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Top Ender tells the truth, even under pressure!

Top Ender was one of the last out of her classroom this evening and told me that Teacher wanted to have a word with me. The last time Teacher wanted to have a word with me was the start of the week where she told me that Top Ender wasn't listening to the Teachers. I asked Top Ender if it was bad news and she grinned at me and said No! Teacher told me that there had been an incident earlier in the day where another child had accused Top Ender of hurting them. When Teacher had gone to Top Ender on this Top Ender had very politely and calmly informed Teacher that she hadn't, Teacher explained that telling the truth was important and Top Ender again calmly said that she hadn't been involved. It eventually came out that the other child had lied for some unnamed reason, but Teacher (and me) were more impressed that Top Ender had remained calm for the half hour she was under suspicion! I am so proud!

Top Ender Giggles - If it smells like a Rose...

Yesterday Top Ender, Baby Boy, Daddy and I went to the hospital so that some tests could be run on Top Ender and Baby Boy due to the just found out risk of a genetic heart defect in my extended family. Whilst we were waiting Top Ender found some play food in the play kitchen and soon was busy making dinner for Daddy, Baby Boy and me. She found several different foods including one we could decide on; it was either a cucumber or a courgette. "I know!" she suddenly exclaimed to the surprise of the Hospital Nursery worker and Daddy. "How's that then?" I asked "Sniff it." With which she did. "Yup doesn't smell like cucumber so must be courgette."

Top Ender Giggles - They make it difficult

Top Ender reported back that during the Morning yesterday she had a vision and hearing test at school. I asked her how it was, was it difficult that sort of thing to which she replied; "No it wasn't too hard. They make it difficult though!" "Do they? How?" "Well when you read the letters on the line they get smaller as they go along!" "Imagine that!" "Yeah and I didn't hear some of the sounds as they were too quiet!" "Well yes that would be a reason for not hearing them" "They should just keep the letters big and the noises loud and then there would be no problem" Well there is a sense in this I suppose!

Top Ender Giggles - Breakfast is da dope!

Daddy reported it back to me last night that when Baby Boy was downstairs with me yesterday morning and he was helping Top Ender to get dressed they were discussing breakfast. "Daddy will you make me breakfast instead of Mummy?" "Sure, whys that though?" "Mummy said she would give me weed for breakfast." "Weed?" "Yes. She has given it to me before when you weren't here" At this point Daddy was a little confused and was trying to work out what on earth she meant as he was pretty sure that I am against drugs and wouldn't be supplying our daughter! He must of looked confused as Top Ender started to elaborate. "She said it was shredded weed" "Shredded weed?" "Yes and she said that cousin likes it too" "Top Ender do you mean Shredded Wheat?" "Oh! Yes wheat"

Baby Boy Giggles - New Wonderbra Advert

Just a quick one liner from Baby Boy. Whilst walking round doing the shopping he was sat in the Trolley and kept telling Daddy "Hiya Dada!" and when he spotted me he decided to shout Hello to me too at the top of his lungs and so he screached "Hello Boobs!" Many amused looks and small titters (Ha!) from other shoppers surrounding us.