A Mothers Ramblings: July 2011

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Silent Sunday

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Top Ender and Big Boy under the Triceratops at Peartree Bridge Milton Keynes

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Salcey Forest - A place of Fun and Exercise!

Not too far from where we are in Milton Keynes is a Forest called Salcey Forest and it is in Northamptonshire. We have been several times as a family, to walk around the routes as not only is it a great place to visit to see some magnificent trees and wildlife but it is also a great place to get a bit of exercise, especially on a Sunday afternoon to work off my infamous Roast Dinners!
Salcey Forest

Last Sunday it was nice and bright and warm so we decided to head over to Salcey Forest to try to wear out Top Ender and Big Boy and we wanted to get a dose of Vitamin D too! We parked by the cafe and toilet block (the toilets are clean and big and the cafe is always busy when we go during it's opening hours) and paid for our parking on the very handy pay by phone option. There are three routes around the forest, The Woodpecker Trail, The Church Path Walk and The Elephant Walk. We have been so often and know the routes so well, we sort of just made our own walk up following a bit of The Church Path Walk and The Elephant Walk!

Friday, 29 July 2011

A Summer Holiday Late Night Treat

With it being the Summer Holidays we are having a few late night treats here at A Mothers Ramblings. Nothing too late, or too extravagant but late enough that for the first time in ages Big Boy is sleeping late in the morning allowing Daddy and I some extra time in bed to balance out the late nights!

Earlier this week Daddy, Top Ender and Big Boy went to Asda for a few supplies for our trip to Camp Bestival and decided to buy some ice-creams for themselves as a treat to eat on the way home. When they got home Big Boy came and sat on the sofa in the living room and we filmed this...
(Video can be seen at http://youtu.be/xwQAa94EQvo)

As you can see even Willow (the cat) was pleased when Big Boy finally gave up and I got to eat the end of the ice-cream!

Yay for late summer nights!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Making Chores Fun - Mow The Lawn

There are some chores that I'm not the one responsible for completion of, I don't mean chores that I get the children to help out with like Cleaning the Windows, but I mean I really just don't do them! I don't put the bins out (although I do), I don't put petrol in the car (although I will) and I don't mow the lawn (unless I am trying to induce labour). They are Daddy's jobs (he has a few others and always helps out if I ask him to) and he too understands that making chores fun means it isn't just the children who enjoy the benefits of making a chore a game. In the words of Mary Poppins;

"In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. 
You find the fun, and - SNAP - the job's a game!"

I would also add SNAP the job's done, but instead I will just let you sit there for a minute with that goofy grin on your face thinking about Michael trapped in the toy cupboard yelling "Let me out!".

Now let me just be serious for a moment there is no way that mowing the lawn should be carried out by anyone who isn't a responsible adult and it should never be explained to children as being a game because lawn mowers have blades and blades cut more than just grass! Always make sure that you are wearing suitable footwear and have a power breaker installed as well as never ever ever working on a lawnmower whilst it is plugged in if it is an electric one! So how do you make this chore fun, whilst maintaining safety?


Whilst Daddy starts getting the lawn mower ready, and checking it over, he has Top Ender and Big Boy race to clear all the garden toys away and to check for any stones, pegs sticks or anything else that could cause injury if it was thrown up by the lawn mower. Racing against each other gives a nice competitive element to get everything cleared from the lawn and means that they don't disturb Daddy whilst he is checking the lawn mower over. All is needed is a quick inspection by Daddy to make sure that nothing obvious has been left on the grass and to move the moveable play equipment that is too heavy for Top Ender and Big Boy.

As our garden is already roughly cut into two by a path up the middle of the lawn Daddy is able to keep the children to an area where they are in no danger. As we have an electric lawnmower without a roller, we don't worry about having green stripes on our lawn (although we do have a "proper" lawn mower if we want the stripes) and Daddy will cut the lawn with the children shouting encouragement! With one side of the lawn cut Daddy then moves on to the other side, with the children helping by moving all the equipment to the other side of the lawn.

It's fun because everyone works together and I think that everyone will agree that a mowed lawn makes a garden look fantastic!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Glamour Mansion from Argos

We were given the Glamour Mansion from Argos to review.

