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Yet More Gardening

When Flyfour and I started working on our garden, around the start of lockdown, I came to understand that gardening is a long old job and realised that rather like losing weight, a little each week makes it easier in the long term and more likely that I'd keep up with the chores. So I've been weeding a little bit every day, I've been snipping bits here and there and mostly remembering to water the plants, especially on the hot days.This last weekend though, I had a plan. I asked Flyfour to go to a local garden centre with me so that I could buy some plants to fill the bed beneath our plum and pear tree. I really wanted to buy the same plants so that I could recreate the bed between the apple and pear tree as I love the way it looks.Only, the plants I wanted weren't available at a price I wanted to pay.

A Week Of Service

This last week whilst the children have been on Virtual Camp, they have focussed on three areas of Service and because I was sort of involved in the camp (I ran a couple of lessons on social media) and of course because the children got me involved in their service projects during the week (because I'm their main mode of transport!) I've been focusing on Service too.
The three areas that the children were to focus on were Service for Family, Service for the Community and Service for the Ward (parish). Top Ender and Dan Jon were full of ideas, mainly because they are both doing some form of service every week, and the lockdown hasn't stopped that, and of course, because service is something we discuss a lot at home.

That quote above is one of my favourite quotes, it reminds me that when I'm serving others, lifting them, that it's me who is being lifted really.

What We Are Eating W/C 8th August 2020

I've been feeling super organised recently, I've managed to get some blog posts out of my head and into writing (you can see that by looking over the most recent posts!), I've managed to get my podcast launched (Yay!) and even been reading, crafting and creating at home. I'm back to work for a few days this week, but excited because I've kinda missed it!
Here's what we are eating this week.

Rare and Vintage - That's Me!

A few weeks back, the General Young Women Presidency of the Chuch I am a part of asked the Young Women to participate in a unique way to celebrate that the Young Women's organisation is 150 years old this coming November, by taking part in an activity related to the number 150.
I'll post in the next week or so about the 150 acts of service that I undertook (150 compliments were given, it was fun!), but today I'm posting about part of the 150 activity our Stake Young Women's Presidency undertook and how they may have accidentally given me the greatest way to describe myself ever!
The Stake Young Women's Presidency decided for their 150 acts to write to each young woman in the Stake and send them some chocolate. I would have shown you a picture of what Top Ender received, but she ate it before I'd even got home from work so I have no idea what it looked like, only that it was tasty and she didn't share with anyone, not even Flyfour. I can share a photo of my ba…

My New Podcast - Coming Soon!

For a couple of years now I've been wanting to start a Podcast. I've had ideas of what it could be about, what I would chat about, what I would call it, what I would ask guests that I would have join me and I even recorded a pilot episode or two, ready to get my friends and family to listen to and give some feedback.
The last time that I was really serious, roughly a year ago, and had almost everything in place I then foolishly went and got a job and that put an end to that version of the dream. A weekly hour-long podcast wasn't something that I had the time for along with my calling, my volunteering, my job, my family and the other hundred or so things I seem to squeeze into a week.
Then over lockdown, I was bitten by the bug again, but it wasn't until someone unconnected to me said something that I realised I had to do this.

Summer Time = Me Time

Just before the Summer holidays started, I sat down and wrote a list of things that I wanted to do whilst I was off work. In the end, I had sixteen different things on my list, some were small daily things, some were big summer projects, some exercised my brain, some were to relax me, some were to make things better in my home, some were to allow me to be creative... basically they were all about me and in no way am I going to apologise for that!
The only problem was, the first day I had off I couldn't concentrate at home on relaxing and taking time out for me because I knew there was a massive project at work that needed to be completed before September and I didn't think I would have enough time to do it on the few days I'd be in work over the Summer.

