What We Are Eating W/C 30th May 2020

We're almost at the end of the month, and I don't know about you but I think it has been one of the nicest Mays I remember. It's not just been the weather or even the extra family time. For me, it's been a month of discovery both of skills, (I've done some great artwork) new hobbies (Gardening) and leg muscles. I have some seriously great calves at the moment thanks to the two-mile daily walks Flyfour and I have been going on!
Anyway, here's what we're eating this week!

Are All Gardeners Sadistic Cultists?

As I was slaving away in the garden, weeding one of the raised beds on the lawn a curious thought popped into my head that gardeners are A a bit sadistic, B Part of some kind of Cult.
Start gardening Pippa, you'll enjoy it Pippa, you'll get out in the fresh air and get some exercise Pippa.Join us Pippa.

Indulging In Life

During the week I spoke with a friend who had a few days off work and was planning an indulgent staycation. We ended up chatting about small things that people can do to make a few days off into something special, something to look forward to, to think back on fondly and to make the most of the space they are in.
We talked about putting clean sheets on the bed, and clearing off the nightstand and even the pile of clothing from the floor and just making the bedroom a sanctuary, somewhere to relax and be peaceful. We talked about lighting candles and favourite scents and even breaking out the "good" PJ's, you know the ones I mean! 
We talked about long luxurious baths and watching and rewatching favourite TV Shows and films and eating popcorn and snacks or maybe going to bed early and relaxing and reading until the small hours and then sleeping in the next morning until they were ready to get up.
We talked about eating ice cream before a meal, or maybe even instead of a meal!

I'm The Sidekick!

Whilst we were out for our regular nightly walk around our neighbourhood, I had the sudden realisation that I'm the sidekick in a lot of peoples stories and blurted out to the family. 
"I'm the sidekick!"
They, obviously, looked at me slightly confused because they had been having a discussion about something that was nothing to do with sidekicks, so I started explaining my train of thought. I told them that I'd been thinking about some things that had happened over the last few weeks, which got me thinking to things over the last few years and almost everything I have done has been to help others.

The Small Things Are The Big Things

Before a recent Ward Council (held online) I had been asked to share the Spiritual Thought for the meeting and as usual, despite thinking on it for several hours, I had nothing to share. I bemoaned to Flyfour that I'd been asked and couldn't think of anything suitable to share. I didn't want to share banal platitudes, I didn't want to share a recent Spiritual experience I'd had as it was too personal and well, my recent Scripture readings hadn't given me any great insight into anything.
Or so I thought.

Main Meals W/C 23rd May 2020

It's almost the end of May, and I don't know about you but I feel that this month went very fast! I don't mind, as we've had some lovely weather (and I've been able to enjoy it as I've only been working part-time) and for us personally we've had a fair bit of celebration too, so it's always nice to have that to remember back on.
So what are we eating?!

What We Are Eating W/C 16th May 2020

I swear that everything is speeding up these days, I don't know if it is because all the days seem the same in lockdown, or if it is because of my age, or even if it is because the world really is speeding up. All I do know is that I don't actually mind that much, but if the world could slow down a little, it might allow me to catch up with some housework!

Well, whilst the world is hopefully going a little slower this weekend, here is what we are eating!