A Mothers Ramblings: April 2011

Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Guests

We invited ourselves to the Royal Wedding and are sitting here watching the coverage in our finery.

A Mothers Ramblings as part of The Royal Wedding Party

Just thought you might like to know!

Parsons Close Recreation Ground in Leighton Buzzard

My Mum and Sister live in Leighton Buzzard (near where I grew up) and so when we go to visit them we often go to local parks. Parks that my sister and I would visit as children, parks that even Daddy would occasionally come to Leighton Buzzard to play in. One that I remember having many summer picnics in was Parsons Close Recreation Ground which is at the bottom of the High Street. This park was much loved in the Summer thanks to it's paddling pool which would often be filled with children splashing each other to cool down in the heat.

My sister had popped to the park the other week with her three girls, it was a very hot day and so she wanted to treat her girls to a trip to the park. The paddling pool didn't exist any more, having been closed a few years back and so when she got there and saw a new wet area with fountains she and her girls were a little excited. When she got back home she gave me a call letting me know of the changes to the park and so it happened that on Easter Sunday we found ourselves in the Park in the late evening sunshine, enjoying the new £200,000 feature that had been created by SSP Water & Play who were also responsible for the Peppa Pig World themed water area at Paultons Park.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Top Ender Giggles - Big Head

Daddy and Top Ender had gone out in the evening for a quick trip to the Supermarket (they needed some last minute supplies) and whilst they were out Top Ender was telling Daddy about School.

"I sit on the purple table Daddy" said Top Ender
"What's the purple table?" asked Daddy
"That is where the smart girls sit! Long Haired Girl is good at Literacy and I am good at maths. I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better at maths than she is at literacy though." Top Ender said smugly
"Watch out for your big head Top Ender!" said Daddy
"It has to be big, to get all the Maths inside..." said Top Ender matter of factly

And look her head is huge too...

Top Ender has a big head for Maths to fit in and gappy teeth for straws to fit in!

A Cinema Party on a Budget

Birthday parties are a big thing here at A Mothers Ramblings, even when we don't have a lot of money to spend to make them special. For her seventh birthday, Top Ender decided that she would like to have a cinema party. This wasn't any ordinary cinema party though. We weren't going to go to just any Cinema, we were going to make our living room a cinema! As we have a screen and projector it wasn't going to be too much of a stretch, all the girls had to do was decide from our huge range what they wanted to watch. 

Top Ender decided on a menu of  Pizza and Chips and I managed to find cardboard sleeves that you normally find with servings of food from a Fast Food Restaurant. Top Ender was very pleased as it gave it a real cinema feel (and we were too as clean up was a breeze!) and as they were only a few pence it didn't cost much to add to the Cinema theme.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

When We Were Young

I got a great compliment the other day, I said it was my birthday soon (Next Monday and yes I do like gifts) and how old I would be when someone said I didn't look my age. I could of kissed them. Anyway I thought I would show some pictures of when I was young... What do you think?

Green - The Gallery

If you are looking for my Wordless Wednesday post, it's here.

The theme for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers this week was Green. I thought about lots of pictures I could take, I thought about lots of pictures I had taken. I thought about tricks I could play or ways to manipulate my pictures but in the end when it came down to it there was one image that stuck in my head and I knew I had to post it.

Green Grass

That's right it's a close up of my lawn.

Baby Boy and I love to sit in the garden to have our lunch. We sit near the swings or sometimes on the step and chat about whatever we fancy. If we time it right we can listen to the noise from Top Ender's school carry on the breeze until we convince ourselves we can hear her shouting to us and sending kisses that caress our cheeks.

When Top Ender comes home in the evening we all go out to the garden and have a bit of a run around, play a few games burn off some energy until we all collapse on the grass giggling together and watch the clouds go by making shapes for us to find.

When Daddy is home from work we all sit in the garden enjoying the warm evenings, the breeze blowing in the branches of our tree's. Enjoying each other's company, enjoying the time together.

That's why when you say Green, I say Grass.