Camp T-Shirt's And Service

As with most things, Church camp was cancelled for this Summer because of Covid-19. The powers that be worked hard, however, to create an online camp for our area where the main focus will be on the youth performing acts of service in their local area and after a little bribery (I suggested if they tried hard to enjoy themselves, I'd pay them to participate) my children agreed to take part. So, when Bishop emailed to say he had a huge delivery of t-shirts and was hoping we'd be able to pick them up before camp started, I emailed back with a time I hoped was suitable for me to collect shirts for my children and offered to collect the t-shirts for the youth aged children of a couple of friends who live nearby.
Somehow, when I got to Bishop's home, this had snowballed into me taking all the t-shirts for the youth that live my side of the town and a thirty-minute errand, was suddenly a two-hour errand. It was an act of service to deliver them to those around me, one which I was…

Marginal Gains

I love to play Pikmin 3 on our Wii U and can often be found sitting in the den trying to reach the Platinum level on the various levels found in the Collect Treasure mode. I'm not going to say I'm the world's best player, in fact probably quite far away from it, but I'm good enough and I try to improve as much as I can by testing out different orders of collecting the fruit and killing and collecting the creatures that try to eat the Pikmin.
The way I like to play is to get good at a level, like really good at the level, knowing little things and the orders to do things that mean I shave a second or two off my time and then once I think I've got the fastest possible route, I check attempts on Youtube and sometimes I see something that they have done that means I can shave another second or two off my time all in the pursuit of my ultimate goal, getting the platinum award. It's these small marginal gains that improve my performance and for me, it increases my enj…

What We're Eating W/C 1st August 2020

Another week is gone, and yet we have another week of meal plans and another week of feeling like this year is speeding by at twice the normal speed but also taking four times as long to move through. It's almost like the entire world is walking through Treacle, but at the same time skiing downhill. Luckily we can make life feel a little longer, by taking the time to stop and smell the roses, to be mindful of the little moments that make the week special, to take time out to do something special and most importantly with all the alarms turned off!

Top Ender's Job Interview

This last week Top Ender went for a job interview.
Yeah, I almost can't believe it either.
We'd spoken about her getting a job a while back, but had decided that we wanted her to focus on her studies, and seeing as her Dad and I pay for almost everything she wants and needs and give her a little bit of an allowance too, there was no pressing need for her to get a job.

A Visit To *The* British Lawnmower Museum

Last September we visited the British Lawnmower Museum in Southport. 
I can't believe that I haven't written about our visit already because it seriously was one of the best Museums I've ever been to and this is coming from someone who is planning a return trip to Amsterdam because she fell in love with the Nemo Science Museum, which is another blog post I probably should write soon...
Anyway. The British Lawnmower Museum.

We're All In This Together

I'm a solitary person by nature, I mean don't get me wrong, people are nice but I like to be alone. I like to have time to do things at my own pace, to potter about and eat when I want and do what I want when I want not having to answer to anyone. I think that I could quite easily live alone and actually, this lockdown period has proved to me that I can make my own amusement, that I don't actually need to go out (apart from to the shop to buy food or pick up medication) and that a walk a day really does make me sleep better each night.
I could live in that cabin in the woods with the internet and craft supplies and books and the opportunity to go hiking every day without seeing a soul other than my family. In fact, at times I could also probably cope without my family too...

And yet.

You Decide

One of the worst things anyone can ever say to me is "You decide", which is exactly what someone said to me last month after I'd given them three different poster designs to choose from. If another person hadn't voiced their opinion (which I then rapidly agreed with) then I'd probably still be trying to decide today over a month later.
I don't make decisions.
Well, that isn't quite true. There are times when I need to make choices and I do that by either following a gut instinct, researching something within an inch of my sanity, working out what is the most logical and rational choice and taking that or buying what my Mum says.
Not making decisions is actually really easy.

Talented Top Ender

Lockdown has been amazing for our family because Top Ender has discovered that she is a natural at baking and seeing as in our home we tend to bake using gluten-free flour, no eggs and no dairy it can be hard to get a rise or to make something that tastes good or something that doesn't fall apart as soon as you look at it! Flyfour and I are a little jealous if we're perfectly honest, but as long as Top Ender keeps baking we aren't going to complain. It's hard to complain when you're mouth is filled with a delicious moist brownie! This last week, however, Top Ender did something so amazing that I had to share it to A Showoff and B so I'll remember in the future just how amazing Top Ender is.