When I was younger I had the biggest Dolls house ever. It was as tall as me and meant that my Sindy's (I wasn't a Barbie girl) had plenty of space to store their clothes, working shower, working lights, red leather sofa and countless other accessories I had collected or inherited (Thanks Aunties T and C!). Top Ender did play with it a couple of times, but to be honest it just wasn't sturdy enough as it was made of plastic which is going brittle with age and cardboard. Argos let me know about the new dolls house, or rather Glamour Mansion, that they were going to be bringing out and asked if Top Ender would like to have one to review. Knowing that with the 60+ dolls and accessories that she has that this would make perfect sense we eagerly agreed.
Argos Glamour Mansion

I don't know what I was expecting to arrive, but the Glamour Mansion was a very pleasant surprise. The dolls house is self assembly, but the wooden pieces are really solid and I put it together surprisingly quickly considering that Big Boy tried to help me and Daddy says I have terrible DIY Skills. The house is really solid and has taken a fair battering from Top Ender and Big Boy and even Daddy said that nothing needed tightening!

Argos Glamour MansionArgos Glamour MansionArgos Glamour Mansion

Just like my dolls house when I was younger this Glamour Mansion is perfect for Barbie and Sindy sized dolls (I think they are called Fashion Dolls these days!) and the different areas of the house are well designed meaning that even Top Ender hasn't yet come up with a situation that she hasn't been able to set somewhere in the house! Even the balcony has had it's fair share of conversations, arguments and dance parties!

Argos Glamour Mansion

It isn't just Top Ender who has been playing with the house though. Big Boy loves the dolls house and will often be found moving the dolls around the glamour mansion whilst they take part in some game of his. It's been brilliant watching him and Top Ender play together with the dolls house whenever they can.

Big Boy and Top Ender having fun with the Argos Glamour Mansion

I must admit that I have been playing with the house a fair bit too, it is just so inviting sitting there with its accessories (A bed, hanging rail for the bedroom, kitchen unit, sofa, bath and a few other pieces) and the dolls that Big Boy and Top Ender have to make sure are tucked in at night before they go to bed too! Who knows maybe I will even video a little story for us all based on a day at Glamour Mansion!

The Glamour Mansion is £129.99 in Argos and will be in the catalogue out on the 30th July.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Best Friends - Wordless Wednesday

After our Picnic lunch on the first day of our Summer Holidays, Top Ender and Big Boy started walking home holding hands. It was so sweet I had to grab a quick snap of it. I love this shot so much I am going to get it printed to put up in our home.

Top Ender and Big Boy holding hands walking home from our Fun Family Picnic in the Summer Holidays

Day One of the Summer Holidays

The first day of the Summer Holidays was a fantastic start to our holidays. We decided to go to the park in the morning before coming back home to do some chores and play in the garden. It was a great start to the day with all of us using the short walk as a wake up to the beautiful summers day.

Having some fun on the swings Family style!

Because it was such a nice day we knew that we had to make the most of it and so we packed up a picnic and headed to the Blue Lagoon, a local man made lake. Although Top Ender and Big Boy have both been for walks around the lake in the past, they have never really seen the lake and they don't know the stories about it so we sat at the end watching Dragonflies dart about whilst I told them about the treasures of sunken cars, planes and a bus that await divers wanting to increase their skills. 

Big Boy relaxing at the Blue LagoonTop Ender looking out over the Blue Lagoon to see if she can spot the submerged vehicles

It was a great way to spend a couple of hours, relaxing and chatting, eating food and trying to spot in the crystal clear water the submerged vehicles and we all caught the sun as well as had a giggle together. It really was peaceful, and just looking out over the lake trying to spot fish amongst the reeds made me remember the lazy layabout days that I had experienced as a child.

The Blue Lagoon

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Silent Sunday

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White Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cup Cakes
Silent Sunday

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Rain, Mud and Some Honey!

Just in case you forgot Rowse Honey paid for Top Ender and I to go to Latitude 2011.

Last weekend Top Ender and I went to Latitude. Top Ender has already sort of given her impression of the day in  her guide to Festivals for Children, but now it's my turn! What can you say about a day spent in a muddy field listening to music whilst being rained on? Well, if you spent the Saturday at Latitude you would probably say something about it being amazing and an experience that I would want to repeat, and if possible to repeat soon!
Top Ender standing in mud

I was really disappointed that the two groups that we I wanted to see most out of everyone that was on we missed. I could have kicked myself but the problem was that I wasn't going to pay for a copy of the programme for the festival as I thought that it was too expensive, especially when there were a couple of boards up with the times of who I wanted to see! I also found the app that I downloaded from the apple store to be particularly useless, I mean I know it was free but the info on the app was all the information I could find on the website if I wanted.

