dan Jon's birthday and just enjoying everything being quiet because the children were awake and up, but not really doing anything out of their rooms, which is fine because technically it is the Easter break and all they need to worry about each day is getting up and having some fun.

To find a snack, I first I stood in front of the open fridge and freezer, there was nothing but frozen vegetables and leftovers and whilst the Lamb hotpot was nice, this wasn't a lamb hotpot snack kind of moment.
So, I went to the pantry, where the "good" snacks live.

I ignored Dan Jon's Cherry Bakewells which he doesn't actually know about because I haven't shared the fact that they are his with him just yet. Look, they are my favourite too and I might want to have…

Easter Sunday

I have no idea if I would have been asked to speak at our Easter Sunday Sacrament service this year.
I'd like to think I would have been asked (and not just because I was reminding my ward leaders to check with our Stake leaders about moving our traditional monthly fast so it wouldn't coincide with Easter Sunday or because I have complained rather loudly when in previous years the talks didn't focus on the Saviour on this important day) as I have a lot that I would like to say.
As I can't say it in person, however, I'll share it here.

What We Are Eating W/C 11th April 2020

You will probably notice that this week's meals are a little heavy on the potatoes. That's because we have a huge bag of them and really need to use them up before they go soft, sprout or whatever else it is that potatoes do when they aren't eaten quickly enough. Still, everyone in the house loves potatoes and Top Ender and I are loving the peeling crisps that I'm making whenever I peel potatoes!
Anyway, here is our potato-based diet meal plan! 

A Good Friday Fast

It's Good Friday and almost as if I had planned it, the sun is out and it is shaping up to be a beautiful day.
I'm sitting in the garden after having had a lazy morning, eg one where I only got up in the last hour and have completed the small amount of work for the school I'm employed at that I can do from home. It's very hard to be a Receptionist and greet people unless you are actually on the Reception desk to greet people you know!
I am listening to an orchestra of Birdsong, punctuated by the odd rumble of a train on the tracks nearby, the low murmur of conversation from my neighbours and the purr of Mario, who has curled up on the garden table next to my laptop and is enjoying sunning himself.
It's peaceful. It's sunny. It's everything someone would want a bank holiday to be.

Social Hibernation

I've been thinking of this period of social distancing as a bit like a Hibernation rather than a metamorphosis. We are all staying home, (well those of us who are socially responsible and when we aren't working that is), we all seem to be taking stock and looking to see what is important to us and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is eating and sleeping a lot more. See, hibernation.

There have been several posts on various social media sites with people saying that now that they have oodles of time that they have realised that their work-life balance was out of whack and that they were going to ensure that when life got back to "normal" that they weren't going to live the same lifestyle again. I'm so pleased that people are being able to see positives to this, that they are seeing what is important to them and that they can take steps to make important things a priority in their lives.
For me the things that are important are Family, Community, Faith, W…

What We Are Eating W/C 4th April 2020

Isn't it funny, I've had all this "extra" time at home and so far all I've managed to do is sort out the drawers which once held oodles of craft items (now I have a drawer of art things, a drawer of sewing things, a drawer of paper things and a drawer of knitting projects), learn a bit of sign language and eat a lot of biscuits that Flyfour keeps making. So this is what we're eating this week, other than the biscuits of course.

What We Are Eating W/C 28th March 2020

I honestly think it is amazing how everyone in their own respective local areas is pulling together to help those in need in their communities. I've volunteered to help with a local group that has been set up through the local COE Church, I've put notes in the doors of the people I believe to be vulnerable in our street offering phone calls, chats through the window or collecting of shopping. My Mum has had neighbours do the same, even notes offering her toilet roll if she needs it!

Then of course, there was the clap that was heard all across the UK on Thursday night. It was so emotional hearing the love from all over the country.

Thank you Britain, for showing the community spirit that I always knew was there.

