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Top Ender Giggles - And then came along a Irish man, a Welshman and a Rabbi

Top Ender , Daddy, Baby Boy and I went for a walk a couple of weekends ago. It was lovely and warm and as we were walking along the road we came upon a man walking towards us carrying a window frame. Top Ender noticed this man and seemed a bit puzzled as to why a man would be carrying a window up a road. "Look at that Man Top Ender , He is carrying a window" said Daddy "I wonder why he is doing that" I said "So when he gets hot he can get a breeze Mummy!" said an exasperated Top Ender

Top Ender Giggles - But its free!

Top Ender was just watching TV when an advert came on asking for people to adopt Orangutans. "I am not adopting an Orangutan!" she said defiantly "Why not Top Ender?" "Because, I don't want one messing up my stuff!" "It wouldn't come and live with us you know..." "Oh! Well we should then as you get a free toy."

Top Ender in the Summer

Top Ender and I were talking on the way to school this morning about a water fight we had last year. It was only a few days before Baby Boy was born, and gloriously hot. Top Ender and I sat in the Garden in swimming costumes and hats and slathered ourselves in sunscreen dipping our feet in the paddling pool in an attempt to keep cool. This image is one I keep of that day in my Minds eye and I wanted to share it with you too.

Top Ender is doing it for Charity

Top Ender is taking part in a circuit challenge at school. She has already asked for sponsorship money from Auntie and Granny and of course Baby Boy and both Daddy and me. So far she has £18 pledged to her and that is without asking the other side of the family if they will sponsor her. I just hope that she understands she doesn't actually get the money!

Baby Boy update

Baby Boy is standing on his own in the middle of the living room. Now here starts the trouble!

Baby Boy Giggles - Don't cry over spilt... pee?!

Baby Boy has had some really bad nappy rash over the last few days so yesterday I left his nappy off and let him crawl around without a nappy on when we got home from the shops. He was sitting on the floor playing with some toys when suddenly he started screaming and shouting "Mama, Mama". I rushed over to see what was wrong and he burst in to tears when he saw me and looked to the floor. My eyes went to where his had settled and saw that he had done a wee on the carpet. I quickly calmed him and told him not to worry that wee was easily cleaned up, but he kept staring at his leg. I realised that when he had done the wee some had gone on his leg and that is what the fuss was about, he had startled himself!

Baby Boy Giggles - Bed Head Hair

Baby Boy woke up this morning with a Mohawk.

Top Ender Giggles - Different Rules, Same Top Ender

Top Ender stayed overnight at Granny's last night. There are different rules at Granny's like you can stay up as late as you want and together we can eat junk food all night. I don't mind these rules, they are what memories are made of. Today when Granny, Auntie and both Cousins returned Top Ender home I asked her if she had been good. "Oh no she was so naughty. She wouldn't go to bed when I told her", said Granny winking at me "Is that true Top Ender?" I asked in mock shocked horror "Do you want the truth Mummy?" "Yes" "I actually wanted to go to bed earlier than Granny would let me!" At this point Auntie started laughing "Is that true?" "Yes, she went to bed on her own at 8:30 and was asleep in seconds!" said Granny!

Top Ender Giggles - Even I didn't know!

Yesterday afternoon Top Ender was complaining that she didn't feel very well. We happened to be at the Doctors already for another reason and I just assumed she was being a pain! When we got home, she was sitting on the Sofa and wanted a blanket. I was busy playing with Baby Boy and so told her she should go get one from her room. A few moments later she was shouting from the stairs that there was sick upstairs. I thought she said that the cat had been sick ( worryingly as none of the cats were in the house) and so asked her to repeat what she had just said. "I've been sick and I'm sorry" "Its okay come down, let me clean you up" "Its on the landing and in my room" "That is okay, you get washed and undressed in the bathroom and I will go clean it up and get some PJ's for you to wear okay?" After we had everything cleaned up (jeeps that kid threw up a lot) I apologised to her for not believing her when she said she felt ill. &quo

Top Ender Giggles - Sneaking Rewards

Top Ender came down the stairs this morning wondering what her reward this weekend would be... if she got one. Knowing she had just come out of my bedroom on an errand to fetch a nappy for her brother I asked her what she had seen that she had asked this question; "Nothing!" "Top Ender, tell me the truth" "I saw another Polly Pocket Doll, with a penguin!" "Will it make you behave so you get your stars?" "Yes" "Then yes that will be your reward, if by Sunday you have enough stars" "Okay... Can I have tonight?"

What a week!

Top Ender and Baby Boy were in fine form today. Baby Boy loves blowing raspberry's on anybody he can get to sit still long enough and was quite happy climbing over everyone to get to obscure places to blow them. Top Ender had got a full week of stars on the calender and so we purchased two small Polly Pocket dolls for her as a reward (they were 75p in a toy sale) and left them under her bed for her.