Spending one on one time with Top Ender was fantastic and even though she was complaining about being cold and wet and that she didn't like the performers that we were watching she did manage to survive the day and I think that she did actually enjoy herself, especially when the sun came out in the afternoon and dried us both out a bit. And to make it even better she got her face painted in the Rowse Honey tent and got to play a few games and to find out from a real Bee expert about the lives of Bees!

Top Ender with the Rowse Queen Bee

I think that for me the festival was good as I hadn't heard good music live for quite a while and hearing some performers (like Ed Sheeran) who I had heard but never really listened too gave me a deeper appreciation for them... and has meant that I have been buying tracks like nobody's business!

Would we go again? Absolutely! Maybe I'll even become a Festival Going Regular!

Top Ender and Mummy

Friday, 22 July 2011

A Mothers Ramblings Summer Holiday World Tour

This Summer Top Ender, Big Boy and I are off on a world tour. For the next six weeks we are going to eat exotic dishes, learn about different cultures and customs take in a few sights and if we are lucky pick up some foreign languages. It is going to be exhausting cramming it all into the summer holidays, but we know that we are going to have fun together and hopefully learn something new everyday.

Well, this isn't strictly true. You see we are going on a world tour, this Summer holidays but from our own living room, which means that we can do our 100 Free Things To Do In The Summer Holidays too!
The A Mothers Ramblings World Tour Logo

The theme for our Summer Holiday this year is travel and so we are going to base all our activities around this, and just in case you want to join in I thought I would list out at the start of the week where we are going and what we are doing so you could join in!

Each week we will visit the landmarks the country is most known for (either by creating them ourselves, finding something similar locally or the good old Internet), create something crafty from the country and of course plan our meals to reflect the cuisine of the area we are visiting. We want our passports to get stamped in every country we visit too so we shall be making our own passports and making our own stickers to stick on our pin board suitcase too.

Family Fun with Toilet Rolls

We like making things in our house, it doesn't matter if it is a mess or a tower or dinner or things out of toilet rolls we just like spending time together making things! A few days ago Big Boy and I were a little bored and so we decided to make something out of toilet rolls (we have plenty of them around) and as we grabbed four of them we decided that we wanted to play bartender and we made glasses of juice.
Toilet Roll Drinks

I'm not claiming to be the worlds best artist (It's okay I know I'm not) but I was pleased with the way that they came out as we knew what they were supposed to be. Just in case you don't know from left to right we have a glass of Lemon and Lime (see the lemon and lime wedges there are ice cubes too but I don't think you can see them), Raspberry and Blackcurrant (with Ice), Water (again with the ice) and Orange (See the orange and the ice?!).

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Top Enders Guide to Festivals for Children

When we went to Latitude last weekend it was Top Ender's first real festival and as such I had tried to warn her about what I knew about Festivals. As it was really my first real festival too this mainly consisted of information I had gleaned from friends who had been to festivals in the past and also what I had learnt from reading books where the main character goes to a Festival. As you can tell my information with a bit patchy and mainly aimed at adults so Top Ender has come up with a guide to Festivals for Children.

1) If it has been raining wear wellies. You will need to wear them because there is a lot of mud at Festivals and also the floors in the toilets are sometimes a bit disgusting and this stops you from treading your trainers in poo.
Top Tips for Children at Festivals - Wear Wellies!

2) Wear Clothes you are comfortable in. If you are going to be dragged from stage to stage and from activity to activity you need to be comfortable. I think that wearing layers is a good idea as that way you can take a layer off if you are hot. Don't forget wear shorts if it is sunny and trousers if it is raining!

3) Take your Raincoat. Even if you don't like it because it covers your mouth take it and wear it. You will stay dry in the rain and if it doesn't rain you can use it as a floor cover to sit on. Also if it is raining take spare clothes, you will need them.

Top Tips for Children at Festivals - Take a Raincoat!