Tidying Up The Garden

As it was such lovely weather last weekend, Flyfour and I thought we should get up and going on the garden as we had a few chores we would like to do. We had originally said that we would do these plans if we were thrown into lockdown by the Government and so were prepared, plus our plans were super simple, wash and varnish the deck, give all the planters a paint, mow the lawn, sand and paint the garden furniture and if we had the energy get to weeding in preparation for the topsoil we were having delivered.

Little did we know that a little over 48 hours later, we would actually be on a lockdown ordered by the government, but it has been lovely this last week to be out in the garden when we've not been working that is, as we are both in positions where we count as key workers even though we're not very sure that is correct!

A Small Gesture Of Thanks

On Friday, one of the Teachers from the school I work at as a Receptionist came to find me at the Reception desk. She was unsure if I was in, or if like many of our colleagues I had needed to socially distance myself (because of Dan Jon) or go into self-isolation because of that thing-that-everyone-is-talking-about-at-the-moment-that-I'm-not-sure-I-want-to-actually-mention-again-because-I'm-so-over-it...

The reason she had wanted to find me was, as the Government had said what many of us had thought, that Schools should be closed she wasn't sure when she'd see me again and before we possibly went our separate ways for a while, she had got me a gift as a "small token of her appreciation". Well, at least that was how she put it.

Meal Plans W/C 21st March 2020

So, our meal plans this week are based on what we have in the cupboard, freezer and fridge. As I'm sure you are finding the shops are empty and so it's getting harder to buy, well anything! Thankfully, we practice Food Storage in our home and so have ingredients that will make meals that whilst may not be our favourites, but also are food which I've mentioned a few times to the children that they are going to have to get used to eating, as it's what we'll be living on until the UK gets itself back on track and lets the Supermarkets have some blinking food in!

I Cried At School

I cried at school yesterday. I was sat at the Reception desk, doing my job, wondering how the school was going to look on Monday, when the majority of the children were no longer going to be attending each day, and an English teacher who taught Top Ender walked past.

I was on the phone, but he caught my eye and gave me a grin and mouthed "Is Top Ender okay after the news last night?" I nodded that she was and mouthed "She's fine" giving a big grin back. He wasn't the first teacher to ask me that morning, several of Top Ender's teachers (and some of my favourites) had already popped by to see me, to talk about the news from the night before and just check-in.

That simple gesture from that English teacher, however, made me cry. Just asking after my daughter suddenly overwhelmed me with the understanding of how much these people love my daughter. How well they know her and how they want what is best for her, just like me and her Dad.

What We're Eating W/C 14th March 2020

Is it just me who has found this last week to be super busy? Although saying that I was talking with a friend at work the other day and she asked when I planned to sleep, because of all the extra-curricular activities that I do! Well, with Church meetings being cancelled for a period of time due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I guess I'll have a few hours of travel time each week back so maybe I can use that to wrestle through the shops attempting to buy some pasta or kitchen cleaner!

Well, here is what we are eating this week.

Main Meals W/C 7th March 2020

Eating Gluten and Dairy-free is a little annoying if I'm honest. There are so many meals that we'd like to eat, but well the ingredients don't lend themselves too well to it. Gluten-free pasta fro a Lasagne is all well and good if covered with a creamy white sauce and plenty of cheese, but dairy-free/vegan alternatives? Not so great, as in my personal opinion they smell almost as bad as they taste! On top of this, this week we are eating carb free for a few meals, I mean just four times, and all in an effort to test Dan Jon's Basal rates as something always goes to pot when we've just the one meal that is carb-free.

So, here is the plan for this week.

What To Do If It Seems Like God Isn't Listening

For me, prayer is an integral part of my life. I pray every morning as soon as I wake up, every night before I go to bed, before every meal, with my family each morning and evening and when they go to bed. I pray when I'm feeling sad, when I'm feeling happy, when I'm worried, when I'm sitting in traffic or when I'm at work... basically I am constantly praying and sharing with my Heavenly Father all my joys, woes, thoughts, hopes, desires and requests for help or guidance.

Like most Christians, I'm used to getting answers to my prayers and when I don't? Well, let's just say I don't take it too well.

