A Mothers Ramblings: February 2008

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Top Ender Giggles - Revenge will be Mine!

The other day My Sister taught Top Ender a rhyme about baked beans;

"Beans, Beans Good for the Heart,
The more you eat the more you...Fart".

Being the good little girl that Top Ender is, she told me later that night that my sister had told her a rhyme, but that she couldn't quite remember it... I knew that wasn't strictly true as you can tell Top Ender anything once and it will be stored for use at a later date.

Last night my side of the family were all having dinner together and the meal had beans. With an evil glint in her eye my sister asked;

"Top Ender, do you remember that rhyme I told you about beans?"
"No" said Top Ender
"Yes, Top Ender does" I sighed

Top Ender looked at me and realised that I wasn't really that mad about her knowing this "rude" rhyme.

Top ender looking like butter wouldn't melt!

"Which one was it again?" Top Ender pondered "Oh yes that's it - Beans, Beans Good for the Heart, The more you eat the more you...Fart. Was that the one you meant?"

"Yes it was the one she meant" I replied
"I had no idea she would remember it" my sister lied

"Tell her anything once and she will memorise it, you should know that by now!" Daddy offered.

And so we all had a good giggle.


I am already thinking what I can teach Cousin (My sisters daughter) in a few months time.

How about;

There once was a young lady from Nantucket...

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Routines are good

Top Ender is being very good at the moment, and I am sure I know why and it's something I did!

Top Ender at the Playground

She has been helping me each week do my chores; On a Saturday whilst she watches the TV for an hour I am found hovering the house, dusting, cleaning the bathroom and Kitchen you know what it involves I am sure, because like me you do all the same chores!

Then together we follow the Flylady Missions for a room and spend some time cuddling and reading on the sofa. She understands that in the afternoons at the weekends and the evenings during the week I need to have a rest as Baby Boy is making me tired and she will often sit with me and listen to some music or tell me a story or read to herself if I nap or have a quick read.

And I think that this is all happening because of our written down routines.

I spent some time and created for both Top Ender and I,  a folder which contain our daily routines.

Her folder is a High School Musical folder and has lots of stickers inside; mine is just red but has some art inside that inspires me.

Knowing exactly what is expected of us, and the things that we need to do has meant a change in our home.

Our house look clean and clear (well most of it!) we can find socks and clothes and shoes and we are not over run with toys, clutter and mess!

We love routines!