What We Are Eating W/C 31st October 2020

I was hoping that this last week would give me a time to relax and recharge and I would be full of life and vigour by the time this weekend rolled round, and ready to be the most amazing whatever it is I am at work. I have had time off this week, I have relaxed and attempted to recharge, but I'm mostly feeling down about whatever injury it is I have done to my right leg and the fact that the nightly walks have turned into a torture session. It's not fair!
On top of that, with our Trunk N Treat cancelled, I'm feeling very sorry for myself as I'm missing my annual "It's okay to dress up, as everyone else is!" session. I'll have to go back to cleaning the house in my ballgown or Elsa from Frozen costume!

Urban Walking Problems!

Flyfour and I love going for an evening walk. We get to be out in the err, dark starlight and see cats foxes and comment on the weather like true British people love to do and occasionally jump out the way as Robots come trundling down the hill intent on killing us whilst we were looking up at the sky to see if it is bats flying above us or some weird birds.There have been a couple of issues though.

Halloween 2020!

We hadn't really talked much about Halloween this year, I mean I'd decided that we'd be doing a few fun things, such as watching a film together, eating a spooky-themed meal and probably going for some kind of spooky walk, but that's normal for Halloween in our house. With the Trunk n' Treat cancelled, I figured we weren't going to be doing anything Halloween wise, no costumes, no trick or treating (although I have purchased plenty of treats for the four of us to split!) the most we were planning really was when Top Ender and I purchased tickets to go to a Drive-in Cinema the night before Halloween to see Beetlejuice. Then Top Ender asked if I could buy her a couple of items of clothing if I went near Primark during Half Term. A white tank top and a black pleated skirt were all she was after because she needed them for her Halloween costume. Despite a global pandemic, it seems it is business as normal with regards to costume planning. Roughly a week before Hall…

Dan Jon's Issue With Masks

Last week, I took Dan Jon to the hospital for his tri-monthly Diabetic Check-up. Everything is fine, it's just a normal check-in and check-up to make sure that Dan Jon is okay, that we are coping well, to make changes that we need to make to his basal and bolus rates and just making sure that his hbac is going in the right direction! Dan Jon and I had a nice chat on the way. We masked up, headed into the hospital and then we had a good chat with the nurses we knew whilst we were going through the normal check-up items of hbac blood test, blood pressure, height, weight and downloading our data from our handset which we can't do at home because all our PC's are too "new" and so don't work with the downloading programme.

What We're Eating W/C 24 October 2020

It is finally half term week and I'm super pleased!
It isn't because I want to have a week off, mainly because this week I'm going to work a little on a few projects I have planned at work, but because this week I plan on relaxing with my family, I plan on doing a fair bit of tidying in the garden and I have a huge pile of books I want to read!So, here's what we're eating this week.

Bye Bye Den!

When we go away, which as you know isn't often, the one thing that always sticks out to Flyfour and I is how much family time we get. The trip to the Lake District, saw us eating at a dining table every mealtime and even though we do eat together at weekends, we realised that there would be much more opportunity to be together at mealtimes if we had a proper dining table area and if we had more seating in the living room, we could all sit comfortably to watch a movie or a TV show together.The only issues are the dining table is in the way of where we would put more seating and the one other place we could put a dining table is an area we refer to as the den.

The Toffee Boat Family Walk

When we were in the Lake District, we explained to both children that we wanted to make more of our weekends and our time together as a family and that we'd like to further our time together by ensuring that each weekend we went for at least one walk as a family and maybe give us a chance to spot some hidden sights that we wouldn't normally see, like this mural of a Bluetit on the side of a home we saw at the weekend. The children were accepting of our plans, I think mostly because they thought that they would be able to blow off going with us, but Flyfour and I had a plan and nothing was going to stop us, so just before we went to bed we sent a family group whatsapp message informing everyone that a family walk would be taking place the next day and that attendance was mandatory. Flyfour followed this up with a message explaining that there would be a treat halfway though the walk, which did lead the children to think it was a trip to IKEA, but our plan was far more cunning th…