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The Gallery - Nature

I did think about re-posting The Three Trees in my Garden  photos I took the other week from my back garden, or even the photos from the blog post about the  First Strawberries of the Season . If I was being really smart then I could of put the photos from my post about The Magical Menagerie  but I decided to do something else.

Baby Boy and Daddy Giggles - Pick it, lick it, roll it, flick it

After coming back from the Magical Menagerie  on Wednesday night we were all in high spirits and were all having a giggle. I had turned around in my seat in order to see what Baby Boy was doing, and he was sat in car seat with his finger up his nose; And when I say finger, I mean his whole finger.

The Magical Menagerie (Le Manege Carre Senart)

At the moment in Milton Keynes there is a fantastical carousel, which is quite unlike any carousel I have ever seen before. For a start the carousel is square and instead of horses to ride on, there are mechanical creatures such as buffalo, fish and insects that are operated by the people riding on them!

Wordless Wednesday - Baby Boy after Millets Farm

Not a picture, but a video of Baby Boy after our trip to Millets Farm at the weekend. See video at As you can see, he was just a little tired.

Horace Walpole's Little Gothic Castle in Strawberry Hill

A couple of weekends back Daddy and I took Top Ender and Baby Boy to Strawberry Hill in Richmond to visit the Gothic Castle that Horace Walpole built, and to take part in the festivities to raise money for the restoration of the truly beautiful building. The house means a lot to me, because I am a Simmarian ; I went to University in the shadow of this House.

Millets Farm Centre And the Maize Maze

On Saturday Top Ender, Baby Boy, Daddy and I were invited along with a few other bloggers to visit Millets Farm Centre in Oxfordshire to try out the new Maize Maze and to enjoy the other attractions on offer as well. As going in a Maize Maze was one of our 100 things we decided that we would be foolish not to accept, especially as they were providing lunch and free food will always get me out of bed in the morning.

Things to do in the Summer Holidays

Today is the first day of the Summer Holidays for us here at A Mothers Ramblings and we have a list of things to do in them that should give us something to do no matter the weather! We thought we would share it with you because you might be stuck for something to do one day.

The Three Trees in my Garden

There are trees in my back garden. There is a tree that has been here since before the house was built and three trees along my fence border. Someone who owned my house in the past must of planted them, I have tried my best to look after them since we moved in and took ownership of them.

The Octopus who came to tea

Every so often Daddy and I like to try something different. It might be that we take a walk down the World Foods aisle in one of our local Supermarkets (We have one of all of them nearby!) or it might be that one of us finds a recipe that we decide to try out, without the other one of us knowing what it is that we are preparing.

Wordless Wednesday - Tacos for Tea!


Happy Birthday Auntie!

Yes I know that I have already posted today, but today is my little Sisters Birthday. I'm not asking you all to go and hassle her at her blog about not posting (its Butterfly Babies in case you are wondering) even though I pimped out her blog for her with a new design that she liked so much, I'm not going to point out that she couldn't even remember how old she was when we spoke to her this morning. Instead I am going to re-post my favourite story about my Sisters birthday, that was originally posted on the 24th July 2009 , but with a newly discovered video!

I love it when it rains

Like it or not here in the United Kingdom it rains during the Summer. Now I love playing and lazing in the Sun as much as the next person, but I am slightly unusual in that I also like to play in the rain. I love it when it rains and I can watch it out of the window, I love getting into wellies and jumping in puddles, I love watching lightening flash, hearing the roar of thunder and of course the wonderful smell that rain always brings to the World.

Holiday Hell Meme

Emily at Baby Rambles has tagged me in a Holiday Hell Meme and I am pleased to say that I have only once had an event on holiday that would class as being hellish and I talked about that in my blog post "Its a Small World after all, especially if you go by Train..."  and other than that one trip home I can't think of a single holiday in which I have had something happen that I could pass off as something hellish! I know I haven't lived.