The Gallery Badge

A Place to Read - Wordless Wednesday

A Place to Read

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tracks of My Years - 2001

The song that I am going to talk about in this weeks Tracks of My Years isn't a song that I actually like but it was the backing track to a very important day of my life and although I don't think I will ever like it I have at least learnt to tolerate it over the last ten years. It's thanks to Jen that I decided to share this with everyone though, so make sure that you pop on over to her to see what track she has chosen this week and anyone else who has joined up.

Just over ten years ago Daddy and I were engaged and organising our wedding. We had decided on having a DJ at our evening reception and we had found one that had been suggested as being in our budget and being good and so he came to my parents house so we could meet him. We talked about songs that we wanted played, songs that we liked and then he mentioned one that both Daddy and I immediately both said we didn't like. The song was Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Out Of My Head".

We hired the man and a few weeks later we took to the dance floor to dance our first dance as a married couple. Then as we finished our first dance he decided to up the tempo with a special song that he would like to dedicate to the happy couple as he knew that they both loved the song. The people at the reception clapped and cheered and Daddy and I looked at each other as the song started to play.

Monday, 25 April 2011

The Sunflower Race - Week One

Just over one week has passed since we planted our Sunflower seeds and I posted my Silent Sunday picture and this is the growth of our seed's so far...

Baby Boy's Sunflower

Or rather I should say this is the growth of Baby Boy's seed so far! That's right apparently Daddy, Top Ender and I are all sadly lagging behind in the Sunflower race with no growth being spotted at all, but Baby Boy has taken an early lead with growth of two inches!

We have been trying to come up with a suitable prize for us all to get excited about with the tallest sun flower at the end of our competition, but so far we are at a loss... so have you any ideas of what we could give as a prize? Let me know in the comments!

The Royal Wedding

When Prince William and Kate get married later this week, we will be watching here at A Mothers Ramblings. I think that it is important that Top Ender and Baby Boy watch, as this is a piece of British history. We have a Royal Family and because of that I am very proud. I suppose you could call me a Royalist, but I figure that as we have this link to our countries history we should enjoy it. After all there aren't that many countries left with a Royal Family. Oh and we will be celebrating by display flags on our car too. Yes, we are one of *those* people.
Union Jack on the Car

I remember watching Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew get married in 1986 (it was a Wednesday not sure what month or date but it was a Wednesday), I watched it on a TV at my Gran's house and I remember thinking how important it was to know that I watched it. I watched the coverage of Prince Charles wedding to  Camilla in 2005 at my home with Daddy and a dozing Top Ender.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Cresta Run at The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead

We were given an hour on the Cresta Run at The Snow Centre, free hire of outerwear, a pair of gloves, fed and watered and the children took home a goody bag!

On a blissfully hot day that could have been mistaken for the height of summer I was searching for my thermal gloves. I had already found hats, gloves and scarves belonging to Top Ender, Baby Boy and Daddy and knew that my gloves were going to be in the same drawer, I just had to find them. What was I needing with these winter clothing accessories on such a hot day? We were going to The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead for some time on their 100m long Cresta Run on inflatable rubber rings... you know the normal thing to do on a sunny day.

When we arrived we were a little nervous but we were soon kitted out with water proof jackets and trousers, snow boots and helmets and as you can see the family looked quite cute all dressed up for an afternoon on the snow.
Daddy, Top Ender and Baby Boy all dressed up ready for the snow

Silent Sunday

Easter Goodies

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bluebell Hunting in Shenley Wood

We love going for walks in our local woodland areas. We are lucky that in Milton Keynes we have several green areas that are managed by the Parks Trust and we are slowly making our way around all of them. Last weekend we went for a walk in Shenley Wood.
Top Ender and Baby Boy look at the Shenley Wood Map

We studied the map at the edge of the car park so that we knew what route we wanted to take, to make the most of our walk and then set off in the sunshine. We were soon inside the wood and noticing the wide variety of plants in the area, and the carpet of bluebells kept us all seeing the magic fairies adding colour to the woods. We kept a look out for Foxes and Deer as Daddy had told us that they live in these woods, but we didn't see any; We did see some butterflies though!

