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Meal Plans W/C 27th February 2021

I cheated and made this menu last week, at the same time as I was making last weeks menu. I'm not sure why, but it seemed making a meal plan for two weeks was easier than making one for one week! It meant it was easier to buy ingredients for things like lunches over the two weeks, but also I was able to buy larger packs of some veggies and fruits (frozen) because I knew that we'd use them over the two weeks... Plus Tops is coming round on the whole side salad thing! Anyway, Tops and I have really enjoyed this last week of meals, Dan Jon never complains about food (unless it is carb free or Beef that he doesn't enjoy the texture of) and Flyfour just hasn't been here enough to complain!

Meal Plans W/C 20th February 2021

Last week I spoke with the Dietician about the families diet and if there were any changes that could be made as Dan Jon's cholesterol is raised. It was agreed that we have a pretty good balanced diet and didn't need to add or change anything.... but I used the time to speak with the professional about some changes that Flyfour, Top Ender and I have been talking about in order to help the entire family lose a little weight. The dietician agreed that everything seemed good with our "diet" plan and so said we could go ahead! The good news is that it isn't really that different to what our current diet is, we're just making sure there are extra veggies at each meal, eating a Salad with each meal and thanks to Top Ender that we have enough calories left to enjoy some sweet treats too.

What We're Eating W/C 6 February 2021

I always love a food challenge month as it makes meal planning so easy. Top Ender helped me come up with some great meals for some of the nights this month, but with having limited (well not really that limited) ingredients to pick from it means there isn't a whole of lot of options to pick from but I am trying to pick some meals that mean I'm stretching the palates of my family... they are not so keen on this!