Just Dance for the Wii

On Sunday I wrote a review about Dance on Broadway for the Wii . We had been playing the game as a family and had enjoyed it so much that I felt the need to share with everyone about this fab game! I haven't stopped tweeting about the game (or the blog post) since and it has meant that a few people asked me how I compared it to Just Dance for the Wii. This of course meant that I had to go out and buy Just Dance for the Wii so I could make a comparison (quick someone ask me to compare it to another game!).

Who would you put on the Naughty Step?

I was tagged by Rosie Scribble in a meme of " Who would you put on the Naughty Step? ". After checking that it wasn't me that she had put on her naughty step and having a good giggle over who she had chosen and why (go and see it's funny!) I started thinking about who it is that I would put on the Naughty Step for a Time out. I did think about putting my sister on the Naughty step, as you know why have a blog if you never write anything? I thought about various celebrities but then I realised the person who should go on the naughty step is a little closer to home. Its Me.

Things I have learnt from Sleeping in a Tent

Last Saturday Top Ender was being very sweet and said that as part of Mummy Daughter Date night, she would love to camp in the back garden with me. I don't think that she knew that I would be able to resist the way she asked (with innocence and love) and so secretly arranged with Daddy that we would camp in the back garden.

Water Bombs and some Family Fun

In Leighton Buzzard there is a 99p Store . Every so often I go there and spend a fortune on things that I wouldn't of brought normally, but as it is only 99p find it to be really good value and can't resist a bargin. A couple of weeks back I brought Water Bombs because everyone loves a good water bomb fight.

Wordless Wednesday - Peppa Pig The Cannibal


Cupcakes and a bake off!

Daddy, Top Ender and Baby Boy stole my idea last weekend and made a batch of cupcakes. I was planning on making some myself as I wanted to enter English Mum's Bake Off, but I was busy hiding in the living room playing Farmville or something and so they did this all without me.

Dance on Broadway for the Wii

I love our Wii and I love Musicals so when I saw the game Dance On Broadway for the Wii I knew that I had to have it. Luckily I must have done something that meant that Daddy was thinking I also needed a treat and he bought it for me!

This time last week

This time last week I wasn't here. I missed the School fete, where Top Ender and Baby Boy decorated biscuits,

A Burned arm and a bandaged Frog

When we went to the lovely John Lewis event Baby Boy accidentally burned his arm on a light that was up-lighting a display. It wasn't anyone's fault, nobody was to blame it was just one of those things. By the time we were on the train home there were some blisters forming and his arm had gone bright red around the burnt area.

Wordless Wednesday - Swinging Fun


Daddy Giggles - Geography isn't his strong point.

Daddy was walking to work when he saw a Marks and Spencers To Go Food van. "Togo? Thats nowhere near here!" he thought to himself He told me that his next thought was the realisation that it said To Go.. not Togo.

The Gurgles

So I didn't win a Gurgle. I know, I was robbed. Luckily I was robbed by the very lovely and very funny Hot Cross Mum  but the only reason she won was because the judges (Nifa and Tor and Myleene) all had alpha spaghetti for tea the night before they did the judging and so it was some form of subliminal messaging going on.*

Anything you can do I can do better...

This post was previously published at Baby Budgeting on March 5th 2010, as part of a blog swap. It was a post that I really enjoyed writing and having been out for the day yesterday at CyberMummy, it held true for when I got home last night! If I were asked to define myself I would say I was a Stay-at-Home-Mummy. Technically I am a Work-at-Home-Mummy but I don't really count my job as work as it is a lot of fun. Plus whilst I'm working I am normally playing with Baby Boy or watching him play or Tweeting or reading blogs... you get the picture right?

What I am doing this Saturday

On Saturday morning I am going to be getting up at stupid o'clock to travel down to London to mix and mingle with 200 plus people, and listen to some of them, and eat food that some of them are bringing (I have heard rumours of flapjacks, brownies and cupcakes). Oh and to swap business cards with them.

Baby Boy Giggles - Ice-cream is his God

Baby Boy and Top Ender both had an ice-cream at the air show we went to on Fathers Day. Baby Boy being the usual glutton that he is had eaten almost all of his before Top Ender had even scoffed a quarter of hers.