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Top Ender Giggles - My biggest asset

A short announcement before todays rambling; For several years I have had a blog that I rambled on about other things not just the funny things said and for one reason or another I had to close it. After talking with Top Ender and Baby Boy they have agreed only to do funny things every other day or shorter than they currently do so that on the non long or non funny days I can write some Mummy Ramblings. And this will start soon! Back to normal for now though! "I drew a card for you Mummy" said Top Ender "Oh that is lovely!" I said admiring the portrait "Tell me about it" "You are feeding Baby Boy, and these are your boobs." she said pointing at two large ovals "Thanks Top Ender, Thanks" I said

Top Ender Giggles - Don't expect our truths to match

"Top Ender what is that purple mark on your arm?" asked Daddy After twisting her arm at an impossible angle to get a better look and prodding it she said "Its a bruise Daddy!" "Bruises don't tend to be perfectly formed circles, that tends to be felt tip marks" said Daddy "Well if you knew why did you ask me?" retorted Top Ender

Wordless Wednesday - Open Air Concert

Baby Boys First Open Air Concert got a bit much and a nap was required!

Top Ender Giggles - A little out there in the theory stakes

Top Ender was wearing a Disney Princess necklace yesterday (Princess Aurora if you don't know) and when in a supermarket a young girl was admiring it "She said it was nice, and I said Thank you and then smiled and she smiled back" Top Ender said without pausing for breath "That was nice, if you were a Sim you would totally get a new bar for that interaction" I said "If I was a Sim we would be some Giants little toy" said Top Ender "How do you know we aren't?" I asked "Don't confuse me Mummy" said Top Ender

Top Ender Giggles - I have another task

Daddy let me have a lay in this morning and took Baby Boy downstairs when he woke up this morning. When I went down Top Ender was still in bed and it was time for me to start work so Daddy took Baby Boy upstairs to check on Top Ender . " Oooh , I am soooo tired and I can't get out of bed" said Top Ender from her bed "Are you okay Top Ender ?" said Daddy "My arms and legs are sore and I feel sick" said Top Ender Daddy did the necessary checks and let Top Ender stay in bed and came downstairs to tell me she was ill and to take up a new bottle of water before he took Baby Boy out for the morning. A few minutes later Top Ender appeared in the living room with her bottle of water "Mummy? Can I have something to eat?" "Sure, I will get you something light" I said "I would get it myself but I have to keep drinking this water..."

Top Ender Giggles - Don't tell children ANYTHING!

It was Aunties birthday this week and as big sisters do I was teasing her about the gift that we had brought for her, by giving tantalising clues that were as ambiguous as... I don't know something that is really ambiguous! It was at this point that Auntie asked if I remembered the year that Top Ender couldn't keep a secret. Our story begins many moons ago when Top Ender was still a Toggler, Baby Boy wasn't even a twinkle in my eye and Cousins were the last thing on Aunties agenda. Auntie still lived with our parents and we had been invited for a birthday dinner of Chicken and Salad... Top Ender/Toggler walked into the living room having been primed with what to say and given the important job of handing over the gift almost as big as she was "Happy Birthday Auntie!" she recited "Happy Birthday!" Both Daddy and I chorused "Thank you!" said Auntie "Here is your present Auntie!" said Top Ender/Toggler "Oh thank you! I'll open i

Blame Tara, cos we all do!

Tara over at Sticky Fingers sent me The Blame Tara Meme . It seems that she has accidentally created a phenomena all over the Internet and is busy tracking down how far it will get and having some fun reading answers to questions that she made up; Actually it is quite fun and has led me to some really strange places but I digress. So why not read about me and Top Ender and Baby Boy and a special mystery guest too and tags are at the end! The questions: 1. Who is the hottest movie star? 2. Apart from your house and your car, what's the most expensive item you've ever bought? 3. What's your most treasured memory? 4. What was the best gift you ever received as a child? 5. What's the biggest mistake you've made? 6. 4 words to describe yourself. 7. What was your highlight or lowlight of 2008? 8. Favourite film? 9. Tell me one thing I don't know about you. 10. If you were a comic book/strip or cartoon character, who would you be? Mummy 1. Ooh erm. Of all time or righ

Wordless Wednesday - Compact lunch

Strictly not a Wordless Wednesday, but there needs to be a bit of back story here so you can see what is going on. Top Ender is on School Holidays and we thought that it would be important to do one crazy or fun thing everyday and today we decided to have an indoor picnic complete with picnic mat! Top Ender was taking her time to eat her lunch (something to do with the television being on) and Baby Boy had eaten his sandwich and strawberries and was trying to get Top Enders to no avail! Baby Boy knew that he needed to do something to get them, but wasn't sure what. So he sat down to think about it. Problem was he sat down on Top Enders lunch... Mind you it sped up her eating of it before he could do it again!

