Fun with Top Ender

Top Ender and I are spending a lot of time together at the moment as I am on maternity leave. This has meant that with my nesting and a willing pair of hands we have been able to complete a lot of little jobs around the home.

We have baked, scrubbed, sorted, mowed the lawn and done a lot of weeding, cleared out the garage and threw away a lot of rubbish, put most of our new arrivals room together, washed and ironed all the old unisex clothing, sorted the non unisex clothing in to age categories to be passed to my sister or sold on the Internet, gone through Top Enders clothes and underware, gone through Top Enders toys and books and done an awful lot of art and craft projects that have previously sat in the games box waiting for someone to create them!

I am so amazed at her skills, her conversation starters and her stamina! She has told me that she is learning good life skills (who taught her that!) and that together we can make out house beautiful!