The different things we saw in Shenley Woods

Despite being in the middle of a grid road (I mentioned the system of roads in MK before if you want to go and read about where I live and why I love it) all we could hear when we were in the woods was birds, the occasional horse on a morning walk and the delight from Top Ender and Baby Boy as they found another tree that might of been the Faraway Tree from the Enid Blyton stories! It was a lovely walk, and we didn't realise that we had been walking for as long as we had when we got back to our start point. We saw a few other families walking through the woods and a few dog walkers, but the woods were big enough that we weren't bumping into each other all the time!

Baby Boy and Top Ender on the gate at Shenley Wood

If you live locally to Milton Keynes then why not go to one of the parks for a walk this weekend, and if you are too far away why not find a similar space near you?

An Easter Window

We are Christian's in this house, but we don't have a holy week poster. For one I don't really want to see a picture of my brother (that's Jesus in case you didn't know) dying and two I have no idea where people buy them from! As you know though we like to dress up our Living room window for different holiday's and so this year for Easter we decided to make Easter Bunnies to go in the window.

Hama Bead Bunnies in the window

I think you will agree that they look rather sweet! Why not decorate a window in your home for Easter and show me what you did?

Friday, 22 April 2011

Answers to questions you never knew you wanted to ask!

No sooner than I think about writing a blog post about how lovely some of my friends are (and indeed do) when one of them decides that it is much more fun to tag me in a meme asking questions from what I think is the Guardian. I say think because unlike my sister I don't read the Guardian. So here are my answers and you have to read through to see if you are tagged at the bottom!

Which living person do you most admire, and why?
It would have to be President Thomas S.Monson, see I do occasionally show my Mormon side.

When were you happiest?
I have always been happy, but I think that my happiest moment was when a lady in the supermarket today grinned as Baby Boy jumped out on Top Ender and I and shouted BOO!

What was your most embarrassing moment?
I was about seven years old when I ran through a hole in a fence... only thing was there was a wire across this hole that I didn't see and so I was catapulted back from the hole in the fence to about 10m away. I still cringe about it now!

Aside from property, what’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought?
Well apart from a the car's we have owned/own it would have to be the 2007 trip to Italy for Daddy, Top Ender and I. The thing that really makes me chuckle about this is that the flights only cost 64p each... we just spent a lot staying in a rather luxurious hotel or two.

What is your most treasured possession?
I think that would have to be my wedding and engagement rings and if not those then my Bambi soft toy that I got for my first Christmas as a baby!

Where would you like to live?
I joke that I would love to live in Chamonix at the foot of Mont Blanc or Geneva or anywhere in Northern Italy, I could even be tempted to live in some places in the USA but ideally the only place I would really love to live is the UK near the seaside.

Me In Geneva

Making Friends Sucks - Part Six

Last year I was worried about friends. I didn't have the sort of friends that I could call up at 10pm on a Wednesday and complain about the crappy day I had experienced, or who could tell I was feeling down and would send me an email to cheer me up, or who would stay up half the night with me talking about life, the universe and which teacher at school we had most fancied.

I thought that there was something wrong with me.

I have never really had a best friend (other than my husband) and it worried me. What example was I setting for Top Ender and Baby Boy if they never saw me laughing and trusting a friend? I tried to make friends, to fit in with already established groups but it didn't really work out but I did make two friends who I get on well with. I thought that was going to be it.

It never does work out the way you planned does it?

Ben 10 Ultimate Mission at Drayton Manor

We were invited to be one of the first people to ride the new attraction and to have a day at the park. We got some goodies which included some rather fab Ben10 green T-shirts and some dress up things... well the children did anyway!

We quite like Drayton Manor as it is a family theme park. What I mean is that unlike some of the other theme parks in the UK this one has rides that the whole family will enjoy. It isn't just for thrill seekers or just for the children it is a combination of them both! As I mentioned in my Family Day out to Drayton Manor post there were plans to open a new ride this year in the main section of the theme park, a Ben 10 themed ride. When we were then asked if we would like to come to a special preview of the ride and ride it, two days before it was open to the public we couldn't say no.

