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A HIIT Christmas

If you've followed my socials for a while, (and let's face it I've not been very good with keeping the blog updated but my socials tend to be updated fairly often!) then you'll know I attend a HIIT class three times a week, with Milton Keynes most Inspirational Personal Trainer (she won an award, that's not just me saying that!) and that I love it.  I started in July 2021, and quickly became a convert when not only did I see inches and lbs drop off but when I realised that I loved exercising in this way, that I loved working out with weights, that I was building muscle and my body was getting a shape, I was getting toned and... well we won't talk about the endorphins that I get from the exercise and from being with a group of like-minded women! This December I thought I'd be a little, well a little Pippa.

When I Changed My Mind About Pandora

I was never a fan of Pandora Jewellery, mainly because I don't tend to wear much jewellery but also because I find them to be cluttered and that honestly reminds me far too much of my brain, which is almost as bad as my laptop with at least 15 tabs open, two playing clashing music and at least three of them are the same window because I forgot that I'd opened it twice already... However, my Mum had a bracelet, that was covered in charms that she adored and was always buying charms for. She had charms that reminded her of important events, initials for Dan Jon and Top Ender, a Koala for when she went to Australia, charms to mark my niblings being born, Christmas and birthdays and other significant moments that she wanted to remember. When my Mum died, my sister organised it so that the charms would be split between us, each of us getting charms that would remind us of our Mum, our families and of moments that had stood out to our Mum. Having the bracelet, with charms that my Sis

The Hardest Day

I thought that yesterday was going to be the hardest day, but I've said that so many times now. I just need to get through the day that I found out that my Mum died. I just need to get through the day that the cause of death comes back. I just need to get through the day I speak with the Funeral Director. I just need to get through the day of the funeral. I just need to get through the first Mother's Day. I just need to get through my Mum's Birthday without my Mum here. I just need to get through my first Birthday without my Mum here. I just need to get through the first Halloween. I just need to get through the first Christmas... I keep telling everyone, I just need to get through this year. The anniversary of my Mum dying will be the marker. If I'm strong enough to make it through the year then it'll be easier after that. Really, I thought Christmas will be the hardest. Mum loved Christmas and so many of our traditions are tied up in things that we did together, i