What We're Eating W/C 29th February 2020

I can't believe it is already the end of the month and we have completed our challenge of Cereal for a month. The good news is that it was WAY more successful than the month of Salads last year and the bad news is that Top Ender has reacted well to not having dairy products over the last month and so we are now a gluten-free and dairy-free family.

Well, I guess that isn't really bad news... it's just another thing we're going to get used to!

Carnglaze Caverns - Wordless Wednesday


Lent, Giving Up And Starting Up

Traditionally, Lent is a time where Christians give up something for six weeks in the run-up to Easter, although I know a few people who also use this time to fast rather than giving up just one favourite food or treat. Lent starts on Ash Wednesday (tomorrow) and concludes on Easter Sunday and is a period of 40 days of fasting and six Sabbath days.

It depends on who you talk to about what the Sabbath days mean. Some of my friends say they are "mini" Easters as each Sabbath is a chance to think about the resurrection of Jesus, others say they are a day you can relax the abstinence and others say it is a day to abstain further! However it is followed, Lent helps Christians to focus their hearts and minds to the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us by dying for our sins and then his glorious resurrection, which means that we too will be resurrected and be able to return to our Father in Heaven.

Revision And Watching Films

A few days before we were due to go away, we found out that there were revision sessions planned for Top Ender during the half term and we weren't going to be here for her to go to them. Flyfour and I were gutted. We had wanted to do everything right for Top Ender with regards to her exams and her revision knowing where we failed when we were her age (we didn't fail our exams, Flyfour did well and I did okay, but we both could have done better if we had revised a little more and I always use this as an example to the children) and wanting her to do better than us, mainly because she is way smarter than us and also because it's only natural that you'd want your children to do better than you right?!

What We Are Eating 22nd and 23rd February 2020

It's almost the end of February, so there isn't long until we stop eating Cereal every night. I think that we'll keep it up one night a week though (probably Wednesdays when I'm not around and so Dan Jon can easily make something to eat for himself) and of course, Flyfour and I may keep it up on other evenings when we're just not in the mood to actually properly take care of ourselves by cooking a meal.

The Eden Project

One of the great things about keeping this blog is that I get to remember things that we did as a family or things that were so important to us as a family but we may forget (or misremember in the case of what happened when we got Swine Flu back in the October of 2009) however, last summer we went on a Family Holiday and took a visit to the Eden Project and I've been a very bad girl and not recorded it.

Which is a shame, because whilst we were visiting back in July 2019 we realised we loved it so much that we wanted to go back and visit again, which we did this past February half term.

What We are Eating 15-16th February 2020

One of the main topics of conversation at work each day seems to be, what are you having for your evening meal tonight? To which at the moment I just reply cereal and I feel the other people in the conversation biting their tongue to stop themselves from saying "Again?" or "Is it still February?!" although one friend has been suggesting some rather lovely cereal ideas!

Flyfour and I are still happy with the arrangement, but the children are not. Top Ender is demanding we feed her some good food, "You know, like Noodles!" which I have to agree, Noodles are blinking excellent and I'm rather fab at making them. Maybe next year the challenge will be a month of noodles...

Anyway, here's what we're eating this weekend!

What We Are Eating This Weekend!

This last week of cereal for our evening meal has been eyeopening, to say the least. Flyfour has claimed he has more energy, I say I've fixed my internal "full or not" level thingy (a couple of times this week I have genuenly not wanted to eat in the evening as I was too full), Top Ender is quite happy with her "not milk", milk and Dan Jon wants to know if February is over yet, because he is already bored and wants a "proper meal".

Dan Jon is therefore incredibly glad that it is already the weekend.

What We Are Eating W/C 1st February 2020

Well, if you read my post yesterday, you'd know that there is pretty much nothing happening on the meal plan this week, as I'm just ensuring I'm buying a lot of milk to go with the cereal we'll be eating each night! The only exception will be Saturday and Sunday, where we will eat a meal together and so we may eat cereal at lunchtime instead of in the evening.

Who knows, maybe we'll be doing this every night from now on... Yeah, probably not!

