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Top Ender, Baby Boy and I have been lucky enough to have two awards given to us recently. I have wondered about what to do about them, as I would like to pass them on but this is just a blog about the things Top Ender and Baby Boy say and or do. So I asked Top Ender. "We have had an award on our blog about the funny things you do Top Ender" I said "Is there a cash prize?" asked Top Ender "No, you get a picture to put on the blog." "Oh. No trophy either then?" "No." "Hmm. Better put them on the blog then hadn't you Mummy!" So here they are! Our first ever award came from OMG We're Pregnant! The rules to this award are: Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to 10 other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this

Top Ender Giggles - I'm not that bunged up! Am I?

I have a slight cold, which is causing me to sound slightly bunged up. Whilst walking to school I started the usual spell this word game with Top Ender ; "Can you spell Cat?" "Nope, I can't smell anything other than fresh air!"

Top Ender gets one over on Daddy

"Its my School Trip today Daddy!"enthused Top Ender "No it isn't, its tomorrow" answered Daddy "Mummy told me it was today!" insisted Top Ender "Mummy told me it was tomorrow!" insisted Daddy "Well lets bet then. If it is today you owe me... a doughnut!" offered Top Ender "Hmm" mused Daddy as Top Ender grabbed his hand and started shaking it "Well now we have shaken on it so you have to agree!" Top Ender said gleefully "Okay Top Ender" said a confident Daddy The school trip was today... Daddy is off buying a doughnut

Wordless Wednesday - Splash Down

What happens when Top Ender takes the camera into the paddling pool? Yup, it got dropped in that...

Top Enders loves and lovers

Top Ender and I have been talking about her Invisible Husband. "We are going to get a divorce when I am a teenager, so if I want to get married to a real man, then I won't have an invisible husband to worry about" she stated "That is a sensible idea" I said "Of course if my real husband goes away, my invisible husband will come round" "Will your real husband know about your invisible husband?" I queried "Yes, he will be called my ex-husband-who-sometimes-stays-over" I can't wait for her "real" wedding.

Top Ender Giggles - Tell it like it is, why don't you!

"Why is Fathers Day about spending time with your children and Mothers Day about relaxing without them?" I mused on Fathers Day "Because Dad's like spending time with thier children, unlike you Mummy." answered a straight faced Top Ender

Top Ender Giggles - The most obvious is the answer

Top Enders Granny is a diabetic and will openly inject her insulin or take her blood sugar in front of the Grandchildren so that they are aware of what happens. Today Cousin wanted to have her blood sugar checked which caused Top Ender to want to have a go too. Top Enders levels came back a little high. "Mummy, Granny did my blood!" she enthused "Wow, Top Ender ! Shall I tell you something silly?" I asked "What?" "When ever Granny does it to me I faint!" "Oh" she sounded very disappointed "I will have to take you to the Doctors about this though, okay?" I said "But my finger doesn't hurt now!" she exclaimed "No, it is just we need to make sure that you aren't the same as Granny" "What? Old?"

Top Ender Giggles - Packing a suitcase

Top Ender packed her bag to stay at Granny's. I saw her trying to do the bag up before I got into the room, so I asked her to unpack it. For a one night stay she had pack four dresses, eight pairs of socks, a bell and a hair bobble. "Top Ender?" I questioned "Yes Mummy?" she said with only a slight hesitation "Are you sure this is what you want to take?" "Yes Mummy!" "Top Ender, how many nights are you staying?" "One.." she stuttered "Four dresses and no Pajamas?" "Oh! Will you help me then?"

Top Ender Giggles - New advertising campaign is it?

"Mummy can you get Daddy some Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes?" enquired Top Ender "Pardon Top Ender ?" I answered "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, like in the advert! For fuller body!" she furthered "Top Ender do you mean Head and Shoulders?!" I asked "Yes, that's it!" "No, Top Ender . Just No."

Top Ender Giggles - Does it also have TTDE?

Top Ender and Daddy were talking in the car, about the cars we had had in the past and how come the current car is the best out of all of them. "Well this car has an electronic display and a CD player and get your feet off there Top Ender and air conditioning"said Daddy "I didn't know it had that! Where is it?" asked Top Ender "What?" said Daddy "Get your feet off there... where's that then?" "Sarcasm doesn't suit you Top Ender!"

Top Ender at The Airshow

Top Ender at The Airshow

Daddy Giggles - Keeping in with the kids

Whilst we were taking Daddy to work the other morning we drove past Top Enders school. Top Ender was in a particularly bright mood and in a sing song voice said; "Hi, School!" "Musical!" sang Daddy from the back seat "That isn't funny Daddy!" answered Top Ender "I thought it was" muttered Daddy

Top Ender Giggles - What am I going to say next?

Daddy and Top Ender went to an Airshow Sunday and it was about the time they were due to call to let me know they had arrived safely. "Hello!" I sang into the phone I was greeted by silence. "Hello?" I queried Again silence. In the background I could hear Daddy prompting Top Ender "Top Ender you need to speak now!" "Oh! I thought Mummy said she was psychic though?"

Top Ender Giggles - That'll learn him!