On my official last day of work before some time off for the Summer, I mentioned to Top Ender as I left for work that I didn't have any lunch packed. I wasn't planning on eating lunch because we were having a Chinese for our evening meal and I was kinda hoping to gorg…

What We're Eating W/C 25th July 2020

Finally, I've finished work for a week or two, so I get to hang out at home... apart from I'm going to go in to work this coming week for a few hours as there is so much to do and I don't want the other person who is helping me to do all the work because I haven't! I really don't mind, however, because I really enjoy my job! For the most part, I can do it without needing help and whilst I'm not saying I'm the worlds best, I'm actually kinda great at it!

Anyway, here's what we're eating this week!

What We Are Eating W/C 18th July 2020

I think I'm not the only one feeling a little like it's the end of everything at the minute, and I think that my meal plan for this week reflects that, you'll see there are a lot of "comfort food" dishes on the menu, things that I associate with being safe and happy.
In part, I think this ending feeling is because the children finished going to school for the current school year yesterday, partly it is because I've had a bit of a revelation in the last couple of weeks and it's also because I've reached a few milestones this last week with regards to my working life and made a few choices which could potentially be the death of me! I'll explain more in the future once I've digested it all.
Anyway, here's what we're eating this week and here's a picture of two beautiful bouquets of flowers I was given from a staff member and a student and her Mum. I was very spoilt!

What We Are Eating W/C 11th July 2020

This is the last week of school, which is weird because obviously for so many children up and down the country they haven't been at school for ages because of the lockdown. It's not the last week of school for me though, because I get to work for a few more days over the next few weeks, but I'm going to make sure that I do get a break somewhere. I think maybe sitting in bed and not doing anything is the way to go forward!

The Sacrament

Before Lockdown when I would go to Chuch on the Sabbath day I, along with the other congregants, would partake of the Sacrament. The Sacrament is what most people would think of if I said the Eucharist, a ceremony commemorating the Last Supper, in which bread and wine are consecrated and consumed. At the Church I go to, we consecrate and then consume bread and water as we don't drink alcohol and whilst we partake of it we do so remembering when Jesus said that the bread was his body and the water his blood.
Partaking of the Sacrament is a really big thing, it's really important and I don't think that before lockdown I really appreciated how important it was to me personally. Whilst I partake of the Sacrament I remember the Atonement and think about how I'm renewing the covenants I have made and as I sit there in the relative silence, I spend time thinking about what I've done in the last week that maybe wasn't quite in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

What We're Eating W/C 4th July 2020

I'm sure that time is playing tricks on us at the moment and running faster and faster each day, as here we are four days into July and it's almost been a year since I got a job and well, there is just a lot that seems to be happening everywhere I turn.
Anyway, here's what we are eating this week for our evening meals and hopefully Tops will be making some lovely more puddings for us or for me to take to work to share with my colleagues!

What We Are Eating W/C 27th June 2020

The last week has gone so fast, I'm sure that I just blinked and it was the weekend again. Still, I've spent most of Saturday doing nothing (which was exactly what I wanted to do!) and will have a very Spiritual Sunday (again, it's what I'm wanting to do!) and plan on sitting in the garden eating marshmallows if the weather allows, so hopefully this next week will at least not be over before I blink!

Anyway, it's now late and I need to write this quickly so excuse the no chat today!
Saturday - Whatever we have at home!Sunday - Something from Costco (Flyfour is in charge!) Monday - Poor Man's Pasta Tuesday - Dirty Wedges Wednesday - Soup and Rolls Thursday - Sausage Pie Friday - Meatballs and Mash
So there we go, meals for the week, that the children will eat, are fairly quick to do and won't mean I'm craving a takeaway like I have all of this week!