Baby Boy and Top Ender underneath the new Ben 10 Ultimate Mission Ride at Drayton Manor

The ride is what is called a Boomerang and is the first Junior Boomerang in the world (A Boomerang is where you travel one way along the track and then go back travelling backwards!) and was built by Vekoma (trust me they know a lot about Roller Coasters) and looks fantastic! Even Daddy who isn't really that keen on Roller Coasters and doesn't know that much about Ben 10 agreed that it looked great.

You have to be a minimum of 1m tall to ride with an adult, and 1.2m tall if you aren't being accompanied by an adult. You enter into a dark tunnel which leads you into Axmuth's lab, who is the alien that created the Omnitrix (trust me it makes more sense if you have seen one of the cartoon's or films but basically it is a watch that turns an ordinary human boy into Aliens) and it needs to be fixed before Vilgax (Big Evil Alien) tries to get it for himself. That is where we come in, as we have to activate a laser cannon to defeat Vilgax... which luckily we do!

The question is though what did we make of the actual ride? Well, Top Ender and Baby Boy were on opposite sides of the fence (Daddy and I loved it!) and I thought it best to let them tell you what they thought in their own words.

(Video can be seen at http://youtu.be/YEplmo_miwM)

And now you know, you can see our picture that was taken when we were on the ride.

The ride photo taken on the new Drayton Manor Ben 10 Ultimate Mission Ride
I apologise for how naff this is, but its a photo of a photo as I can't make the scanner work!
Yes, that is Top Ender clinging to my arm in terror and Daddy cuddling Baby Boy whose face is being pulled back by the 3 G-force pushing on us (that is what the space shuttle gets when launching or re-entering!) whilst Daddy and I appear to be giggling manically... It was some true Family Fun!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Club Penguin Chocolate Nest Cakes with Puffles!

We received some cooking ingredients to make these cakes, but it was plain chocolate. Yuck.

I thought that Club Penguin had passed Top Ender and Baby Boy by. I mean sure we saw the little plush toys in supermarkets, and we saw adverts on TV and on the internet but neither of them had ever asked for us to type in the URL... we just knew what it was and accepted it as being cute. Then we were asked if we would like to make some Club Penguin Easter Nests and I was intrigued enough to say Yes! The postman knocked on the door and brought a huge parcel and when we unloaded it we found this inside;
Ingredients to make Club Penguin Nests

Reading through the instructions I was excited, as we were going to make nest cakes, but instead of adding eggs to the top we were going to add Puffles! So Baby Boy, Top Ender and I washed our hands, put on our apron's and started making cakes. Which took ages, but because of the magic of the internet you can watch in about a minute and a bit.

A Family Fun Day At A Narnia Themed Easter Egg Hunt

I have received a family ticket to this event, but we would of gone anyway as it sounds awesome!

This Easter weekend we are travelling to Ragley Hall in Warwickshire, to take part in a Narnia Themed Easter Egg Hunt (which are also taking place in several other stately homes up and down the country) which is coinciding rather nicely with the release of the latest instalment of The Chronicles of Narnia films The Voyage of The Dawn Treader.


It is rather apt that The DVD was released around Easter time, seeing as how the books by C.S.Lewis, which the films are based on, heavily borrow Christian themes and Easter being a major Christian Celebration! I am guessing that someone somewhere got a pat on the back for linking the two together!

If you would like to join in with the Easter Egg Hunts, which include treasure maps, activity sheets and DVD giveaways pop along to one of the following hunts this weekend!

Hall Place (London/Kent border)
25April, 2011 
11am – 3pm

Newby Hall (North Yorkshire)
24 April, 2011
11am onwards

Ragley Hall (Warwickshire)
24April and 25April, 2011
10am – 5pm

Berkeley Castle (Gloucestershire)
10 April until April 25, 2011 
11am – 5.30pm

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

My Blog - The Gallery

That Tara is a tricky one isn't she? I feel like Michael in Mary Poppins saying that, but it's true! This week her prompt for the gallery was My Blog. How on earth could I take a photograph or find one that sums up my blog?