Top Ender Giggles - I know what it looks like...

This other morning before anyone other than Baby Boy and I were up, I started to watch a TV programme that I had recorded from the night before (Private Practice if you must know!). There was a scene that was a little adult for Top Ender , who just happened to walk in to the living room right at that moment. I stopped the programme and hurriedly turned the channels to a Radio Station when she said, "You don't have to stop it I know he is going to take off his pants and I have seen Daddy's bottom already"

Top Ender Giggles - A little incentive

Top Ender had her first swimming lesson in the week and as we walked to it we went over the behaviour that we thought would be appropriate. "Listen to the teacher" I said "Don't be silly" she said "Don't run at the pool side" I said "Don't splash people" she said "Listen to the teacher" I said "You said that already!" "I know but it is important" "Okay, well if I behave and do well you can give me some money" "That sounds like a good idea, but if you behave for every lesson I'll buy your teddy a wardrobe" "REALLY?" she said with eyes wide in disbelief "Yes" "Okay and if I don't you can take away the TV!" She must really want that wardrobe!

Baby Boy Giggles - You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours

"Can I have a kiss please Baby Boy?" I asked "No!" he answered "Oh, okay. I would of liked a kiss, but it is okay" I sulked "Mama?" he asked "Yes?" "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwah! Choc choc?" he asked expectantly

Top Ender Giggles - In the sofa?

"Why are you jumping up and down Mummy?" asked Top Ender "Because I lost 5lb!" I answered "Is it down the back of the sofa?"

Top Ender Giggles - That isn't food!

Top Ender went to a party after school in the week. When we got home I made tea for Baby Boy, Daddy and I and let Top Ender play. "When's dinner Mummy?" asked Top Ender expectantly "You have had dinner!" I answered Top Ender thought for a second face screwed up with concentration "No I haven't!" she exclaimed "Yes, at the Birthday party" I explained "No, that was lunch as it was sandwiches and party food!"

Top Ender Giggles - Just a little change

Top Ender will finish in Reception this Friday. I can't believe that she is growing so fast and it makes me not want to blink or before I know it Baby Boy will be in school too. She went to spend some time with her new Teacher in the week along with her other classmates. After school I asked her what it was like, where she sat, what she did and all the other questions that I was desperate for her to answer! "There was one thing that upset me though Mummy" she pouted. "What was that Top Ender?" "Well, do you know that you don't play when you go to Year One?" "Yes, I did know that" "Well I am staying in Reception!" Not knowing how to answer this I pulled a funny face and let the subject slide until Daddy was around and asked about the new Teacher visit "Daddy there was this one thing that Top Ender wasn't happy about" I mentioned "What was that Mummy?" asked Daddy "Well Top Ender is upset that there is

Wordless Wednesday - All Smiles

Fluke! Both looking at the Camera and smiling?!

Baby Boy Giggles - Forget Butterfly kisses

Afer we have dropped Top Ender at school, Baby Boy and I are often tempted to go for a walk so that I can get my heart rate up and he can get some fresh air. We have recently discovered a park with exercise equipment in and so I exercise on this equipment whilst Baby Boy runs around on the grass or sits in his pram laughing at my efforts. We have been park regulars for a bit now and get the usual Hellos from the people walking their dogs and comments about how Baby Boy is looking happy or smart or talkative..... "Hello! Enjoying your work out little Man?" said a regular dog walker to Baby Boy who was running round in circles in front of the air walker I was on. "Blah! Woof!" answered Baby Boy "Yes, I do have my doggy if Mummy says it is okay you can stroke him" by this point I had dismounted and nodded it was okay "Tickle tickle?" asked Baby Boy "No I don't think the doggy wants his tummy tickled just yet" I answered "Mwah?&quo

Top Ender Giggles - A little direction

Whilst we were driving home Daddy and I weren't sure of which road to take so we decided to keep on the road we were on. A few seconds later I realised where we were and let Daddy know. "I'll turn around in this side road" said Daddy "I know where we are!" said Top Ender with natural excitement As we had been on the exact same road only one week before we both assumed that she had seen something that had sparked a memory "Where's that then Top Ender?" asked Daddy "Lost!" she replied "I'll give you lost!" muttered Daddy