Main Meals W/C 20th June 2020

Oh, what a week. I am in such a joyous mood that I think I may spontaneously burst because I can't contain the joy. Honestly, I look like a quokka! I think in part it is because I've had a fabulous week at work with some staff that I haven't seen for a while, partly because I was so incredibly cheeky at work this week and partly because there is SUNSHINE COMING.
Here's what we're eating this week!

I Don't Believe In Coincidences

I don't believe in coincidences.

I mean, don't get me wrong I believe that sometimes there are things that happen, that you may call coincidences, but for me. Well, for me, something that seems like a coincidence is more like a sign or God pointing out to me the path I need to be going down. Like the time I found a Frozen costume in my size in Asda for a reduced price and it was the only one.
Coincidence or perfect for me?

Watching Bond

A few weeks back, I read something that made me think. I can't specifically remember what it was that I read, but basically, I realised that sometimes I'm a crappy wife to Flyfour and so I vowed to do better.
How could I do this?
Well, something that I thought was to show an interest in something that he found interesting that I didn't.
Like Bond.

The Life Skill Of Baking

Over the last few weeks, Top Ender has taken an interest in baking. It started off that she was baking with Flyfour and then she started wanting to bake on her own and we let her because she had so little to do during the lockdown that would stretch her, seeing as how her GCSE's were cancelled and all she really has to do is watch a few films and read a few books in preparation for her A-Levels, that we figured learning some life skills was a good thing!
The problem is, well it turns out she's rather good.

The One Where I Realise My Thyroid Medication is Working

I've been sitting here for a little over an hour, trying to work out how to get the words in my head out on to this page. Every time I grab at a thought it swims away, meaning that I'm chasing thoughts that don't want to be articulated at this exact moment, leaving me feeling vacuous.
I don't like feeling vacuous.
I felt like this every minute of every day for at least three years (but possibly this has been an issue for over ten years) before I was given medication for a Thyroid issue about eight months ago. I hadn't noticed, that fog had slowly drifted into my mind, clouding not only my thoughts and hampering my ability to think, but had woven its way into all aspects of my health and life and so slowly that I didn't know that it was happening, didn't notice the small subtle changes that built upon each other until they slowly stopped and I could think again.

Main Meals W/C 13th June 2020

Our meals this week were written whilst I was sitting in the garden, in my PJ's waiting for the rest of the family to wake up. Luckily Flyfour was awake first so I had someone to run some ideas past! We're planning on the children cooking a lot more, just because it gives them good life skills not because I'm giving up cooking for everyone or getting super lazy in my old age!
Anyway, here's what we're planning on eating.

A Delivery Spy Robot!

Saturday evening, Flyfour and I were thinking of going out to gather some snacks from Waitrose, as when we'd been shopping earlier that day, we'd done the very clever thing of only getting the food we'd need for the week and completely forgetting that several times a week we go to our snack cupboard to get something and there wouldn't be anything as the cupboard was almost bare!
As it had been raining on and off during the day, Flyfour opened the curtains to check before we made a run to the car, when he let out a giggle and said we were being watched. I rushed to the window and sure enough, there was something staring straight at our living room window.

What We Are Eating W/C 6th June 2020

Another week over with. I've been back at work full time (well almost, I get an hour "off" every evening), I've walked to work every day and even managed to read a book, do some family history and yes I'm still suffering from a bad back so I haven't been able to do much gardening, but you can't have everything right? Doesn't matter though because my driveway still looks great!

Here's what we're eating this week.

Walking To Work

When I got my Receptionist job at the local secondary school, part of my plan was that I would walk to work. The school is just under a mile away if you use the shortcuts and well, it's the healthy option isn't it? Not just for me, but for the environment and my wallet!
That isn't the way it worked out however.

No, come my first day I drove. And my second. And third and fourth and fifth and before I knew it I was giving the children a lift to school every day and whilst Dan Jon walked home every night, I was also giving lifts home to Top Ender for the majority of the week.