"Mummy? Is there anymore Crabby patty?" asked Top Ender "No, there isn't. Sorry Top Ender ." I answered "Can I have some of Baby Boy's? she asked already edging towards his plate "Well not really it is his to eat" "Oh okay. Shall I pass him some?" "If you would that would be very kind" " Waaab yum!" squealed Baby Boy A few seconds later "Mum? He is passing it to me should I eat it?" asked Top Ender "Well I think he wants to play pass the food really" I answered "That's naughty! You don't play with your food, I'll eat it so you learn food is to eat!" She then whispered "Pass me some of your pasta too!"

Top Ender Giggles - First you, then him... Is it me next?

Top Ender , Baby Boy and I picked Daddy up from work on Saturday night. We decided that we would go via Tesco and pick up a copy of The Sims 3 as well as a couple of frozen curries for tea. The first Tesco store we went to didn't have any, or any other games for the PC for that matter. So we went to Asda , where I went in on my own. Asda didn't have any either. So we went to the other Tescos where Daddy went in. When Daddy came back to the car Top Ender asked "So do I have to go in the next store to find if they have a copy or what?"

Top Ender Giggles - Even I knew that!

Earlier this week, on one of the nights I was working, Daddy decided that an extended walk was in order for him and Baby Boy to help them both keep out of my way. Daddy put Baby Boys sleep suit on and a fleece sleep suit on top and put a blanket over the top of that. Over the top of this was the rain covers as it was drizzling. Daddy then set off on the walk. Five minutes later a very wet Daddy returned with an asleep Baby Boy. "I didn't even get to the end of the road!" he muttered "Should of known better than to go out in the rain Daddy!" smiled Top Ender

Top Ender Giggles - Cake Wrecks and comments

Top Ender and I were looking at one of our favourite blogs yesterday Cake Wrecks when she saw a cake supposedly of Curious George. "My Eyes! My Eyes are bleeding!" squealed Top Ender "Pardon Top Ender?" I asked "The picture is so horrible! Its making my Eyes bleed!" "A little dramatic don't you think?" "No." "Oh." "Put a comment that my eyes are bleeding." "No!" "Why not?" "Because." "That isn't an answer Mummy!" "Okay Top Ender one comment coming up."

Wordless Wednesday - Where do eggs come from?

Top Ender spotted this. "I thought eggs came out of a chicken's bum?"

Daddy Giggles - Why wasn't he using the Zebra crossing though?

Summising that a demised hedgehog on the road was worth a witty pun, Dad prepared to amuse Top Ender. "Hey, Top Ender, what do you call a dead hedgehog?" he asked. Replying without a moments hesitation, top ender replies "Deadgehog". Cue silence from Dad, suitably unamused that his pun was clearly more obvious than he thought...

Top Ender Giggles - How about a week next Tuesday?

"Is today the day you said that I might stay at Grannys ?" asked Top Ender "No." I answered "Thank goodness, I just have so much to do this weekend!" replied Top Ender

Baby Boy Giggles - Bilinguial by Television

Today Baby Boy and I were watching Handy Manny. "Mama?" asked Baby Boy "Yes Baby Boy?" I answered "¡Hola Mama!" he exclaimed "¡Hola Baby Boy!" I replied "Mama!" he laughed

Top Ender Giggles - Its called a waiting room so that we can wait!

"Top Ender ?" called the Eye Doctor lady "That's us." answered Daddy "That was quick" I muttered "ME? Can't you call someone else? I haven't even got a chance to play with the toys yet!" declared Top Ender

Top Ender Giggles - All I want in life

"What film are we watching this week Mummy?" asked Top Ender "High School Musical 2, is the one showing on Disney Channel" I answered "High School Musical 2? Wow! If we had pasta for tea, I could die happy!" said Top Ender Lets hope it doesn't come to that shall we

Baby Boy Giggles - Such a flirt!

Whilst we were waiting in the playground one of the other Mums offered Baby Boy a quaver. Her youngest son is a month older than Baby boy. "Ta" said Baby Boy gratefully holding the crisp He started to fuss so I got him out of the pram. He was happy about this and sat on my hip eating the crisp. It was as he finished that he caused the rest of the Mums to laugh. "Mama!" "Yes Baby Boy, what is it?" I asked "Mama... pees!" "Please?! Mama doesn't have the crisps it isn't me you need to ask." Baby Boy looked over at the other Mum "Pees?" he then stuck out his bottom lip and pulled a puppy dog face. It worked though he got another crisp!

Wordless Wednesday - Late Pregnancy woe

Just come out already! Stop taking my photo, I'm nine months pregnant and exhausted, but I will kill you if I have to.

Top Ender Giggles - Well you said you would move Heaven and Earth for me

"Mummy? Are you friends with Little Blonde Girl's Mummy?" Asked Top Ender "Yes, Top Ender , I guess that we are" "Could you ask her to move Little Blonde Girl's birthday party?" "Why Top Ender ?" "Because the Carnival is this weekend and I would like to go to that and less people will go to Little Blonde Girl's birthday so it would be easier to move that." "It doesn't really work like that Top Ender !" "Oh. I thought it did"

Baby Boy loves Top Ender

Top Ender was picking up some pieces of sausage that Baby Boy had dropped on the floor when Baby Boy came up behind her to see what was going on. "Giving me a love- ahh are you?" asked Top Ender and Baby Boy launched himself at her back "Bub bub love bub bub!" said Baby Boy "Well, now is really not a good time!" she explained whilst extracting herself from his grasp " Buleb mwah brrmm !" muttered baby boy as he walked away