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Top Enders very own Soap Opera

Top Ender has a great imagination. Sometimes she says things that have me wondering where on earth she got the initial seed of an idea from so that it could develop in to the scenario she is involved in. Just last week as we were walking home from the local shop she was telling me about her divorce from her invisible husband. Turns out that they were going to his Grandmothers second wedding, and were all dressed up when he jumped in a puddle covering them both in dirty water which ruined the clothes they were wearing. She told him that that wasn't nice to which he replied huh and blew a raspberry and told her if she felt like that then they should get a divorce... and so they did. Today however he seems to have won her back over as Baby Boy and I were invited to their wedding. We had to sit in the living room and wait for his family to arrive and to save money Top Ender did her own makeup, but got me to do her hair. They decided to have a sit down meal instead of a party and luckil

Baby Boy Giggles - Insult or compliment?

Yesterday we went to Ikea to meet my Sister, Cousin and Baby Cousin and our Mother for a "treat" in the cafe. Baby Boy was sitting opposite my Sister who was breast feeding Baby Cousin (nearly six weeks old). Baby Boy looked as Sister and shouted "Boob!" and then went back to eating his fruit slices and staring at a couple of women deep in conversation at the next table.

Baby Boy for Show and Tell

Baby Boy has started crawling as a method of getting from one piece of furniture he can cruise along to another. This has caused great delight from Top Ender who shrieks with delight "He's crawling again!" as if she someone how imagines he will have forgotten how to do it overnight. She wanted to take him in for show and tell today to show that he could crawl, but thinking on the subject decided that it was probably a bad idea as he would crawl out of the show and tell drawer under the teachers chair and cause problems in the classroom with the other children!

Top Ender Giggles - Not an option

We went to the Doctors at the start of the week as a second cousin of mine has discovered that she has a heart problem, which is apparently heriditry. This means that me or Top Ender or Baby Boy could have it too. Whilst we were sitting listening to the Doctor typing away on the keyboard writting a letter to a consultant or two about this Top Ender whispered in my ear, If you come to my funeral make sure they know not to burn me. I don't want that. We went to my Gran's funeral last week and she was cremated, so I think that she was adding all the information she had up and getting the worse case scenario.

Baby Boy is learning fast

Baby Boy and I are having a lot of fun at home together; I have a lot of plans for him too! At the moment he says several words including the following; Mama, Dada, Top Enders name, His own name, More, Up, Tickle, Yum yum, No, Yes, Baba, Bad and I am sure I have forgotten some! Together we are going for walks in the morning (I am planning on adding another one in the afternoon too) and spending time playing, eating and cleaning the house! The only thing now is that we want to get him sleeping in his own bed through the night!