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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

When I got my job as a Receptionist, I was ecstatic.
I really mean it, I was so chuffed to be offered the position because I didn't think I was going to be able to find a job that would play to my strengths, I didn't know that I was going to be any good and I felt that I had tricked the people interviewing me into giving me the job because there was no way that I was actually qualified for doing the position... despite my oodles of experience as stated on my application form.
I'm sure the two, what I assume at least as I've never seen them, kickass letters of recommendation from the head at the Primary school I was a governor and volunteer at and my Bishop (because all the other companies I'd worked for in the past no longer existed or the people who knew me had moved on) wrote for me also helped.
Over the next few weeks and months, as I slowly learnt the job and my way of doing it I found out that I really enjoyed the job. I wasn't too bad at it and I could see m…


Something that I like to do each Sabbath day is read over the notes I make during Sacrament meetings. Sometimes I find a specific speaker or a talk that I've been thinking about, or a subject that I've been drawn to over the last week or two, other times I just flick through and see what drawing or word art jumps out at me.I found a talk from around a year ago, where a former Bishop of my ward had shared some thoughts he'd been having about small changes, based upon some observations he had made about machinery and it put me in mind of what is happening at the moment in my own life.

What We Are Eating This Week! W/C 19th Sept 2020

A quick one, just before midnight because I'll forget what's for our evening meals this week if I don't!

Saturday - Meatloaf (yes I forgot to get the mince out yesterday!)Sunday - Pork ChopsMonday - Fish Finger Sandwiches
Tuesday - Pasta!Wednesday - ToastiesThursday - SalmonFriday - Sausages and Mash

I Finally Feel Like Myself Again

Last Friday I finally felt like myself. I know what a starter eh? The truth is during the lockdown and the summer holidays I got a little lazy and well a little lonely. At work, I got a little used to only working half a job and I got used to an easy pace. It wasn't that I wasn't working hard, heaven knows I kept busy with things that I could do, and things that needed to be done even without the children in school, but everything was just easier without visitors each day and without telephone calls every few minutes.I got used to not going to Brownies and Rainbows and used to not seeing the girls each week. I even started to think that maybe I should give up volunteering as there wasn' really anything that I was getting out of it, there wasn't anything the girls were getting out of it.I got used to not going to Church, I got used to not going to Youth nights and hanging out with the Young Women other than via WhatsApp messages and the occasional zoom meeting and postca…

Lying To Dan Jon And Myself

For our last Summer "Hurrah", the family and I went to the Harvester to have a meal out. We had a great time, we enjoyed our food and the company but decided to go to a local supermarket to get dessert because the meal out had already cost enough and there wasn't much for those who were dairy intolerant or coeliac. Top Ender and I headed to the doughnuts, which is what we'd been thinking about and Dan Jon and Flyfour headed off to the ice-cream which is what they'd been thinking of.
Everyone got something that they were happy with and we headed to the checkout and then home.
Once we were home, Dan Jon asked if I would help him serve up his ice-cream and that's where the trouble started.

Am I Wrong In Exposing My Children?!

At some point, Flyfour heard Gary Barlow singing "One more year in Yorkshire" on the radio and played it to the children and I. The time I most clearly remember it being played was whilst we were in a traffic jam in Ireland and the whole family were singing along. The song is amazing, it is and I'm pretty sure always will be, one of my favourites from all musicals and personally I think it is one of the cleverest openings to a musical, in this case, it's the opening to "Calendar Girls The Musical".
Not too long after our trip to Ireland, Flyfour found that the musical was coming to Northampton, which is just up the road from us here in Milton Keynes and we decided that we would totally be going and so purchased four tickets. We joked on Facebook before we went into the theatre that we were sure we were going to be the youngest people there, but we didn't realise that we really were going to be the youngest people there!

A Sort Of Modern Ten Virgins Parable

Last year, one of my cousins invited me to a party she was having. I was excited to go because I love my cousin, (True fact: I love all my cousins) and I wanted to celebrate with her, so even though my cousin lives in what I would call, the middle of nowhere and I wouldn't have Flyfour with me to drive or navigate (he was going away for work) it was on the calendar.
It was a great evening, full of fun and on the way home roughly thirty minutes into our journey, my car decided to tell me that it was really needing some petrol, and as it was a fairly new to me car, I wasn't sure if I was going to get to a Petrol station before the car ran out of fuel and I'd end up in the middle of nowhere, with nobody around to rescue us and we might freak out a little.
Luckily I was using google maps and was directed to a petrol station, about 15 minutes away, but when I got there it was CLOSED! I redirected to the next nearest Petrol Station, another 15 minutes or so on from the detour we&…

What We Are Eating W/C 12th September 2020

It's been one of those weeks where it seemed like it was all going wrong, and then it didn't. Instead, it became awsome, it became the kind of week that we all dream about having, where surprises came and rewards were given and opportunities presented themselves and were there for the taking.Look, it was a really good week and this week coming is going to be just as great.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

When the children were participating in the Stake online FSY/Rise and Reach week, Top Ender let me know that the Stake President was going to be giving the Friday Devotional, because she knows that he is one of my favourite people/speakers and that normally he has something to share which makes me think or puts me in a headspace that allows the Spirit to witness to me. So I gatecrashed his Devotional, not wanting to turn my camera on when he asked the participants because I was already in my PJ's having had a water fight with myself in the garden whilst watering the plants! There was one thing that really stood out to me as something I should ponder on for a bit longer.

The New School Year

It's been a weird summer holiday for us here, not just because it seemed to start in March when Lockdown was declared, but because it was also the first summer that I have worked in the children's' school lives, (outside of the home that is!). As I did work throughout the summer holidays, not every day but enough to make it seem like I was there every week, the start of the new school year has a new meaning to me.It's still the time that I feel that I should be making new year resolutions, it's still a time of new beginnings and new starts and renewal of friendships but it's also a consolidation for me this year. I've seen what I've achieved in the last year and now I have a point to which I can look back to and measure my own improvement and successes against. I can see a path forward, I can see the route that my life is supposed to take, I can see how I'm growing and how I will continue to grow.I'm ready for this year.

What We Are Eating This Week W/C 5th September 2020

I can fast see this blog becoming a once a week update of my meal plans. I have been concentrating so much on my podcast About Ten Minutes With PippaD that I just haven't been able to keep up with blogging and my job and keeping the house clean and tidy... Maybe I'll give up on that last one!Anyway, here is what we are eating this week and I promise to do better at sharing my thoughts and ideas here as well as my on weekly podcast!