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Family Fun List

Daddy and I have a wish list of things that we would like to do with Top Ender and Big Boy before they are too big to appreciate the magic in everyday life. As this blog is a record of the fun things that we do as a family, we thought that you might like a list of the Family Fun we want to get up to. We will keep adding to this list as we think of things that would be fun or as Top Ender and Big Boy come up with suggestions as they grow, if you have an idea for us feel free to suggest it! 1.) Go in a Helicopter 2.) Go Camping in every county in England 3.) Read the Top 100 Children's Books together 4.) Watch a Sunrise and a Sunset in one day 5.) Go to Disney Land and meet our favourite characters 6.) Be a voice in a cartoon 7.) Take a Family Portrait 8.) Ride on a Steam Train 9.)  Go to a Movie Premier 10.) Enter a conker competition 11.) Go to a Beach Party 12.) Go Dog Racing 13.) See how a film is made 14.) See where some of our favourite films were filmed 15.)  Go to an Out

All About Us

A Mothers Ramblings is the true story of an ordinary British family that like to have fun with everything they do.  They don't mean to be funny, but quite often find themselves having conversations or in situations that wouldn't be out of place in a Classic British sitcom. The blog is written by Mummy AKA PippaD . Pippa is not your typical British Mummy Blogger although she does cook, clean, garden, play with her children and write this blog! Pippa is well known for her creative lunches, for asking very random questions and her love of having fun and Dr Pepper. If she isn't on a fun day out with her Family, then you will find her at home playing with her children, exercising whilst trying to watch Neighbours or trying to sort out the junk drawer. You can also find her at Pippa World where she is blogging about her weight loss journey and random thoughts that pop in her head. Daddy is the head of the household and every so often on Twitter where he is known as Flyf

Work With Me

As you can see, this is a family blog and we do on occasion review products, services and what-cha-ma-call-it's, so if you are a PR and would like to talk to me about something you think we'd love get in touch either via  email . We don't publish press releases, but we might mention your competition on our Facebook page and whilst we do sometimes accept sponsored posts the links in them are normally non follow and we do not accept paid links. If you email and ask, I'll send you over my Media Pack, which contains all the facts and figures for this blog (things like Unique Page Views and number of followers etc) and my rates for various things. We love having fun as a family, and experiencing things together so if you are inviting me on a cruise or want to send me to America, please remember I like the rest of my little family to come too... I am a regular guest on Radio shows as a trusted authority on parenting matters, social media, blogging and religion and I a

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I wish this was a delightful page about all the cookies that I make but instead it's about little bits of information that through the magic of the internet makes it way from my website to your computer. If you want to read a proper description of what a HTTP Cookie is click that link and it will take you to Wikipedia where some clever people have explained it so that even I can understand it. Anyway, because the EU like to make sure that everyone has their own privacy protected they have made a new law that says I have to tell you that I use cookies on my website. It's true I do, I use them in Google Analytics which helps me know who reads what on my blog, using what device and where they are from in the world. This helps me to know things like more people come to read my Barbie film reviews than anything else, which I'm not so sure is a good thing and also that the majority of people who read this blog are from the UK but that there are some readers in Peru (¡Hola!),


If you clicked on a link in a post you were reading and ended up here this is because the post you were on had me compensated in some way. It might have been that I kept the product I was reviewing, that I was paid a fee to post or that I received goods, services or a discount. What you need to know though is that no matter what I am paid, or what I am given it does not change my opinion on the product or experience. This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact  PippaD . This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. This blog abides by word of mouth marketing standards. We believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content. The owner(s) of this blog is compensat

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Hello Everybody! Everyone likes to get emails and so if you have any reason to contact me please do by sending an  email .<- That's an email link in case you couldn't tell! I will happily talk about Advertising, Sponsored Posts, Reviews, Competitions, Working with Brands, Judging Competitions or appearing on your TV or Radio Show... although really you should be reading my  work with me  page! Then again you might want to talk to me about my secret dumpling recipe, adding more fun into the things you do with your family, my lunch box ideas, one of my other blogs or why I love Dr Pepper. You can always talk to me on  Twitter , or on  Facebook  and if you are really wanting to know about my secret dumpling recipe or adding more fun to your family life then you might consider taking a look my boards on  Pinterest  too.

Facts about Top Ender

*Born January *Favourite Colour: Pink and Purple *Favourite Popstar: Taylor Swift *Favourite Food: Lasagne *Favourite Chocolate: Terrys Chocolate Orange or Double Deckers *Favourite Toy: Daisy the Rabbit unless my Mobile Phone counts as a toy! *Favourite Book: The Selection or anything YA Fiction *Favourite TV Programme: The Good Place or Grand Designs *Most often seen wearing: A hoodie

Facts about Dan Jon Jr

*Born in May *Favourite Colour: Cyan *Favourite Music: Benny Andersson Orchestra or music by Parry Gripp *Favourite Food: Toad in the Hole, Macaroni Cheese, any pudding and Veggie Fish Fingers. *Favourite Chocolate: Kit Kat Chunky. *Favourite Toy: The DS, the Wii, the Wii U, the XBox360, the XBox One, the PS3 or Lego! *Favourite Book: The Famous Five by Enid Blyton (or anything like that!). *Favourite TV Programme: What's TV? Do you mean Youtube Channel? *Most often seen wearing: Tracksuit bottoms, even though his Mum hates them!

Facts about PippaD

*Born May 2nd sometime in the late 1970's *Favourite Colour: Red *Favourite Popstar: I don't have one :o( *Favourite Food: Chicken and Egg Fried Rice *Favourite Chocolate: Giant Buttons *Favourite Toy: The Alexa or Google Home *Favourite Book: Sophies World *Favourite TV Programme: Grey's Anatomy or whatever is on my Netflix list *Most often see wearing: A Smile!

Facts about Flyfour

*Born January 17th sometime in the late 1970's *Favourite Colour: Blue *Favourite Popstar: Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud *Favourite Food: Chicken Curry, Nando's or something from Tortilla! *Favourite Chocolate: Terrys Chocolate Orange *Favourite Toy: Any Gadget *Favourite Book: One Mummy hasn't taken off me and read ahead in *Favourite TV Programme: The Simpsons *Most often see wearing: Posh Shirts and Trousers