Top Ender Giggles - I still dont get wht is is funny though

Whilst traveling home last night during a rain storm, Daddy saw a field of Deer and pointed them out to Top Ender who was traveling in the front with him. "It looks like Rain deer!" Daddy said as Baby Boy and I started to giggle in the back. Top Ender sat thinking for a moment before replying "There are two ways of saying it isn't there?" "Yes, Top Ender" said Daddy "Because, you could be saying the Deer look like Reindeer, or you could be saying it looks like rain and saying dear because it is to a close friend...." "That is exactly right Top Ender" said Daddy "I still don't get why it is funny though" said a pan faced Top Ender

Top Ender Giggles - Just Good Friends

"Look at those two Men holding hands Mummy and Daddy!" exclaimed Top Ender as we drove down Regent Street. "They are very good friends aren't they?" she followed with.

Top Ender Giggles - There is only one way home!

Whist we were driving in the car during the week the following occurred "Mummy? Is that Grandad carrying a bin up the road?" asked Top Ender "Yes, it appears to be Top Ender " I answered "Why is he doing that?" "Well how else could he get it home?" "Good point Mummy, Good Point!"

Top Ender Giggles - Something to sweeten the deal

I went in to Top Enders bedroom to check on her before I went to sleep. As I leaned over to give her a kiss she opened her eyes "Mummy?" "Yes Top Ender" "You are the best Mummy ever" "Thank you Top Ender, go back to sleep now" "Mummy?" "Yes Top Ender?" "As the best Mummy ever, will you get me a drink?"

Wordless Wednesday - Googly Eyes!

This was Top Enders pick as she says you all need cheering up today

Top Ender Giggles - School Reports

"Top Ender today I get your school report don't ya know?" I grinned "Today?" She queried bottom lip quivering "Yep!" "I haven't been on the Golden time list for ages Mummy" she said with dread in her voice "I know, I expect it to tell me lots of good things about you!" "What if it doesn't turn up though?" she queried "It comes home with you so it had better!" I answered "Oh. I've been really nice to the Teachers so they had better say something nice!"

Top Ender Giggles - Its what I like

"Top Ender , I would like you to write a letter to Nanny B today please" I told Top Ender "Why?" questioned Top Ender "Well she just had an operation and it would cheer her up!" "How about I phone her?" she offered "No, I would like you to send a letter" I replied "A phone call would be quicker" she reasoned "I would still like you to send a letter" I replied "Okay, I'll send her some money as well so she can buy some sweets like she does for me!

Top Ender Giggles - They aren't what they say they are

"Look at those Chimneys Top Ender, they are all twisty!" I said "They aren't Chimneys Mummy!" answered Top Ender, knowingly "They are!" I insisted "No, they are Smoke Ladders!"

Baby Boy Giggles - Turn Around and Stop

Baby Boy has a new favourite song. The chorus goes like this "Turn around, turn around, turn around and stop!" He then starts dancing and does indeed Turn around and stop. I am constantly amazed at how much he understands!

Top Ender Giggles - Well how do I know?

"Mummy!" squeeled Top Ender "What's up Top Ender?" I answered in a zombie like slumber having only had three hours sleep "Daddy said you took Baby Boy to the Doctors in the middle of the night... is it true?" "Yes, and he has some medicine which is meant to taste like Strawberry, but tastes like poo!" There was a slight pause "Mummy? How do you know what poo tastes like?"

Baby Boy Giggles - Hauntingly Funny

Yesterday Baby Boy and I were having a quiet afternoon when Baby Boy decided to go and get his coat. He put it over his head and started to walk towards me making a curious sound " Ooooh oooooh !" he sang At this point I realised that he has been watching too much Scooby Doo with Top Ender and understand that he is being a ghost, so I pretend to be frightened "Oh my a ghost coming to get me, where shall I hide?!" I said in mock terror " Oooh oooh !" sand Baby Boy It was at this point that he lost direction and started to walk away from me and towards the TV unit, where he walked straight into it and bounced backwards landing in a heap just in front of it. I know I shouldn't but it was so funny I could help but laugh. (Baby Boy searched for the edge of his coat and when located it, popped his head out, smiled at me and started to giggle too! No injuries honest!)

Wordless Wednesday - Summer Ice-cream

Two Summers ago Top Ender and I would go to a local Restaurant and have dinner each Friday night as Daddy would be at home sleeping, so he could go to work all night. The servers became quite fond of Top Ender and got her a special pudding each week. The pudding in the pictures below became her favourite and whenever we go back (once a month now, just for pudding) she asks for it again!