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Top Ender Giggles - Semi-naked Swinging

Last night Daddy remembered where the bolts were for Top Enders swing. Top Ender was getting dry as she had just got out the bath and so I was helping put the swing together. Top Ender suddenly appeared at the back door wearing her towel (the ones which go over your child's head) and her shoes and asked; "Is it okay if I have just one quick swing?" I didn't really want to say Yes but she looked so cute, and had put shoes on so I did say Yes. She ran out got on the swing and had one quick swing before coming back in. This morning before eating breakfast she was out again, in her PJ's and shoes swinging on the swing. It appears that absence really does make the heart really does grow fonder!

Top Ender Giggles - Early Birthday Gift

Top Ender came in to mine and Daddy's room this morning as Daddy had already wished me a Happy Birthday we figured that Top Ender was going to do the same as all of yesterday (Granny's Birthday) she wanted it to be today so she could eat the chocolate cake we made together for me. Instead she gave me a hug and said; "It is a very early gift for your Birthday Mummy" "What makes it an early gift?!" "Because it is only just past night time!" Well I suppose technically she was right!