4) Take a bottle of water. Most festivals will let you take in an opened bottle of water. I opened mine up and took a swallow of water whilst we were parking our car so that the security guards could see it was an open bottle more easily.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

An Adventure for Big Boy and Mummy

Last Friday Big Boy and I went on an adventure. I knew that I was going to be away from Big Boy for the whole weekend and so I thought that some quality one on one time might make it easier on Big Boy me us. We started the day by Daddy giving us a lift to the far end of the high street. We walked through a church yard looking at decorative grave stones with carved marble hands clasped in prayer, Angels and prayer books and details of the loved ones who had been left behind.

We carried on our adventure by going to the park and played on the swings and slide and climbing apparatus and made a friend who Big Boy played in the wild flowers with (and I think I made a new Mum friend too) before we both set off on the rest of our day.
Big Boy adventuring in the wild flowers

Big Boy and I walked up the high street, pretending to be a band performing on the band stand, looking in the shop windows at the wares for sale, laughing at the greengrocer who was juggling tomatoes and the butcher who was pretending to juggle his knives. We jumped over the cracks in the path and made our way to the local supermarket to pick up some food for an impromptu picnic lunch.

We walked to another local park and found a place to have our picnic in the middle of the field before finding a recycling bin to recycle our rubbish in. We cuddled and munched and slurped our drinks and enjoyed the sunshine of the afternoon.

Mini Sausages for our family fun picnic

Big Boy chased after bubbles and zoomed around excited to have so much space just for him. He made friends with a couple of ladies on their lunch hour who had come to the park for a gossip and catch up and who enjoyed just watching him enjoy himself.

Big Boy chasing a bubble on our adventure

We went into the play area and Big Boy swung on the swings higher than ever before and screamed with laughter at the ground rushing up towards him as he swung.

Big Boy on the swings at the park

We walked home and held hands and giggled as we walked along in the shade. We saw the Queen and Prince Phillip (no really we did!) and gave them a little wave and wondered what would happen if they were to pop into our house for a cup of tea (we offered on Twitter), a biscuit and a natter. We were quite pleased that they didn't as our living room was a little bit messy and we only had a little bit of milk in.

It was such a special day, we had so much fun and got so much pleasure from the simple things, the free things and just being together. It was the best Big Boy and Mummy adventure that we have ever had. Until the next one that is.

Monday, 18 July 2011

I must go down to the sea again

This weekend, (apart from having gone to Latitude with Rowse Honey) we stayed at my Nan's on the Norfolk coast. Spending some time on Sunday morning on the beach and watching Top Ender paddling in the sea reminded me just why I love the seaside so much. 

Top Ender is seven and a little world weary, she understands far too much about the world she lives in and the pressures that effect everyday life. I swear I was a lot older than seven when I realised that the world can be a harsh place to live in. Seeing her on the beach though, running in and out of the waves, giggling at the coldness of the water, she was my little girl again, the one who loves cuddles and stories about fairies.

Top Ender Paddling in the sea - Traditional Family Fun

There is such an innocence in digging your toes into the sand and splashing in the waves that I think everyone should do it when life is starting to get too much. Who knows maybe if we can keep that childlike innocence in our everyday lives, the world might just be a little bit better.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Silent Sunday

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Wild Flowers in the Park and Big Boy hiding in them

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Five songs to live your life by

When from Curly and Candid tagged me in this meme I was actually quite pleased. Give five songs that you live your life by, your philosophies, your reasons for the way you react the way you do that is so easy for me so here are five songs that sum up how I live my life and how I would like to see my children live their life.

Everybody's free to wear sunscreen - Baz Luhrmann
Daddy putting sun cream on Top Ender
Daddy creaming up Top Ender on a trip to London
Right so technically this one is cheating, because this one has a tonne of advice in it all of which is something that I hope that my children will understand as they get older and apply to their lives. If there was ever a song to live your life by this has to be it.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Making Chores Fun - Cleaning the Windows

Just like going on the School Run, there are chores that Top Ender, Big Boy and I like to do together. One of our favourites is cleaning the windows because we have so many ways to make this fun depending upon which window we are cleaning!

Making Chores fun and cleaning the windows

Our main living room window is fun to clean because we are allowed to stand on the windowsill to clean it and because Top Ender and Big Boy know that when it is clean we will normally be sticking something in it (like Breast pad Snowmen or Hama Bead Easter Bunnies) for a seasonal display!