Reading My Cares Away

During the lockdown, I've remembered that I love to read. Well, that's not true, I didn't forget that I love to read, but I forgot that I love to devour books. I read at a lightning speed, immersing myself in a world, getting totally wrapped up in the characters and the plot and then BAM the book is over and I'm bereft of all that I held dear for the last couple of days. So I start a new book, with a new world and new characters to fall in love with and the cycle continues.
As a child, I would constantly be reading, my nose forever in a book and the greatest gift that could be given to me were WH Smith book tokens. The ability to wander amongst the books, touching the spines, reading the blurbs and spending what I considered a fortune on something indulgent, hardback books, make up some of my best memories.

A Low Maintenance Garden

One thing that I've realised with all my gardening over the last ten weeks or so (it was a complete coincidence that lockdown started about then too, we were planning on doing the garden this Spring and Summer!) is that it's one of the most grown-up things that I do. Whilst I may want to colour the inside of my home like a children's paintbox with bright colours and funky shapes, the garden sees a more mature Pippa emerge.
I'm going to blame my Nan for this grown-up taste, after all it was at her feet that I learnt how to care for plants, what seems like a bazillion plant names and even had gifted to me my favourite and nicest stoneware plant pots. What I don't know, or more likely don't remember, is easily fixed with a quick google, which why I was found researching Lavender a few days back and checking if it was a low maintenance plant or not.

A Family Night In... But Out!

If you know me in real life or have read my blog for any length of time, something that should be quite obvious to you is that I like hanging out with my family. It might be that we play a game together or go for a walk, or bake or just eat a meal together but as long as we are hanging out together I'm quite happy.
A few weeks back now, Top Ender and I were talking about planning a day off from our usual chores and responsibilities in lockdown. It would be a day to hang out and do nothing other than what we wanted and it slowly progressed into an idea to spend the day in the garden, in the sun enjoying reading and watching movies on our tablets or laptops, listening to music and just being at one.
The plan for the day ended with us having a BBQ and watching a film on Top Ender's projector, which suited me fine. Although I didn't want to clean our Big BBQ, so I cheated and purchased one of those small disposable ones instead!

The Slob And The Delivery Driver

Last week, I decided to have a day off. I was already not scheduled to work, and as it was half term I figured I could stay at home, lay about in the sun, read and snooze and just relax. As part of the aim was to get a suntan, I threw on my short leggings and a tank top. Two items of clothing that are normally underneath things which are a little too short. Basically, what I am saying is there was nothing to contain my bingo wings or stomach flab in and I looked an absolute mess, a slob if you will.
I didn't expect to see anyone other than the immediate family and well, I don't care if they see me looking like a slob as two of them have lived in their PJ's for the last few weeks and the other was out at work and again wouldn't care if I was dressed in a ball gown, in a moth-eaten jumper or anything in between because he loves me.
Sickening isn't it.

Sunrise And The Love Of God

A few nights back, Dan Jon's blood sugars decided to have a little party. They couldn't decide if they were up or down, and when they went down, for some unknown reason they decided to stay down for extended periods of time, meaning every thirty minutes or so I was woken up by the Klaxon on my phone alerting me to the fact that Dan Jon's blood sugars had dropped. I would trundle to his bedroom, still half asleep, to test his blood sugars whilst he, and the rest of the house, slept contentedly through the beeps of our phones.

By three am, I was very sleepy and whilst I wasn't jealous of Dan Jon's ability to sleep through the prodding and beeping, I was starting to resent that I wasn't in my bed sleeping soundly. Then around 4:30am, whilst I was waiting for Dan Jon to chew up some quick release sugar tablets, I realised that through the crack in his curtains I could see the start of a beautiful sunrise.

What We Are Eating W/C 30th May 2020

We're almost at the end of the month, and I don't know about you but I think it has been one of the nicest Mays I remember. It's not just been the weather or even the extra family time. For me, it's been a month of discovery both of skills, (I've done some great artwork) new hobbies (Gardening) and leg muscles. I have some seriously great calves at the moment thanks to the two-mile daily walks Flyfour and I have been going on!
Anyway, here's what we're eating this week!

