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Saturday, 20 July 2019

What We Are Eating W/C 20th July 2019

So I had a few days at my new job this week and realised that I have so much to get used to now that I will be working full time. This summer I'm going to try and build up some meals in the freezer to throw into slow cookers before going to work or the oven when I get home at night for those nights where I am just not wanting to cook. However, this week I'm focusing on the end of term things happening as we have Top Ender finishing School (Tuesday) and we have plans to kick off the Summer!

GREAT sign because that is what Summer is!

Friday, 19 July 2019

Brown Owl For A Year

I have been Brown Owl at a local Brownies unit for a year now and honestly, I did not realise when I agreed to help out, just how great it would be.

I kind of started being a Brown Owl, because I wanted to spend more time with Top Ender. She helps out at a Rainbows Unit on a Tuesday evening, a Brownies Unit on a Wednesday evening and a Guides Unit on a Thursday evening. The former Brown Owl was leaving and they needed an adult to step in to be a leader or at least a weekly volunteer or there was going to be problems with the number of girls to leader ratio.

Little Owl and Brown Owl aka Top Ender and PippaD

Thursday, 18 July 2019

The Leaver's Assembly

Every year, the School that Dan Jon goes to has a Leaver's Assembly for the Year Six students. For most of them, and their parents it is an emotional evening. Despite them having seen it once already in the whole school assembly, earlier that day. The teachers get misty-eyed, special guests appear (normally staff members who have taught them for several years but have left in the last couple of years) and everyone is thinking of how they have seen these children grow and mature and turn into the wonderful young people that they are.

They hand out certificates for what each student will most be remembered for and Dan Jon was given one for;

"His amazing determination and never letting anything faze him"

He seriously is so laid back, he is almost horizontal.

Dan Jon getting his certificate

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

The Last Sports Day

Ten years ago, Top Ender had her first Sports Day at her Primary School and every year until Dan Jon went to school, we trundled along to watch, cheer and take pictures so that in years to come we'd be able to remember the great fun that sports days are. Dan Jon joined the school four years later, and whilst the tradition of attending sports days continued, I no longer had my little pal to keep me company. Then four years ago, Top Ender left the School and it was a countdown until Dan Jon's last sports day...

Top Ender and Dan Jon on their last joint Sports Day

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Hair The Musical #Review

I'm not sure how I was first introduced to the musical Hair. I think I had picked up a song or two from my parents, and there was most definitely a song or two on some of my "Hits of the Musicals!" albums, but however it was, I knew that this was the one musical that I wanted to see... and not for the nudity, but because it was about standing up for your beliefs, about not being conventional, about the peace protests, about the freedom... everything teenagers probably will always be thinking about and fighting against their parents for.

Little did I know, I'd have to wait until I was 40 to see it at my local Theatre thanks to the great Press team, allowing Tops and I tickets!

Hair The Musical 50th Anniversary Tour

Standing in the foyer, Top Ender played the "Am I the youngest person here" game with me, which I thought was really odd. I didn't expect Top Ender to be the youngest person there, but from looking at the other patrons, she really was. We were trying to decide if this meant that I'm really liberal or a terrible parent, the answer of which was confirmed when we saw one of Top Ender's teachers and one of the teachers from Dan Jon's school (the latter whom I think is fabulous and would, if I could, force her to be one of my closest friends!).

I'm liberal and a terrible parent!

Top Ender with her Flower Power Hair and Trippy Programme