The Gallery Badge

No, I'm not going to put up a screen shot. Or just leave you to look around (which you totally can if you want) I'm not even going to point out that if you came here to this post looking for my Wordless Wednesday post that you are in the wrong place (Oh wait, I just did) instead I am going to show you this;

The A Mother's Ramblings Family

Arthur - A Film Review

We received two tickets to see a press screening. I took my husband as he is useful for things like buying popcorn..

Many years ago when I was just a lad girl, my Mum would let me watch films with her. One film that I remember watching one night was Arthur with Dudley Moore and I remembered that I loved it. I am pretty sure that I didn't fully understand it, but as I grew up and watched it time and time again more and more of the story got through to me. When I heard that they were doing a remake of the film starring Russell Brand I was excited, if anyone was ever born to play a part then Russell Brand was born to play Arthur Bach. Luckily I was one of the first people to see it in the UK when I was invited down to a press screening of the film and so I didn't have to wait until it's release date of the 22nd April 2011!

Just in case you don't know the story line, (Daddy for example has never seen the original Arthur despite having seen Arthur 2), Arthur is about a high functioning alcoholic who could possibly be one of the most charming men you have ever met and he is also the only heir to a multi-billion fortune. Whilst he wastes away his money on gadgets (come of them are really cool), prostitutes and of course alcohol he brings a lot of embarrassment to his family and the family business and when his latest antic causes some fallout for the family business it is decided by his Mother (Geraldine James) that he needs to marry Susan (Jennifer Garner) who could keep the family business strong... only problem is that he goes and falls in love with someone else.

Daddy "Nails" it! - Wordless Wednesday

Daddy painting Top Ender's nails

The end result!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Avenue Q The Musical - A Review

Milton Keynes Theatre kindly gave me two tickets to go to see Avenue Q.

Many years ago I worked for an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and thought it highly amusing when I heard a song from a musical that explained that the internet isn't for online shopping, sending cute e-cards or checking your stocks and shares but that it is actually for p0rn. The song became my ringtone and only caused one embarrassing incident when I left it in my locked desk and I left the office for a short time... Anyway. I discovered more and more about this show, a sort of Sesame Street for Grown ups and really wanted to go and see it. When it closed in the West End last October I thought I had missed my chance until I found out that it was on tour and when my local theatre offered me tickets I knew that my purpose in life was found.

If you don't know about Avenue Q, then imagine a stage show for adults about adult problems, you know like coming out to your friends, not having any money, spending all your time watching p0rn, wishing you weren't single... you know everyday young single adult problems! Oh and with puppets. Yes puppets. To start with I was watching both the actor and the puppet, but soon forgot all about it and just watched the puppets who display emotion and human traits exactly the same as their human counterparts.

Kate Monster from Avenue Q

Tracks of My Years - 1998

Last Tuesday thanks to Jen from Mum in The Mad House I talked about a song that meant something to me from 1999 and this week I had to think hard about what song I wanted to share! I could share the song that gave Daddy the inspiration for Top Ender and Baby Boy's names (Yes, both of them are named after a song) or I could share the song that for many years I have cursed at because it was played at my wedding despite me and Daddy hating it at the time.
Mum in the Madhouse Tracks of my years badge

In the end though I decided that this week I would share a song from 1998. This song has two memories attached to it, and I am hoping that by explaining them both I might stop crying when ever I hear it.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Silent Sunday

Sunflowers growing in the window

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tracks of My Years - 1999

Jen at Mum in the Madhouse has decided to give an insight into her with a weekly post about music that means something to her in Tracks of my Years. As she didn't want to be Billy No Mates, she tagged Sally, Emma, Vic and I to join in. I never need to be asked twice to share music I love and so here is a little something for us all to enjoy!
Mum in the Madhouse Tracks of my years badge

 Many years ago when Daddy and I first started dating we went to Wales for a camping holiday. We had actually only been dating for about a month, but we knew that this relationship was something different that he and I were destined to be together and so this wasn't a risky move. We drove in Daddy's red fiesta to a campsite near a village that Daddy had stayed in as a child and where an annoying Seagull sat on top of a telegraph pole laughing at Daddy and I.
Pippa in 1999
Yes I am wearing Dungarees Shorts.
Whilst we were there we were listening to the late John Peel on the Radio and he played the following song.