Are All Gardeners Sadistic Cultists?

As I was slaving away in the garden, weeding one of the raised beds on the lawn a curious thought popped into my head that gardeners are A a bit sadistic, B Part of some kind of Cult.
Start gardening Pippa, you'll enjoy it Pippa, you'll get out in the fresh air and get some exercise Pippa.Join us Pippa.

Indulging In Life

During the week I spoke with a friend who had a few days off work and was planning an indulgent staycation. We ended up chatting about small things that people can do to make a few days off into something special, something to look forward to, to think back on fondly and to make the most of the space they are in.
We talked about putting clean sheets on the bed, and clearing off the nightstand and even the pile of clothing from the floor and just making the bedroom a sanctuary, somewhere to relax and be peaceful. We talked about lighting candles and favourite scents and even breaking out the "good" PJ's, you know the ones I mean! 
We talked about long luxurious baths and watching and rewatching favourite TV Shows and films and eating popcorn and snacks or maybe going to bed early and relaxing and reading until the small hours and then sleeping in the next morning until they were ready to get up.
We talked about eating ice cream before a meal, or maybe even instead of a meal!

I'm The Sidekick!

Whilst we were out for our regular nightly walk around our neighbourhood, I had the sudden realisation that I'm the sidekick in a lot of peoples stories and blurted out to the family. 
"I'm the sidekick!"
They, obviously, looked at me slightly confused because they had been having a discussion about something that was nothing to do with sidekicks, so I started explaining my train of thought. I told them that I'd been thinking about some things that had happened over the last few weeks, which got me thinking to things over the last few years and almost everything I have done has been to help others.

The Small Things Are The Big Things

Before a recent Ward Council (held online) I had been asked to share the Spiritual Thought for the meeting and as usual, despite thinking on it for several hours, I had nothing to share. I bemoaned to Flyfour that I'd been asked and couldn't think of anything suitable to share. I didn't want to share banal platitudes, I didn't want to share a recent Spiritual experience I'd had as it was too personal and well, my recent Scripture readings hadn't given me any great insight into anything.
Or so I thought.

Main Meals W/C 23rd May 2020

It's almost the end of May, and I don't know about you but I feel that this month went very fast! I don't mind, as we've had some lovely weather (and I've been able to enjoy it as I've only been working part-time) and for us personally we've had a fair bit of celebration too, so it's always nice to have that to remember back on.
So what are we eating?!

What We Are Eating W/C 16th May 2020

I swear that everything is speeding up these days, I don't know if it is because all the days seem the same in lockdown, or if it is because of my age, or even if it is because the world really is speeding up. All I do know is that I don't actually mind that much, but if the world could slow down a little, it might allow me to catch up with some housework!

Well, whilst the world is hopefully going a little slower this weekend, here is what we are eating!

Happy Birthday Dan Jon!

Dan Jon Jr turned 12 today and thanks to the lockdown and us not having spent as much money on takeaways, snacks, last-minute top-up shops and the like, we had a bit of spare cash and finding a bargain of a deal Dan Jon got a very expensive Birthday gift of an Oculus Quest.

Luckily Dan Jon is fully aware that this is a one-off and that he won't be getting anything that expensive again (as a side note, it's made Flyfour and I look very carefully at how much we spend on snacks!) and is also very pleased that he is able to share it with the family a little too. I mean even I've had a go, it's very clever but I'm not sure I'll be spending a lot of time in a VR world!
Dan Jon is honestly so fantastic.

What We Are Eating W/C 9th May 2020

I may have accidentally written this menu plan, whilst watching half a season of Community on Netflix. Okay, so it wasn't an accident, but it did mean that this blog post took me AGES to write and I may have been laughing like a drain the entire time and also I'm not sure what meals I planned so I'm just hoping that I've written the extra ingredients down on my Whatsapp notes properly or I've got some surprises this week when I do try to make the meals we have planned!

