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What We Are Eating W/C 22nd January 2022

Another week, another set of meal plans. I've been being quite bad with meals over the last few weeks, as I've not been very good at eating at meal times. Basically, I quite often don't eat my breakfast until lunch and then I don't eat my lunch and either eat my evening meal with my family or end up going to bed with only having had my breakfast. This isn't good. So this week, I have purchased everything I want and need to make a HUGE salad, which I'll portion out and take to work each day. I even got some Salmon and Prawns to have with it, and as they are my favourite remind me to eat my lunch! Anyway, here's what we're eating this week.

A Brand New Day In The Neighbourhood

I watched "A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood" at the weekend. If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend that you do, but have a box of tissues nearby because you're going to need them. In case you aren't aware, the film is about a true event, but fictionalised too. It feels very much like the books "Tuesdays with Morrie" or "The Midnight Library". It's soft, and allows you through the safety of the characters to explore your own faults and issues and remind you that no matter what mistakes you have made it is never too late to apologise and start again.

18 Years Old - Wordless Wednesday


I lost my wallet

I lost my wallet. Well, technically it was a business card holder that I used as a wallet by putting my bank cards and ID in along with a few business cards, but that's not the point. It was missing. I was pretty sure that it was somewhere in the house but none of us could find it, despite having looked everywhere, checked under everything, in everything and behind everything at least three billion times*.  Eventually, I had to face facts and arrange for everything to be replaced.

Top Ender Turns 18

It's Top Ender's 18th Birthday today, which means I'm now the parent of an adult. I'm sure there was some course I should have attended, that would have given me an insight into what I'm supposed to do now. Some kind of information that would allow me to know how to help her handle the rollercoaster also known as life that is coming her way.

The *New* Lifestyle

I wrote a little on Pippa World about my "new" lifestyle, but I don't think I have properly recorded on any of my social channels about my motivation and reasons for suddenly changing my life last summer and because it is so important, because it is such a big change and something that I think that other people do want to know about (in their secret searches in the middle of the night when they, like I used to try to work out if they can change their life, if they can change their outlook, if they can lose weight and learn to like exercise!) I thought I should share my story. Every summer, I always try to change my health. I figure I have six weeks. Six weeks of not doing the school run, six weeks to change my habits. Six weeks of goodish weather, six weeks of  daylight whilst the rest of the world is still asleep. Six weeks is twice the amount needed to form a habit, so it should be easy to lose a stone in that six weeks right? So that when I went back to school runs, ba

A New Start

I realised this morning, that I'm best at blogging when I'm talking from the heart, so I thought I would just let my fingers type what my head was thinking without me paying any attention... I haven't really been around the last few years with blogging. At first I thought it was because the children were too old and no longer cute and we weren't really doing anything as a family so there was no point in sharing stories about what we were doing to inspire other people. Who wants to hear that we spent the majority of the weekend in separate rooms only coming together for the five minutes before our evening meals?