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Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

There are many reasons to why I love where my house is situated, but one of the best is that during Air Show season (which is May to October in the UK) that what is shown in the video below is a frequent occurrence! I'm not a plane spotter or an enthusiast, but there is something about the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (Don't mention the War!) that invokes a lot of emotion in me.

Gone rock climbing (On the Telly and everything!)

Do you remember the blog post I did back in February about 99 things? Well I said that some of the stories were cool so here is one that is a little funny/cool!

Many Many Moons ago (fourteen years ago but Ssh!) there was a TV channel called Trouble. A lot of teenagers who had Sky TV would watch it.

Daddy Guest Post: Boom Bang A Bang

Mummy forgives me for a small personality problem I have. Basically, once a year, normally on a Saturday night in May, I insist that all phones are switched off, all children are sent to bed, I am armed with a pen, pad of paper, and insist on spending 3 or so hours going "where the heck is Moldova" and "Is Georgia a country? I thought it was a US state".

Wordless Wednesday - Before, During and After (Baby Boys First Hair Cut)


The Family Fun Elephant Parade!

Every once in a while I get a notion in my head about something that we could do as a family. Something that is fun, something that will involve exercise and family bonding and most importantly will be exciting.

Luckily when these notions come over me, Daddy is able to reign me back in and make my ideas more do-able or more suitable for the time that we have available to us. It has happened in the past and it is bound to happen again in the future.

Christmas Club - May

Five months down, seven months to go. I start to get more excited now because its nearly half way to Christmas! This is the last month that I can slack, the last month that I have to refine what it is that I want this Christmas for my family.... but it doesn't need to be that way for you too!

An apology

This is an apology.

It's an apology because these few words are all you are getting blog wise from me today.

If you want more words, come back tomorrow for a super long post!

I want a Hot Rod, but I'll probably get a Soft Top...

This is just a quick post because we have been so busy and have just got in from our trip out today.

I wasn't really paying much attention to Daddy in the car on the way home, I was too busy thinking about what I needed to do tomorrow but I heard him mention The MAD's and something about getting me a treat if I were lucky enough to win.

Mummy Giggles - Lazy Gardener

I think that the video explains itself...

Treats for Daddy

Daddy has coeliac disease. This means that buying treats for him is a little harder than for most. Luckily these days every supermarket has a section of wheat free (dairy free and sometimes taste free) goodies, but to get proper cakes and treats (read of a decent size and with flavour) we normally have to make them ourselves from scratch.

Mummy Giggles - Twist in the TAIL (sic)

As is ususal on a Monday night when Top Ender has her swimming lesson, Baby Boy and I go for a swim too. We are lucky with our brand new swimming pool having some very nice large family changing rooms and so after swimming whilst Top Ender and I get dry and dressed Baby Boy air dries whilst wearing a hooded towel and tends to run around looking at whatever he can find.

Wordless Wednesday - Starting them young


Top Ender Giggles - Well you know what they say!

Everyone in the house was dressed a little earlier than normal as the car was going for its MOT and Baby Boy and Mummy were off on an adventure.
Top Ender started to put on her coat.

And now the News; 'A Mothers Ramblings' is up for the Best MAD blog for Family Fun

Seeing as how I am a finalist in The MADS, I have been in the local newspaper and now on Top Enders favourite Radio Station!

Daddy Giggles - Face for Radio

The other night after my radio interview for Heart Milton Keynes just before Daddy and I fell asleep the following conversation took place.

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Boy!

Its Baby Boys 2nd Birthday today.

We probably won't be around much today as we are going to be playing with the very nice and very large Thomas train track...

Karoke Friday!

Local Newspaper coverage!

See even the local press wants me to win in The Mads!

Making Friends Sucks - Part Four

Whenever I am getting friendly with someone I feel them start to pull away. I don't think it is because I come on too strong, I actually think it is really just a natural flow of life. We can't all have nothing but Good days right?

How mean am I?

I cut Daddy's hair every four to six weeks. He has a number two all over, so its fairly easy to do.
When I cut his hair the other night I did something that he doesn't know about. Well he won't until he reads this post at least!

Wordless Wednesday - A family portrait updated


Just Vlog it Entry for May

I haven't got words for this vlog I am afraid. This hurt a lot more to do than I think I should admit in an open forum.

Mummy Giggles - It's not becoming a habit...

Whilst watching the film Kindergarten Cop Daddy said;

"Is this suitable for children?"
"Yes!" I answered
"I thought all the kids that were in it had to go to the Premiere with an Adult because of the violence that is in it?" said Daddy

Baby Boy Giggles - A Sense of Self

Baby Boy was playing one of his favourite games, I'm sure you know it well. It's the one where your child copies everything you say.

Mummy Giggles - Just past the end of my nose!

Not long after I had passed my driving test I took my little Nissan Sunny out at night to drive to see Daddy, who back then was simply Fiancé.

Daddy Giggles - Its the way he tells 'em!

Top Ender was sitting in the back of the car after a recent trip to the outdoor play shop (can you guess what we are researching?) and was reading through the catalogues that I had picked up.

"Cool! They do a Pirate ship!" she exclaimed

I'm a MADS Finalist!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, (or have my blog posts emailed to you or are one of those people who have bookmarked my blog or added me to your reader) then you will have seen that I was campaigning for votes for The MAD Awards and thanks to you lovely people I did get a few votes.

I got enough votes to be named as a Finalist in the Best MAD Family Fun Blog.

Wordless Wednesday - Culture Clash!

I know that this is a Wordless post, but I just had to explain two things that this was taken on my new camera that I got for my birthday (Whoop!) and Top Ender has an English Flag in her hair (the bow) but is wearing a Scottish Tartan dress (not my family's Tartan though)!

Daddy Giggles - Where he left it!

We were running a few minutes early for dropping me off for lunch with my Mum and Sister, so decided to take a quick detour to the petrol station.

Top Ender Giggles - When I'm Sixty-Four

"Top Ender? When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now, will you still be sending me a valentines, Birthday greetings bottle of wine?" I asked trying not to burst into song

Its my party (and I'll cry if I want to)

Today is my Birthday.

I have had several of them, but every year I get the same excited feeling. I can't explain what I feel about birthdays (not just my birthday but any birthday) but they make me want to cry happy tears. I love that we celebrate being born, the start of our lives. I feel much more alive on my birthday.

Grannys Birthday!

Today is my Mums birthday, so Happy Birthday Mummy!