Top Ender and I love to clean this window together by standing on opposite sides of the window and playing noughts and crosses using window pens before wiping it all off and cleaning the window, but as Top Ender is getting much better at noughts and crosses than she used to be I'm not sure we will be playing that one for much longer...

So that is how we make cleaning the windows fun, how about you?

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Top Ender Giggles - Name Confusion

Whilst watching the Sky One TV Coverage of the premier of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part Two we were commenting on how different the actor's and actresses who play characters in the film look in real life. I told Top Ender to look out for Emma Watson, who plays Hermione because she has had her hair cut really short. When Emma Watson came on screen I said;

"Look, that's Emma Watson, see I told you she had her hair cut!"
"Hermione you mean?" asked Top Ender
"No, Emma Watson, that is her real name" I answered
"I thought you said Emma whatshername!" answered Top Ender

Top Ender in Gryffindor costume for the midnight release of the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2007

I'm not entirely sure why I am posting this other than Daddy told me too, because he likes the idea of Emma Whatsername...

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Who are you? (Who who?)

I was reading an old post from Diary of A desperate Exmoor Woman where Jane googled herself and found out who she was (well who shared her name anyway) so I thought I would nick it and turn it into a meme.
I am Pippa!
Will the real Pippa please stand up?
Okay so using my real name I am;

* An author and according to The Bookseller

"We’re all thrilled that Pippa is coming to Pan Macmillan. Katy Henderson Loses Control is the funniest, cleverest and most original debut novel I’ve read in this genre for a long time."
So there, my debut novel was the funniest, cleverest and most original... might read it, it sounds good.
* I write A Mothers Ramblings. Which is boring because I do. I also write at Pippa World though!
* I'm a Psychologist, coach and mother and I have lots of letters after my name.
* I'm a front of house manager in Australia. I think that means I make houses look pretty.
* I'm a headmistress in New Zealand and
* I'm a florist. I always wanted to be a florist.

I also happen to know from a previous google of myself that I am a character in a book who killed her bosses wife...

So I am tagging;

Jen and

And all you have to do is google your name but incognito eg not signed into Google and discover who you are!

Un-natural Smiles - Wordless Wednesday

I know I know wordless, but hang on a minute so I can explain this one. Daddy asked Top Ender and Big Boy to give a nice natural looking smile so he could take a new picture for his phone background and this is what happened.
Unnatural Smiles from Top Ender and Big Boy

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Top Ender Giggles - The knee bone is connected to the...

On Saturday night, the Foo Fighters concert taking place at Milton Keynes Bowl could be heard at our house, which is around three miles away. As is normal for us we lay on our bed in the dark with the windows open for a few minutes each time there is a concert to see if we can "hear" what the performers are saying or singing. Top Ender had joined us (as she was awake) and had come back from the bathroom and laid down between us when Daddy said;

"If you had been here a minute ago you would have had a dead spider thrown on you!"

Top Ender looked horrified, so we explained that a few moments after she had left to go to the bathroom Daddy had suddenly started batting at his bare chest and sat upright in the bed and began using his phone (that he had been tweeting on) as a torch over the duvet. There on the bed was a now dead spider that had dropped on to his chest in the dark.

Daddy disposed of the spider just moments before Top Ender's return. Top Ender sat up and turned to look at where the spider had died and found a rather large Spider leg still on the duvet. We all laughed at this gruesome sight and Daddy disposed of the leg commenting;

"I wonder what else the spider has left behind"
"Smithereens?" offered Top Ender
"Smithereens isn't a part, it's a description of how many pieces the spider was in!" laughed Daddy
"Oh!" said a giggling Top Ender

Monday, 11 July 2011

Baby Boy Giggles - Breaking the Fourth Wall

When we went to see Shaun's Big Show, Big Boy was quite excited as he really loves the animated series of both Shaun and Timmy.

We were all sat in the auditorium and as the show started Big Boy was immediately transfixed by the dancing sheep and Bitzer (the dog). A few moments passed before Big Boy realised that there was a huge secret that only he knew and he had to share with his family so he stage whispered to us;

"There are people in those costumes!"

Those in the seats around us started to giggle whilst we reassured Big Boy that we had known there were people in the costumes and that we had known they weren't real animals.

The costumes were really great though.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Pandamonium In The Park

We were given tickets by Cadbury's Spots v Stripes Minute To Win It games to go to Pandamonium in the park.

