Top Ender Giggles - Death becomes her

Top Ender is becoming morbid again. I thought we had managed to stop all of this a couple of years ago a few months after my Grandfather had died and I told her that talking about dying all the time made me sad.

Last night she and her Daddy drove past a cemetery.

"What's that?" she asked
"A cemetery" replied Daddy
"Where they bury dead people?"
"Can we go there?"
"So you can read the names to me!"
"There would be a lot, it would take a long time" said Daddy trying to get out of it
"That is okay, there will be a bench half way down that you can rest on and then when you are ready you can read the rest to me."

As long as she doesn't start wearing all black and start wanting us to call her a goth type name we should be fine!