Monday, 11 April 2011

I thank the Lord I've been blessed, with more than my share of happiness!

Most people when they think of me think of this picture;

PippaD Headshot

I'm the happy go lucky smiley person on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and here at A Mothers Ramblings. I'm the one who doesn't let things get me down (for long), the one who makes everyday fun, the one who adores life. And they are right, I am that person.

The thing is though I am only this woman because of my family.

My Special Family

My family whom I adore and luckily adore me (most of the time) are the real reason I am happy. Look at the happy bunch up there. Don't you think that every morning if you woke up to be with them you would have a grin on your face too?

Happiness is relative they say... Happiness are relatives is what I say.

MAD Nominations

Today The MAD's Blog Awards announced who has been nominated in all categories so far. Yes, the first thing I did was check all categories to see if I had been nominated and it turns out that not only have I been nominated in the MAD Blog Awards 2011 for the Best MAD Family Fun Blog Category (that's the one I was lucky enough to win last year) but also the Most Innovative MAD Blog Category, Best MAD Pre-School Fun Blog Category, Best MAD Family Life Blog Category and the Parentdish Blogger of the year category too.

Thank you for this everyone, knowing that people think enough of me to vote has made me very proud and pleased and very very happy.

I noticed that a few of my friends have been nominated too and so right now I imagine there are a lot of little happy dances going on as people see just how much others think of them. If you haven't nominated then please do consider going along and filling in the form which will only take a minute or two of your time. And if you would like to make me very happy then please feel free to nominate me and to make it super easy for you just copy the text below


and then you can paste it in the categories you think me worthy!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Happy Songkran with Tilda Stir Fry Rice!

A few years back Daddy's work meant that he got to meet Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya of Thailand, and discovered the traditions surrounding Loi Krathong. Something struck Daddy and I about the Thai culture and  together we have read a few books, watched a few films (with subtitles as we don't speak Thai, but do do a passable rendition of the Loi Krathong song) and not eaten any Thai food together. As much as I like to think of myself as a Masterchef, my skills (when it comes to anything that isn't English) extends to Chicken and Sweetcorn soup and egg fried rice. Even I don't like to eat too much of any curry that I may make.

Luckily though Tilda have come to my rescue with a range of Stir Fry rices that just happen to be Gluten Free, are actually simple to make and really quick too. In fact they are so quick to make that when I left the packet on the side and told Daddy that I was just going to check on the children before I made dinner for us on Date night, dinner was cooked before I got back down stairs by an eager and hungry Daddy. The smell was fantastic, very aromatic but not overpowering just a good blend!

Tilda Stir Fry

Family Fun - Watching The Grand National

There are two times a year where I will step foot into a bookies (or do it online now as that is just as easy) and that is on Boat Race Day and on the day of The Grand National. It's just a bit of fun, I doubt that anyone would consider me a seasoned gambler! I started off young with The Grand National, as my parents used to let me cut out the runners from the paper and choose ones that I liked. I took it very seriously and would choose based on the colour and pattern of the jockey silks as every child knows that is how you can tell if the horse is going to run well or not! As I got older I developed my system and would take into consideration the name of the horse as well as the colours and patterns of the jockey silks and although I never won, this didn't matter as it was the fun with my family that counted!

When daddy and I were married we carried on my tradition of placing a bet on The Grand National, (although now I was old enough to actually go into the Bookies and didn't have to wait outside on the step) and cutting out the runners from the paper to place at home 2p bets. It was a little bit of fun once a year and Daddy loved it! When top Ender was born we would include her into the game including one year recording the race whilst she was asleep and then helping her to choose the winner when she woke up. She didn't really care that she won until she saw the pile of coins that she could take to the local sweetshop with her!