What We Are Eating W/C 1st May 2020

It's May already! I almost can't believe it, but today is my birthday and heck yeah it's going to be a good year. I think that I'm rather lucky to be experiencing a birthday in lockdown, as it means I'm safe, my family are safe and what a great meal out we'll be having when we can get together!
Plus, and this is deadly serious, how many times would you pay for being told to stay at home on your birthday? To not spend unnecessary money, to not have people spend unnecessary money on you? To not overeat or in some cases overdrink, to be with the people you love (if you're lucky enough to be in lockdown with them that is) doing some of the things that you love and being able to spend time and plan? I think I'd do that every year if I could.

A Birthday In Lockdown

It's nearly my birthday, and I've been joking that I'll spend the day hanging out with my family, playing games, watching TV, reading and eating a home-cooked meal, just like every other day in lockdown.
The thing is, I'm actually quite excited about experiencing my birthday under lockdown. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, right? I want to make the most of it. I want to do something special, something that I will always be able to look back on and say "Oh yes! The year I turned 41 was amazing, do you remember the fun we had celebrating whilst in lockdown?!"

What We Are Eating W/C 25th April 2020

Flyfour and I were talking about small changes we will be making to our lifestyle once the lockdown is lifted. How we are going to try not to rely on Takeaways so often, how we are going to try to go shopping once every couple of weeks, how we are going to keep the snack cupboard stocked with snacks, how we are going to allow ourselves to drink the sodas we want to, or the flavoured water or the "expensive" brand of squash and if we carry on as we have been whilst in lockdown all whilst spending less money too!
With that in mind, here is what we are doing for our main meals this week.

What We Are Eating W/C 18th April 2020

It's already midway through April, and as I'm writing this the UK Government have just said that our lockdown will be extended for another three weeks. I know it is hard, but I am so grateful to people who are following the rules because it means that people like my Mum and my in-laws are kept safe and honestly that is the most important thing to me right now.
Our meal plans for the week are based upon what we have in the freezer, fridge and cupboard although I do need to go out to get Fishfingers as I had a sudden craving for them and I blame my Mum as she reminded me of them!

Late Night Walks

Before the lockdown was put in place, Flyfour and I would fairly often go for walks in our local neighbourhood or at one of the local Supermarkets. We'd always ask the children if they wanted to come with us, but normally they'd have an excuse as to why they couldn't come and if I'm being honest we didn't mind that they didn't come because we'd spend the time talking together about everything and anything and if we were at the Supermarket buying snacks for us to share.

And then the lockdown happened.

The Last Cookie

So, I felt a bit hungry as I had eaten breakfast several hours before this story takes place and I did the normal thing, I went downstairs to get a snack. I was hanging out in my bedroom doing some secret crafting for Dan Jon's birthday and just enjoying everything being quiet because the children were awake and up, but not really doing anything out of their rooms, which is fine because technically it is the Easter break and all they need to worry about each day is getting up and having some fun.

To find a snack, I first I stood in front of the open fridge and freezer, there was nothing but frozen vegetables and leftovers and whilst the Lamb hotpot was nice, this wasn't a lamb hotpot snack kind of moment.
So, I went to the pantry, where the "good" snacks live.

I ignored Dan Jon's Cherry Bakewells which he doesn't actually know about because I haven't shared the fact that they are his with him just yet. Look, they are my favourite too and I might want to have…

Easter Sunday

I have no idea if I would have been asked to speak at our Easter Sunday Sacrament service this year.
I'd like to think I would have been asked (and not just because I was reminding my ward leaders to check with our Stake leaders about moving our traditional monthly fast so it wouldn't coincide with Easter Sunday or because I have complained rather loudly when in previous years the talks didn't focus on the Saviour on this important day) as I have a lot that I would like to say.
As I can't say it in person, however, I'll share it here.