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What We Are Eating This Week W/C 28 November

It's Friday night. Big Boy is laying on the sofa softly groaning at his book (he doesn't want to put it in the fridge), Daddy is working out something on the main PC, I'm writing this and Top Ender is enjoying a Turkey and Tinsel weekend with her Guides troop. I'm sad because I think I want to be on a Turkey and Tinsel weekend and exchange gifts! This however is what we are eating this week.

What Is Santa Claus Going To Bring You This Year?

I was having a play on Facebook the other day and came across an app that can tell you what you are going to get from Santa. I paid particular attention because I've been having a hard time coming up with gift ideas this year. Daddy and I have often said that we are of an age now, where if we need something or want something we tend to go out and get it. This is why when my Mother In Law asked for some suggestions of gifts to get me, all I could think of was Socks! Admittedly I do really like socks. So. I clicked the link and was told;

What We Are Eating This Week W/C 21 November

Can you believe it is almost the end of the month already? I honestly can't. I think that this year has gone so fast. I was just thinking earlier this week about something that in my head happened just a couple of months ago... then I remembered it happened January 1st! I swear as I get older everything just merges into one big blob of memory. So this is what we are eating this week! Saturday - Sloppy Joes The other day the children kinda demanded we have Sloppy Joes again soon. There was some vague threat of declining to eat any other meal until they had Sloppy Joes, but the promise of me adding them to the menu soon has encouraged the Children to keep eating!

I'm back, I'm not better than ever and I'm not any more interesting

Long time readers of this blog, or actually come to think of it long time readers of most blogs will understand that there are seasons to things. I'm not talking, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer type of seasons but more the seasons mentioned in Ecclesiastes (do you know how many times I checked the spelling on that?!) Chapter 3 verses 1 through 8 . In case you aren't aware of what that section of the Old Testament says do you remember the song Turn Turn Turn? Well, that's basically the verses put to music. Seeing as how we're all singing it now, I've put in a link to a version online, with the words as I'm nice like that. Right, I hear you all cry. We remember the song (thanks for the ear worm too) but what has that got to do with blogging?  For the last few months for me and my little family it hasn't been the time or season of blogging. Well DUH! I hear you all say, We've been reading, or rather not reading the blog. We already kn

What We Are Eating This Week W/C 14 November

I decided a couple of weeks ago it was better for me to sort out the meal plans in one go, because with me being on a diet (I know, I keep talking about it) I didn't want to be thinking too much about food! This is what we are eating this week! Saturday - Cowboy Casserole I love Cowboy Casserole, because all it is, is Sausages and Beans! I'll serve them with wedges. Or rather Daddy will because I'll be hiding upstairs wishing I could have the meal too. Sunday - Lasagne The Children love Lasagne and are pretty fab at making it too. I'll help the Children put it together before we go out to Church and then all Daddy will have to do is put it in the oven when I give him a quick text to let him know we are on our way. I am almost always late home from Church!

What We Are Eating This Week W/C 7 November

So, my diet of the last week has been pretty successful and I've lost a chunk of weight that I am very happy about! This does mean yet again that I'm not eating the meals that the Children are going to be eating, and thanks to a lovely friend who has been sharing her evening meal ideas for a family of four without going over a budget of £5 per day I've decided to do something similar for the next few weeks by trying to make meals to a smaller budget than I normally work to. Here is what we are eating this week. Saturday - Fish Fingers and Chips This is a really simple meal for a Saturday night and one that the Children and Daddy love. Knowing Daddy he'll serve this with Baked Beans (I would have served it with peas) and hopefully a couple of slices of bread each so the Children and him can make either Fish Finger or Chip Butties! Sunday - Sausages and Mash Yeah, I know. The thing is I'm hoping that if the family have Sausage and Mash I can live vicarious