I first heard about Pandamonium in the Park by seeing a leaflet in my Sainsbury's bag a few months ago. It was going to be a family fun day filled with Chinese culture and ending with a concert of the music of Hans Zimmer and John Powell. We were looking at going as Althorp House is only forty-five minutes away from Milton Keynes and when Cadburys asked if we would like to go as their guests and to try out the Cadbury Spots v Stripes Minute To Win It games we started packing the car up ready for a family day trip out!

Pandamonium in the Park

Our journey to Althorp House was really lovely (as Big Boy and I went to sleep) and walking from the car park to the arena we invented a new fun family game called "Dodge the sheep poo" which Big Boy and I were a bit naff at as we both managed to step in some. The arena was huge, and as we went in we were given arm bands to write our contact details on (and for the children to then wear), it was a good little touch for families especially for us as it allowed us extra peace of mind, as Big Boy was enjoying his freedom and making a break for open ground at almost every opportunity!

The afternoon was great fun and we got to meet Po from Kung Fu Panda, we watched The Chen brothers who are Chinese Lion Dance Champions and really were fantastic and we also got to watch The Shaolin Monks performing traditional Shaolin Kung Fu. We got to eat some fantastic food (thanks for the food in the VIP area!), played in a lovely little play area and generally had a great time together as a family.

The Chen Brothers - Chinese Lion Dance Champions

We didn't get a chance to play the Cadbury Spots v Stripes Minute To Win It games (which you can find out more about on the spotsvstripes website) as the stall was really busy the entire afternoon although we did manage to decorate cupcakes and Rice Krispie cakes!

The concert was brilliant, we got to hear some music from film soundtracks some of which we recognised and some that we didn't and we all had a good dance to a few of the tracks too as you can see from the video below;

(Video can be found at http://youtu.be/3dQPUrVseII)

We all enjoyed ourselves and left the Althorp Estate happy, tired and looking forward to our next family trip out!

Silent Sunday

Wait here and gripe fridge magnet message

Silent Sunday

Friday, 8 July 2011

Shaun's Big Show

We were given four tickets to see this show by Milton Keynes Theatre to and see Shaun The Sheep's Big Show.
Shaun's Big Show - Shaun The Sheep and friends on stage

Shaun and Timmy are firm favourites in our house, so we were pleased to be invited to Milton Keynes Theatre to go and see Shaun's Big Show. It is being billed as "A Music & Dance Extravaganza" and that it is! 

The show started and Daddy and I had one of those weird moments as we looked across to each other just to check that we weren't dreaming and this was actually happening as we watched a group of sheep and a dog dance on stage. Top Ender and Big Boy sat beside us were enthralled and didn't noticed as we joked about how they came up with the idea for this show but from the looks on the other parents faces as we glanced around we weren't the only grown ups with the same idea.

Then something happened, I realised that I was enjoying the show as much as the children were, I was clapping along, tapping my foot and humming to the tunes that I recognised. Suddenly the whole audience was laughing and  the clapping along gained momentum and the cast knew that they had us, you could see them relax and become more at ease (well as much as you can whilst dressed as a plasticine creation!) and the dancing became more fluid. There are a couple of moments in the first act that seemed a little slow, but this is made up for with some great disco dancing from the pigs and sheep which had our audience in stitches. 

You don't need to have seen any Shaun The Sheep or Timmy Time to understand what is going on, you don't even really need to have any knowledge of dance or dance sequences from popular films of the last 60 years but you do need to be willing to let yourself go with the flow and just enjoy watching a very hard working ensemble (all of whom I think did the splits at one point in the evening) bring to life characters normally only a few inches high. The costumes were fantastic (please, please, please, can I have a sheep suit?), the set design and lighting was pretty, the music was catchy and the choreography was everything it needed to be for sheep and pigs dancing ballet, traditional Irish dancing (yes River Dance stylee), highland dancing, ice dancing (a tribute to Torvill and Dean), a scene from Singing in the Rain, a scene from Saturday Night Fever and a scene from Dirty Dancing not to mention the can caning sheep!

If you enjoy dance or Shaun the sheep or if you have children who enjoy either of these then make sure you go to see this show when it comes near you.

The show runs for an hour and forty minutes including a twenty minute interval and is at Milton Keynes Theatre until the 10th July.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011