Friday, 8 April 2011

The Fridge Of A Bad Parent Meme

There isn't a lot that I won't show. I have shown my underwear in the toilets of the MAD Blog Awards (which you can totally nominate me for again by the way) and there is a blog post floating around here somewhere of me in my underwear too. I have shown you around my house a few times, shown you piles of junk that live in my house, you've seen my sink, my garden, my car and inside my fridge.
Cleaning the fridge is easy when it's empty

Sally however decided this wasn't good enough because even though it looks clean and tidy I didn't list what was in the fridge and she needs to know this, just to check if I am a bad parent like she is. Now, before you all jump on me Sally was the one that said she was a bad parent not me!

Winnie The Pooh Toiletries and A Funny Video

We got some free toiletries which means we now smell nicer.

Long time readers (Alright Vic?) will know that Winnie the Pooh is a big favourite in our house. We have been to the real Hundred Acre Wood, we have all the video's and stories and cuddly toys and probably hundreds of other things I haven't thought of! As there is a new film coming out there are a lot of other products coming out to coincide with this and one product range that we have been sent some things from is a Winnie the Pooh toiletries range.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Decorate An Egg for Easter

It seems that at this time of year that there is a rush of out of school Easter projects. Sally over at Who's the Mummy? has been forced into making an Easter bonnet with Flea and here at A Mothers Ramblings we have been making Eggs look pretty for the school competition. The winner of each age group gets a giant Easter Egg and the two runner ups get a smaller Easter Egg and all for a small entry fee of 50p.

Last year Top Ender decided to decorate her egg as Dora the Egg-plorer! Get it? I know she's a smart cookie right?! The egg and display did look fantastic as you can see. I only helped with a couple of bits and that was the boiling of the egg and the finding of all the craft items!
Dora The Egg-plorer

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Mother Love - The Gallery

This week the theme for The Gallery is Mother Love. I did have a great photo of Jen from Mum in The Mad House that I had taken of her with Maxi and Mini at the weekend, but when it was blown up it was a bit blurry and so I knew I had to do something else... plus I couldn't waffle about the picture all that much!

The Gallery Badge

Yesterday was one of those days where nothing that I did was right for Baby Boy and of course this did lead to me having a few short tempered moments finally ending when I told him off rather forcefully for a mess he made throwing things around and he ran from the living room crying. As he stormed upstairs to his bedroom I cleared up the mess he had made and when I heard him coming back downstairs I was sitting ready for him on the sofa.

Baby Boy has this thing about not saying Sorry. It doesn't matter who is right or who wrong or what has happened but if Baby Boy needs to apologise we have to work really hard to get him to say Sorry so that we can move on. I was ready for him. Baby Boy walked up to me carrying a T-Shirt on a hanger from his wardrobe. 

Quick before the Hyena Comes! - Wordless Wednesday

We love the song in Lion King 1 1/2 (3) Dig a Tunnel and because of that song Meerkats!
Meerkat on lookout for Hyena's or Zoo KeepersMeerkat on lookout for Hyena's or Zoo Keepers
Meerkat on lookout for Hyena's or Zoo Keepers

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I Need You...

Long time readers of A Mothers Ramblings, may remember that last September I went to a snazzy awards ceremony in a rather snazzy dress. The awards ceremony was of course the first annual Mum And Dad Blog Awards and the dress was a rather lovely number from Simply Be who kindly gave me the dress (and some underwear from Simply Yours) to wear on the night.
PippaD in her dress shortly before she flashed in the Girls Toilets

I was rather lucky to have been nominated in the MAD's Best Blog for Family Fun and somehow I won.

The 2010 Badge for the Winner of The Best MAD Blog for Family Fun

The only reason I won however (apart from having lots of fun as a family and telling you what we have done) was because of all of the lovely readers and friends who nominated me, and then who voted for me in the finals.

It would be lovely if I were nominated and placed in the finals again, so that I can "defend" my title and because I need a second trophy to put on my fireplace. If you would like to nominate me (and your other favourite blogs in the other categories) then head on over to The MAD Awards Website and check out the categories before nominating your favourite Mum and Dad blogs!

Have Fun Everyone!