The February 2020 Food Challenge

Jokingly a couple of weekends ago, whilst Flyfour and I were going to about our third Supermarket of the day (we were after some gluten-free items and nowhere seemed to have them in stock), I said that I was refusing to actually buy any food the following weekend and that everyone could just eat cereal for the week... and then I realised that would be our food challenge for February.

The Sad News About Mario

I shared on Facebook the other day, that I'd just spent a rather large amount of money to find out that our cat was going to die and there was nothing that could be done about it.

Yeah. Pretty rubbish news huh?

What We Are Eating W/C 25th January 2020

Having finally found what my challenge for the family for February is (I'll reveal it this Friday) I feel a lot of weight off my shoulders for planning meals for this week. Along with the fact that we have had our food shop delivered to us a couple of times over the last couple of months (we keep being offered money off a shop at Sainsbury's so have taken the offer!), I feel like meal planning and food shopping is a great way for me to serve my family.

Sunshine And Fun

I don't know about you, but this last weekend brought a lot of happiness into the lives of Flyfour, the children and I. I don't know if it was the sunshine, or that Flyfour was in a super good mood celebrating his birthday (and having had a day off work) and that rubbed off on the rest of us or if we just were all synced up and ready for some fun together.

Dan Jon Getting The Priesthood

The predictions I made about the morning of Dan Jon's ordination, went almost exactly as I had said it would. Bishop did indeed stand up and say he'd had the opportunity to interview several of the young men and did say that he found them worthy to be ordained as Deacons and the whole ward did sustain them. I guess I have been paying more attention when this has happened in the past than I thought!

After church and Sunday School had finished, Dan Jon, Tops and I, along with two other families, filed into one of the classrooms just down the hall from Bishop's office where the boys were going to be ordained.

What We Are Eating W/C 18th January 2020

I know they say that time goes faster as you get older, but at the moment the year seems to be going at breakneck speed and I'd like it to slow down just a little, please! It's funny, everything seems to be working well at the moment, we've pretty much eaten what we said we would when we said we would (there was an accidental trip to McDonald's on Wednesday for Tops and I) so hopefully, that'll continue this week and we'll stop feeling like we're spinning out of control time-wise!

Happy Birthday Flyfour!

Today is Flyfour's birthday, which means he's erm... one year older and wiser too!

I did think about writing a soppy, "Oh my gosh, I love my husband so much" type of post, but well I figured that you all knew how I felt about him because, well the man is an actual saint to put up with me and my crazy antics and on top of that I think I talk about how fabulous he is all the time.

Then I thought about just listing some of the brilliant things he does, that makes him so unique and special. Like how last night, whilst I had a shower,  he cooked me some steak because I was craving red meat and he put the bins out after Dan Jon forgot and he does the ironing almost every week.

I did think that I could post a few photographs of Flyfour in recent months, but there aren't many that he would let me show and do you really want to see Flyfour eating something, looking a bit funny or raising an eyebrow at me taking so many photos? Didn't think so.

So instead, I put off fi…

Why Should I Strengthen My Family?

One of the first things I noticed about members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when I was first finding out about the Church, was that family was very much at the centre of it all. Having been a member for a very long time (Twenty-something years) I can confirm that this very much is the case and to be honest I love it, because as I'm sure you've worked out by now; Family is rather important to me.

This week, for Scripture Study, we've been studying the first few chapters of First Nephi, in The Book of Mormon and knowing what we would be talking about in Young Women's and in the Priesthood Quorum lessons (the latter where Dan Jon will be and the former where Top Ender and I will be) I've been thinking about how each member of a family plays a part in making a family strong, in making it a loving environment, in making it the best family for those who are a part of it.

Main Meals W/C 11th January 2020

The great thing about our house at the moment isn't that it is still full of Christmas snacks and treats, but that everyone seems to be in harmony about what we should eat each day. This seriously makes my day easier, because if I ask for suggestions and I get told a few of the meals I was planning I know that it isn't just me who is going to be eating!